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I once got groped and almost raped

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before covid when I used to ride the bus home from practice there were many questionable people but one night it was packed on the bus and I stood in the back infront of a guy his friends next to him.and infront of me which I knew was bad so I was gonna step down and get off one stop earlier but the bus driver slammed on the breaks leaving me gripping the window and pole in this guy’s lap.

I was still in my track practice outfit which was spandex under sweatpants and a loose shirt over my sports bra now I force because some people came on I could get up and his friends were sitting back and glancing.

i lean back and mumbled that I was 13 and he had mumbled even better and at this point I was shaking and scared his hands were inside 8f my shirt and my sports bra was pulled up and I wasn’t gonna lie and say my nippmes weren’t hard but the way his hands tweaked with my nipples it happened beyond my control.

I sucked in my tears and kept a straight face and he slide down my.sweats and I felt disgusted when he yanked my spadex off and panties.

I still remember his hard long member sliding Inbetween my folds my mouth was covered as I whimpered it felt good and I’m not gonna pretend I liked the feeling of it.

this was my first sexual experience and my body wS going crazy and my mind was trying to tell me ots bad but my body was convincing me its good.

and it had gotten to the point where I moved my hips on my own and closed my eyes praying that God would forgive me for this.

and i had my first orgasm on some pedos cock.

his very warm seed coated my pussy when I got everything on I stayed on his lap tired, when I got home I scooped his lump of cum and tasted it.

ot wasn’t bad but I still felt disgusted I scrubbed myself for hours but when I think about it now its kinda hot

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    This isn’t something you did, it’s something that happened to you. At 13 almost anything might arouse you.
    Forgive yourself and move on, you did nothing wrong.
    Go find some semi-nice boy about your age, make out for a while and do some groping and lean about intimacy. Also, get on the Norplant. You sound like a very adventurous young lady and will need protection.

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      no to Norplant. if young girls are going to have sex they should go all the way and get pregnant to. that what sex is about. i’m 61 so far i have 35 kids all from young girls. i help take care of all of then and their mothers to. i have 15 boys and 20 girls. if you like to know more email [email protected]

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