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I love being a girl 2

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This is my first story . You might find some grammatical mistakes or wrong sequence please ignore.

Hi I am Amy. I am 24 years old.My bust size is 36D and waist 30.
I am an assistant of a manager who is around 40s in an organisation and he loves me alot especially when you molests me in office or in my home and I enjoy it.

While walking in office, I remember how I got this job.

After my graduation, I was searching for a job. I got a call from this organisation. My interview was in the morning around 8. I wore a blue tight shirt it shows my sexy cleavage and a formal skirt which ends above my mind thigh.
I was the first candidate so I went in my now boss cabin. He is a pervert and I like it.

He took my resume and asked me questions while walking around me. Sometimes he would touch arms and shoulders, I acted normally.
Suddenly he asked for my boobs size and groped them.
I was enjoying it and said why don’t you find it.

He made me stand up and opened my shirt. Ahhhh so soft….while groping and sucking my boobs.

Then he told he was ready to give the job of assistant but on few conditions
1. I have wear these kind of clothes
2. Always be ready to be molested and fucked
3. Never wear trousers and underwear
4. Always overtime( if you know what I mean)
5. Give him blowjob whenever I reach office
6. Ready to be fucked by his clients and his boss.

I agreed to the terms but I asked for an apartment as I didn’t have a place to live. He agreed.

He then bend me over over his desk and lifted my skirt.
So fucking wet you are …. Slut… He said.
He fucked me with fingers and tongue….ummm…. Oh God sir…I moaned and orgasmed.

Then he inserted his 6 inches dick into my slutty pussy ….. He said… Such a fucking slut you are.. ready to be molested and raped by anyone.. wearing these kind of clothes to excite us… You should be fucked and raped by us everyday…..my wife never let me abuse her…molest her… But you slut are enjoying it…. How many men have fucked you… Tell me whore… While fucking me hard.
I lost my count sir….. Ummm… I love to be molested and fucked…. Aaahhhh….
Such a whore….
Ahhhhh…. And he gave 2 orgasms and released himself in my pussy….

He arranged a rented apartment near his house…

So this is how I got my job.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:1db4n0gtlbll

    Amy24….Please cum work for me. I’ll double your pay!

    • Amy24 ID:1d5pxz2a13rx

      Sure sir. Why not!

  • Reply BRITNEY ID:1df0k80uvhff

    I had a similar job interview as you many years ago, but when he put his hand on my knee I crossed my legs that exposed my 10 strap garter belt straps that were attached to my stocking tops, and when he saw what I was wearing , he immediately got a hard on, so I removed his hand from my knee and said that this place wasn’t for me to work for so i got up and walked out, leaving him hard up ! male bosses like him don’t control me , I control them with my sexual body and lingerie at the corporate level ! just some advice for you Amy ! don’t be quick to put out for these guys, make them work for it and experience the power that you have over them ! Britney

    • Amy24 ID:1d5pxz2a13rx

      Hi Britney. Thanks for your wonderful comment.
      I like to be submissive for men.

  • Reply Amy24 ID:1d5pxz2a13rx

    Thanks daddy

  • Reply Ren ID:41ery97d1

    Gosh your SUCH a slut

    • Amy24 ID:1d5pxz2a13rx

      Thanks daddy

  • Reply Amy24 ID:1d5pxz2a13rx

    if you have any suggestions please let me know!