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She started young

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Girlfriends daughter caught masturbating with moms dildo at only 9 years old progresses to current age. Very young sex addict. Now loves my big cock

My girlfriend has a daughter that grew hair on her pussy and her tits started needing a bra at only 9 years old.
I was aware of this because of staying some nights at her place and some nights at my place and she would bring her daughter along and she would sleep in my spare bedroom.
Her mother and I enjoy a lot of sex and she has nice set of natural big tits and loves all oral, vaginal and anal she does it all.
I often go nude at my house and when they are staying with me they both go nude too.
This is how I know her daughters stage of puberty.
I was fucking the mom after we was sure her daughter was asleep and she just loves how I have a very thick and very long cock. They both tease me about how it’s huge and gave me a nickname because of it.
I was not aware that at home her daughter has her own vibrating dildo and was often using it.’ But at my house I did not have one for her.
After being with them both all day I noticed her daughter seemed kind of irritated but not sure why.
When I mentioned it to her mom she pulled me aside and said that her daughter is extremely horny and that she wanted to go home so she could fuck hersekf with her dildo!
I asked what did she want to do? Stay or go?
She said how about we stay at her place tonight and that if I wanted to go nude there that would be fine also.
I looked through the back patio door at her young daughter and seen that body that was so young but forbidden to touch as she laid there on the lounger with her legs spread and her actually quite hairy pussy exposed and her tits sunbathing gleaming just laying there.
I said “ok” to your place when you want to…
That night her mom and I fucked and I realized we was being watched by her daughter!
She was standing at the doorway as I was pounding her mothers cunt with my foot long and I caught the movement of her daughters hand movement as she was masturbating herself while watching us.
I decided to give her daughter a good show and made sure to really fuck her momma good. It’s always good but I had her mom cum a few more times before I pulled out and shot my seed all over my girlfriends body.
We calmed down and laid with each other as she relaxed and fell asleep.
I fell asleep to.
After waking later I got up and they both where in their beds sleeping but when I peeked in on he daughter she was laying uncovered naked in her bed with her dildo laying next to her on the bed and I was surprised at how big it was !
It looked to be about 6” or 7” inches and rather thick for a young girl her age to be using…
I just kept it to myself.
I never said anything to her mom about how we was being watched either.
Several years went by now as she’s 11 years old and wears a 32C bra. Keeps her pussy bush trimmed in a triangle that points to her clit.
You would think she older then her real age.
We still go back and forth from both places and have been talking about just living in one house. And getting married.
Talking with her mom privately about her daughter she mentions that her daughter is real curious about my penis since it’s like twice the size of most men she’s seen looking at porn on her moms phone or her own phone now a days..
She mentioned that if her daughter comes to me and wants me to fuck her that she gives me permission to please do so!
“ Don’t refuse my daughter!” She said.
“But honey my cocks way to big for your little girl “ I said.
Several times this conversation was revisited and I just was not prepared for the moms reaction on this topic.
One night I seen we was being spied on again by her daughter and this time I turned her mom toward the doorway as I fucked her hard and relentless and she seen her daughter watching us masturbating herself and she seemed to take it to another level and was suddenly talking much more dirtier then normal about my horse cock was fucking her cunt good!
I left my cock in her mothers ass when I cummed this time and pulled it out and her mom started cleaning and sucking on it just out of her ass hole.
I was back to hard when she was done and suddenly she called out her daughters name !
“Eve, come here and suck his cock honey, Your so curious what it’s going to feel like it’s time for you to learn baby!
I stood there as both mom and daughter sucked my cock and worked it and caressed my balks together.
She ordered Eve to get on the bed and spread her legs for me and to let me fuck her!
I did just this .
At first she was ok with just my cocks head but when I started pushing a little more in she was almost crying but biting her lip and pushing her little count onto my Dick .
She was really quite wet and really turned on but my cocks girth is so large compared to her dildo she was moaning but also hurting.
I paused and her mom kissed her and played with her daughters hard clit as I just paused only partially inside that little Pussy.
Her mom grabbed my shaft and began guiding it into Eves cunt little by little at at about the halfway point to me to stop and let Eve adjust.
Then she started rocking her hips and saying she was cumming to us as I was stretching that pussy to the max.
Her daughters orgasm was strong and powerful. She calmed down and her mom said to feed her some more cock honey…
By her time I got to about 1/2 way in she was at her limit and and I knew it.
I started pumping her daughters cunt with my hand as a stop point to not go any deeper and and momma said fuck her Hon, Fuck this little cunt good!
By the time we finished and I had also cummed we all was needing a rest.
We collapsed I sleep together.
Now they take turns fucking me.
Both call me dad.
My girlfriend says at least her daughter is learning it from a older guy that she trusts instead of somebody that would hurt her. I agree.
The next thing is allowing her to bring her boyfriends over to fuck get but Eve says she only wants my cock.
What can I say ?

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    Keep fucking her mum and her , and breed her for more young ones to fuck

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    That is good are going to breed them both

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      Wtf that’s disgusting and rape she can’t consent at that age

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    Totaly unbelivable “story” 16/07/22

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    Interesting story and b en right there also. Young pussy is great as well as the mom. Lucky dude and have fun.

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      Mom pussy is great as well as young pussy.

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    I had a girlfriend of that age when I was seventeen years old.

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