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My mother being fucked – 3

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In earlier parts, you read how I saw my mother being rougher up by 4 men and then her boss and client. Here I watch more.

So, the next day I realised that my mom is not going to go to the office. I did not understand how I could get in. If I stayed home she will not go with the plan. Suddenly I thought of a plan. I made her bathing time in the morning delayed by making excuses. Then right at the time, it was my time to go to school I forced her to go for a bath. Exactly at that time I shouted from outside and told am leaving. Making a thud on the main door I went inside my room. She thought I had left. I waited patiently. She came out of the bathroom in just a towel. Taking a bra and panty she made cuts wore it. Her 38 DD breasts with only her nipples outside were looking sexy. She had food in the same dress. By around 9.40 she for a message on her mobile and immediately she went near the main door and opened it slightly. She put on a collar with a long leash and bend down on the floor on all fours just like a dog. A few minutes later the door opened and 4 men entered. They started laughing like mad. I realised that one of them was her office peon but later I came to understand that the other three were the sales executives who had been awarded for good performance. The peon had come for showing the house.

The peon immediately went near her and started kicking on her hanging boobs. Mom started whining in pain. I saw that they had not even closed the door completely and if anyone was walking on the road would see mom. But shortly after they closed the door. The peon pulled her leash and made her walk to the sofa. He then took a long thick round stick with some hairs like thing on one side and inserted in her ass. Mom cried in pain. It was at least 3″ thick and about 8-9″ long and looked just like a tail from the ass. Mom immediately started begging to take it out but they just laughed. Mom was then given a rubber massage ball and asked to fill her mouth with it. She was then made to sit upright on her knees.
All of them stood around her and started kicking her boobs. One of then took a metal clothespin and put it on her nipples and put 5 pins on her pussy. I realised mom was in severe pain. Her eyes were tearing. One guy then too a metal wire and tied the clothespin connecting the nipple and the pussy. This way her boobs we’re being pulled to the maxim. Again all of them started kicking. Mom was shouting in pain but her voices we’re subdued due to the ball gag.

Then all of them took their cocks out and made her lick it. I was getting excited and had removed all my clothes too. I had taken a carrot and bringal from the fridge earlier. I used the carrot and put it in my ass. It was paining but I was loving it. Using the long bringal I was fucking my pussy. There men had removed all the accessories from moms body. All of them were fucking her mad. One guy in her ass, one in her pussy one in her mouth and one guy was fucking her boobs. In between they would beat get, bite her and even pierce on her boobs slightly using a knife tip. Though it would be bleed but red marks would come.

Few minutes later all of then came and sprayed the cum on her body. She lay down exhausted on the floor. My mom would definitely have come at least 3-4 times during this. The men just laid for 5 minutes, and again started calling mom. She was lying as if she had passed out. She begged to allow some more rest.. But they did not allow. The wood stick tail and nipple, pussy clamps we’re back on her naked body. She was made to jump on one position for long time. Her boobs were bouncing and mom was in extreme pain. But she was leaking from pussy. I did not understand how she can enjoy such humiliation and pain. Then again all four men fucked her rough in various positions. Finally cumming on her body. All then collapsed on the floor exhausted. It was about 1:10 by that time. One person ordered for lunch from outside and made my mom receive the parcel wearing just a sheer towel with clothes pin still on her nipples. The middle age man who came to deliver just couldn’t believe his luck.

Will tell what happened after lunch and how I got caught. As per suggestion got on my hang out if imesantha I have written the story in a bit detailed explanation. Hope you like it.

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