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Loads of cum dripping down my leg

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Getting drunk with my brothers friend and letting him fuck my 11 year old pussy.

When i was younger i would do stupid shit. Like get drunk with my friends and my brothers friends, and let my brothers friends fuck me. I lost my virginity to one of my brothers friends. I can’t remember why I was drinking but I was so wasted.

I was 11 and he was 19. My friends were drinking too and he was only there for me lol. I only had my short shorts and shirt on and he would feel my thighs while he was sitting next to me. When id sit on his lap i could feel his dick through his pants rubbing on my butt. He asked if I wanted to go for a walk and naive but horny as I was I went with him. We walked to the park which was a few houses down from my house. It was quite big with trees and bushes that could hide you if you were to do stuff there.

He tackled me down and being drunk just made it worse. I was drunk off my face but sober enough to remember what was happening. He asked me if i could take my shorts and underwear off and I did. He took his pants off too which was funny cuz we were both semi naked. I saw his dick tho and no wonder i could feel it through his pants, it was fat and long. I dont know how to measure lol but he lay it between my legs rested on my stomach and it went past my belly button. I got scared and told him not to hurt me. He just laughed and said ill be fine. I was a virgin until he shoved his fat dick in me. Man it was sore asf but i just took it and he looked like he was loving it.

Few minutes later he came in my pussy but then he got scared because he didnt want me to get pregnant. I took his shirt off him and wore it bcuz i couldnt find it in the dark. We got up again and went for another walk. He was still paranoid but also horny as well. We ended up having sex few more times before we went back home and to my friends. I never did get pregnant but he came so much in my little pussy. My friends were asking me what was dripping down my leg. I didn’t know what it was at the time but is was thick and warm lol.

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylren2v99

    Every 11 year old should have cum dripping down her legs, it is her natural human right to do with her body as she wishes

    • Eric ID:1den0xoz3bom

      Tell that to your 11 year old daughter. I Bet you will be pissed. I know I would be.

    • Neffer ID:19euvs2w5fp0

      Gonzo message me please I have some bad news regarding a mutual friend of ours ….
      [email protected]

    • Eric's stepdad ID:5u0y1no5qk

      Lol, I’ll make sure my daughter will be full of my cum every single day. Girls are meant to be fucked and men are meant to fuck them.

  • Reply Jim Australian ID:71ou0taghl