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Daddy’s girl

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Ok let me just say this is true as far as I’m able to make it so. Ages have been changed due to site rules and, well just because.
Backstory (sort of): My Mom, who worked a part time job, a full time job and went to school for cosmetology, met who would become my step dad 2 weeks before they got married, through her brother, my uncle.
Ok so IMO, the only reason my step dad married my mom in the first place was so he could have young pussy….mine. Because mom worked so much and was at school too, she was hardly ever home and when she was she was usually too exhausted to do anything but sleep. I think she married him so soon so she didn’t have to pay for a baby sitter, he worked from home.
It started just a few nights after the wedding. I was in my room, and had just barely fallen asleep. I heard the door open and assumed I was just being checked on, especially after I heard it clicked closed again. I dozed back off not hearing anything else. Before long, I realized I wasn’t alone in my room, just a feeling you sometimes get. I carefully peeked through my nearly closed eyes to see, in the low lights from the window, someone standing at the foot of my bed. It was a tall thin person I didn’t really recognize. As they hadn’t been married long, it took me a second to realize it was my new daddy standing in the dark seemingly looking at me and making some kind of slow steady movements. He was not making a sound at this point. I continued to pretend to be asleep not knowing what was going on. I eventually heard some low groaning then he left my room. Odd… Anyway, this continued to happen every night that my mom was working (6 nights a week). And some nights she was just super tired and passed out.
After about a month of this, on top of other odd behavior on his part, I’ll explain later, his nightly routine in my room changed. I hadn’t said a word to anyone about it because it seemed super weird to me.
During this time, as it was summer time and I had no School ( I was homeschooled anyway), I was usually at home with daddy all day every day. He implemented new house rules while mom was gone. 1. If I were inside the house, I was not allowed to wear shoes, and since it was hot outside and he wouldn’t turn the air conditioner any lower than 75 degrees, if I didn’t like the heat I was allowed to run around inside with just my underclothes on. We lived in the middle of Podunk nowhere, this didn’t seem highly unusual to me to be honest. 2. During bath time, there were 2 a day, morning and evening, the bathroom door was to remain open, for my safety. 3. I was highly encouraged to sit in daddy’s lap to watch television and during meal times when we were the only ones home. Because I was told by my mom that I had to do everything daddy said and to behave and mind my new daddy because he loved me, I obeyed every new rule.
Bath times were weird because I wasn’t used to anyone coming in the bathroom while I was bathing. He’d come in, make sure I saw him pulling his cock out of his pants, and take a piss. All while talking to me and watching me bathe. Then, more often than not, he’d sit on the toilet lid and continue to talk to me and watch me throughout the rest of my bath. He’d also usually offer to wash my back which I allowed. I wasn’t modest, my mom and I always ran around in underwear or nothing before him, so I didn’t think anything about it when he did it. I’d never been told it wasn’t ok for anyone to touch me or look at me naked before. Besides he was my daddy, it had to be ok. So what if sometimes he forgot what he was doing and ended up running the washcloth between my ass cheeks and between my legs sometimes. He was busy telling me how pretty I was and got sidetracked. Besides, it kinda felt good and it made me tingly when he went between my legs and slowly rubbed the split of my girly stuff. I also started noticing that his crotch got bigger when he did that.
Sitting in his lap could sometimes be a little uncomfortable because his crotch would start getting hard and I had difficult sitting there, until he told me it was ok to throw my legs over either of his legs, thus spreading my legs wide open.
I had also noticed that my panties were disappearing or getting worn out. I said something about it and was promised new ones soon and never got them. I got to the point I had to go without them all together. Since mom liked me wearing dresses for the most part, I usually had a naked pussy under a skirt or dress.
Daddy liked to give massages to help me relax so I’d sleep better. He’d sometimes focus a lot on my inner thighs and further up as well as my chest. I got embarrassed because it wasn’t long before my pussy started getting wet when he did that. I apologized for it and he said it was ok. It was normal just like his cock getting so hard he had to let it out of his pants because it hurt him.
So, back to bedtime, sorry I got sidetracked.
After a while, he’d carefully move my panties aside if I had any on. He’d lift the bottom of my night gown up over my little tittys, after a little while, I’d hear the grown noise and something hot would splatter on my pussy or my tits. He’d pull my gown back down and leave. Being kind of afraid, I just left the splatter. My clothes would be stuck to my skin the next morning. He never said anything so neither did I.
That progressed to him pushing something hard up against my pussy hole and rubbing my button then shooting something hot mostly inside of my hole. It felt really good to have him rub me there. I couldn’t help but move a little bit and moan . I also got super wet.
One night, he came in as usual but gently shook me awake. He was completely naked and suggest I get that way to so we could play a grown up game….ok. He had me rub his cock up and down to make it really hard, while he spit on his fingers and rubbed my split until I was so wet I thought I peed myself. Then he told me it would feel good for him if I put it in my mouth and licked and sucked on it a little bit. Now his friend, my uncle who introduced him and my mom used to let me do the same thing but he never rubbed my pussy with his fingers, he always used the stem of his weed pipe. So I wasn’t afraid until he stuck the tip of his pinky slowly inside me. He begged me to just relax and eased more and more inside, in and out, until he was literally fucking me with his pinky. All the while getting harder and harder until the hot splatter from before was all in my mouth. I had no choice but to swallow. That was also the first orgasm I ever had.
That’s enough for today my lovies.
I shall continue with another tale later

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