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Crossdressing teen

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My sister and her friend feminize me into being a sissy slut.

I was 14 when my 16 year-old sister and her best friend caught men in her bedroom wearing her panties and bra and frantically jerking my hard little cock. I had no idea that they would be coming home from cheerleading practice so early, and I thought that I had at least an hour to participate in my favorite pastime. When confronted with what I had been caught doing, the two girls at first laughed and mocked me unmercifully. But then they began to question why I was doing such a thing. I explained that I had sexual urges and those those urges only really were satisfied when I pretended that I was a girl. Basically my story was that I wanted to be like them. This began a pattern of Shelly (my sister) and Janette (her friend) turning me into the best and prettiest girl that they could create. Over the next year, they taught me how to dress, how to do makeup, and how to walk in heels. I used some money from my summer job at the public pool to purchase two wigs. In return for their teaching me about feminization, I had to answer any questions that they had about boys….including anatomy. They would strip me and examine my pubic area with great interest and ask questions such as “Does it get hard all by itself?” They had lots of questions about masturbation, and finally insisted that I do it in front of them so that they could see what “boys actually did to themselves.” They were fascinated the first time that they saw sperm shooting out of my cockhead. Although they never did demonstrate for me, they did tell me all about how girls masturbate, and it sounded to me as though they both indulged in that activity regularly. After a time it was almost as if I were just ‘”one of the girls.| When Shelly made the decision to shave off her pubic bush (Janette had already done so), I was allowed in the bathroom to sit on the side of the tub and observe. Seeing my sister naked did nothing for me sexually as I had no real attraction to females. We did start to watch some internet porn together, and I got excited and exclaimed over big hard cocks the same way that they did. It was almost two years later that I had my first actual sexual experience with an older guy, but up until that time, I practically rubbed my little dick raw trying to fantasize about being fucked like a girl. Several years have gone by, and I am now an adult with a good job, and I live my life as a female. I eventually had hormone therapy to enlarge my breasts, and my long hair is natural and most folks would never even know that I was born a male. Thanks to my sister and her friend, I became what I felt I was always intended to be.

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    That is so fucking hot, I would love to fuck you like a female, my snap is Stevenblue202, illl make you cream

  • Reply Biguyfun ID:1cql8dvkucge

    Your so lucky dressings in silky lingerie . I’m a closet dresser and love to wear lingerie when I’m with a man..wife knows nothing about [email protected]

  • Reply PervyD ID:1dgdff1uzzld

    Thats a sweet story.