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Nailing My Sister

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Mom had started suffering migraine headaches during the divorce process. The doctors told her it was psychosomatic but it didn’t help moms headaches. Sometimes she would be awake all night with a headache. The doctors finally prescribed a sedative that was guaranteed to let her get some rest.

The first time mom took a pill for one of her headaches she sleep the entire night. She woke the next morning rested with no memory of suffering from a headache. From then on when she felt a headache coming on she would take a pill and wake the next morning rested.

I didn’t realize the total effect of the pills until one evening when my aunt called. Mom had taken a pill and gone to bed an hour and a half earlier. Aunt Carol called and wanted to talk to mom. I told her mom had already gone to bed but Carol insisted I wake mom so she could talk to her. I told my aunt I’d wake mom and have her call Carol back.

I went up to moms room and knocked. When there was no answer I opened the door and found mom sound asleep. Normally I wouldn’t have bothered her, but Carol had been insistent. I walked over and gently shook moms shoulder calling her name. She didn’t respond. I shook her harder. She still didn’t respond. I shook her even harder and was almost yelling her name.

Finally moms eyes fluttered open and she said,’Wha….what?’

‘Carol wants to talk to you.’ I told mom.

I picked up the bedside phone and said to Carol,’Here’s mom.’ and handed it to mom. She fumbled with the receiver and I had to help her get it to her ear.

I could hear Carols voice as she spoke to mom. Mom was responding with,’Uh, hu. Yea. Uh, uh. Ok.’

Finally after a few minutes mom mumbled,’Goodbye,’ dropped the phone in the cradle and flopped back on the bed.

I pulled the blankets over her and left.

The next morning as we were eating breakfast I asked Mom,’What did aunt Carol want last night?’

‘Aunt Carol? I don’t know. I haven’t spoke to her for a week.’

‘Mom you talked to her last night, don’t you remember? I woke you to talk to her on the phone.’

‘No I don’t remember. I took one of those pills. I must have been out of it.’ She replied.

I started to wonder about her actions while under the influence of the pill. Before I left for school I copied the name of moms sedative so I could look it up later. That afternoon on my way home I swung by the library. I knew they had a copy of the Pharmacists Drug handbook. I found the book and after a bit of browsing found the page with the drug I was looking for:

The side effects of Rohypnol ‘The effects of Rohypnol use may be felt within 15 to 20 minutes of administration and may last for over 12 hours. Symptoms associated with use of Rohypnol include drowsiness, lowered blood pressure, muscle relaxation, dizziness, slurred speech, poor reaction time, confusion and memory impairment. One side effect associated with Rohypnol use is retroactive amnesia, where the person who takes the drug can’t remember events that occurred while under the influence of the drug. Although Rohypnol is a depressant, it may produce excitability, talkativeness, or hyper sexual behavior.’

The term ‘retroactive amnesia’ hit me and I reread that passage. That sounded exactly like what had happened with my mom. I put the book away and walked home thinking about the implications. The term ‘hyper sexual behavior’ kept buzzing in my head.

Mom didn’t use another pill for close to a week, but Tuesday the next week she had another headache. She took a pill at 7:00 and went to bed. My sister Jean was off with her boyfriend and I knew she wouldn’t be home until at least midnight. I waited until 9:00 then figured I would try an experiment with mom.

I went up to her room and walked in. My throat was dry and my hands were shaking. Mom was sleeping on her back. I pulled the covers back and shook her to wake her.

It took a long time before she mumbled,’Wha…what’s going on?’

I took a deep breath. I knew if this backfired, if mom remembered any of it I was going to be in deep trouble. But I also knew this was the only way I was going to find out whether she had the side effects of the pill.

‘Mom,’ I said putting my hand on her knee,’How do you feel?’

‘I feel fine.’ She said in a slurred voice, her eyes still closed.

‘You….aw..don’t feel horny?’ I asked and held my breath.

She was silent for a few moments then said in that slurred voice,’Yes….I am.’

I had to make certain she was out of it and that she wouldn’t remember anything of what happened.

I took a breath and said,’Mom, do you want to fuck?’

She was silent for several seconds and just hen I thought I was going to be toast she said,’Yes. I want to….yes.’

I didn’t really want to fuck her, I just wanted to know if she would and it sounded like she was all ready to do it. I got up and left with the thought that the next morning would be the real test.

The next morning I was very nervous. I had no idea whether mom would remember anything about the evening before. When she finally got out of bed I sat waiting for the ax to fall. But all she said was ‘good morning’ as she walked to the coffee pot and got a cup of coffee. As the minutes passed I began to understand I was safe. But also the possibilities began to run though my head. I thought if when mom takes a pill she doesn’t remember anything, what if I give Jean one? Could I fuck her?

Like I said my little sister was a fox and I knew if I could get her to take one of the pills I’d fuck her until I couldn’t get it up again. My sister was a year younger then me and really hot. She was short, 5′ tall and weighed about 85 lbs. She had red hair, and a set of nice B cup tits. She was part of the gymnastics team so she had a very well toned body with a pair of killer legs.

I knew my sister was on the pill. I had snuck into her room a few months before intent on checking out what kind of underwear she had (and maybe use one to jack off with) and found her diary buried under her panties.

I knew she was going to be gone for the rest of the day so I took it back to my room and read it. The first 3/4 of it was pretty boring. She had started it in middle school so it was all about this boy looked at me and this boy held my hand. When I got to the last few pages though it got very interesting. She detailed how she and her boyfriend had been having sex and how she had gone to family planning to get on the pill so she wouldn’t get pregnant. Since she was on the pill I knew if I could get her to take one of mom’s pill I could fuck her without worrying about getting her pregnant.

Every night for the next few days I fantasied and jacked off two or three times a night thinking about Jean taking a pill. I was hoping something would come up. My first plan was to wait until mom took a pill the same time Jean was home. I decided to steal a couple of the pills so that if things came together I’d be ready.

Thursday Mom told me and my sister she was going to visit aunt Carol that weekend and wouldn’t be back until Sunday. She asked if we wanted to go. Neither Jean nor I really wanted to so mom said we could stay at home. That night I hoped mom would take another pill so I could go in and take a couple from her bottle, but she didn’t have a headache.

The next morning I waited until mom was making breakfast, then I slipped into her room and found her bottle of pills. Luckily she had just refilled it so it was full. I took out two, went back to my room and hid the pills. I stretched out on my bed and thought about the coming weekend. All day the only thing I could think about was what it was going to feel like to slide my hard cock into my sister’s tight pussy. When I got home mom was just putting her suitcase into the car.

‘Your sister said she was going to the movies and wouldn’t be home until late so you’re on your own this evening. I left some money on the counter so you can order pizza. I’ll be home noon Sunday.’

Mom gave me a hug, jumped into the car and left. I went into the house and began to think of how I was going to get Jean to take the pill. After a few minutes I hit on a plan. I knew she loved Root beer floats. I ran to the store and got some ice cream and root beer. I crushed up one of the pills really fine so I could mix in with the float and hid it in one of the cupboards, then to keep occupied I went in to watch TV while I waited.

It seemed like forever before Jean got home at 1:00 AM.

‘Hey you’re getting in late.’ I said.

‘Cal and I were out at the lake.’ She said with a grin.

‘Doing what? Bumping belly buttons?’ I asked.

‘Wouldn’t you like to know perv!’ She shot back.

‘I could care less.’ I said,’But from now on you need to let me know where you are incase mom calls and wants to know.’

‘I hate that she puts you in charge!’ Jean huffed,’I don’t think I should have to check in with you!’

‘I didn’t say you had to, all I want you to do is tell me where you are incase mom asks. I don’t care if you’re fucking your boyfriend and all his friends.’ I replied trying get her riled.

I was very surprised when she yelled,’How do you know? Who told you?’

‘Know what?’ I almost asked, but choked it back when I realized what she had just admitted to.

‘I’m not telling who told me, but I heard all about it.’ I said trying to hold a straight face as I bluffed her.

‘Those…those…bastards!’ She yelled,’They promised not to tell anyone! I only did it once!’

I realized I had just been given a nice piece of leverage. If I used it right I might not have to get her to take the pills. I might be able to fuck her while she was awake, which would be a whole lot more fun.

‘Yea, from what I heard you loved taking multiple cocks!’ I replied with a grin.

‘I…I…I…’ She stammered, then stopped and stood staring at me.

‘So when did you?’ I asked.

‘I’m not going to tell you about it you perv!’ She shouted.

‘Ok fine. I’ll just let mom know about your little sexcapades.’I replied as I turned to leave.

‘She won’t believe you!’Jean screamed.

‘After I tell her you’re on the pill, she will.’ I said smugly.

Jean’s mouth dropped open, then she gasped, ‘How do you know that?’

‘I know a lot.’ I lied,’So you have a choice, tell me what I want to know, or I tell mom what I already know and that’s enough to get your little ass in big trouble.’

Jean’s shoulders slumped as she said,’Ok, Ok. I’ll tell you.’

‘Great. I’ve heard the other side, now I want to hear your’s. Before you start how about I make you and me a root beer float to make it a little less bitter for you?’

Jean perked up a little at the mention of a root beer float.

‘Ok. I’m going to change and I’ll meet you in the livingroom.’ She said in a resigned voice.

I let her get to her room before I ran to mine. I grabbed a small tape recorder I had, put in an extended length tape, ran back to the livingroom and looked around for a good place to hide it. The couch sat with it’s back to the wall. I pulled it out a bit and laid the recorder on the floor behind the couch and connected a remote mic I had. The couch had an afghan thrown over the back so I hid the mic under it. I turned it on and said a few sentences in a very low voice, then rewound the recorder and played it back.

To my delight every word I had said came out crystal clear. I put the tape recorder in position, turned it on and went to the kitchen to make the floats. When I had them made I carried them back to the livingroom. Jean was already there curled up on one end of the couch. I handed her the float and sat down on the other end.

She took a spoon full of ice cream put it in her mouth and sighed ,’I do love root beer floats.’

I let her eat for a few minutes then I said,’Ok, let’s hear it.’

‘Well you remember a couple of months ago when you caught me sneaking into the house at 4:30 AM?’

‘Yea.’ I replied as I took a bite of ice cream.

‘Cal’s parents were gone that night so Cal and I went back to his place. We started to make out and before long we were naked and well you know.’ She said.

‘Come on Jean!’ I laughed,’you fucked multiple guys, don’t be shy about using the word!’

‘Yea, ok.’ She sighed,’We fucked. Cal rarely get’s me off so we fucked until he came, then he rolled off me. I was just getting close when he had his so I was hoping we would do it again so I could get off. We were laying together naked when his phone rang. It was his friend Jason. Before I knew what he was doing Cal told him to come on over. When I heard that I said I needed to get dressed before he got there, but Cal said not to worry about it that we would stay under the blanket. I didn’t want to do it but Cal talked me into it.’

‘Jason arrived and we all sat around talking. Cal told him to get some beer out of the fridge, which he did. As we talked and drank our beer Cal slipped his hand between my legs and began to play with my pussy. I was frustrated and horny from not cumming when we fucked so I let him finger me. After a little while he asked Jason if he’d like to see my tits. I was pissed and told Cal I wasn’t going to let him see me. He begged me and kept fingering my pussy and before I knew it I had let him pull the blanket down so Jason could see both my breasts.’

‘Cal began to rub my nipples and with Jason watching him do it, it felt damned good. After a while he whispered that I should let Jason touch my tits. By that time I was getting pretty turned on and I thought why not? So I said Ok. Jason came over and sat next to me and began to fondle my left tit while Cal was doing the same to my right one. It felt fantastic. I just closed my eyes and let them fondle me. A little later I felt Cal put his mouth over my nipple and a short time later Jason did the same to the other nipple.’

‘I laid there and kept my eyes closed and let them suck my tits. I was getting really horny because Cal had left me that way and it felt so damned good to have both those guys sucking me. It didn’t surprise me when I felt Cal take my hand and put it on his bare cock. I just wrapped my hand around it and began to jack him off. A few seconds later Jason did the same thing with my other hand.’

‘So there I was with both guys sucking my nipples while I stroked their cocks. I thought that was the best until I felt Jason slid his hand under the blanket. I was so horny by that time I didn’t stop him and before I knew it he had his fingers in my pussy along with Cal’s. I still had my eyes closed when I heard Cal say,’Spread your legs. I want to watch while we both diddle your pussy.’

I felt the blanket being pulled off me and I heard Cal say,’That’s it, stuff your finger’s into her slippery little box.’ I almost climaxed right then. I felt Jason pull his cock out of my hand and I opened my eyes to see him taking his pants off. He stood in front of me with his cock in his hand as Cal said,’Fuck her, she wants it.’

I didn’t move as Jason lifted my legs, put his cock against my pussy and pushed it in. He began to fuck me and it took only three or four strokes before I climaxed. He lasted about a minute more before he filled my pussy. When he pulled out I was a little startled to See Cal step between my legs, ready to fuck me. I could have stopped it but I was still in that warm after glow so didn’t want to. He put his cock against my pussy and shoved it in.’

‘For the next three hours Cal and Jason fucked me multiple times. Cal never lasted more then a couple of minutes each time and neither did Jason, but with them both taking turns I came three times while they were doing it. Afterward I was a little concerned about Cal thinking I was a slut, but he told me it was the hottest thing he had ever seen and he and Jason would like to do it again.’

‘So you liked doing it? Liked fucking two guys?’ I asked.

‘Well I…aw….’ Jean stammered.

‘Oh fuck! Just tell me, did you like it?’ I said.

She stopped and stared at the floor, then grinned as she looked up and said,’I loved it and I’ll probably do it again.’

‘That’s cool.’ I said then added with a sly grin,’So you won’t have a problem with fucking your brother.’

Jeans eyes grew large and she yelled,’What? You want me to fuck you? Are you fucking kidding me?’

‘Come on,’ I said with a grin,’You fucked two guys at once. Fucking one brother should be simple.’

‘You’re my brother God Damn it!’ She screamed,’That’s….that’s….sick!’

‘So you won’t?’ I asked amicably.

‘Fuck no I won’t!’ She yelled, her eyes full of anger.

‘Ok, cool.’ I replied as I reached behind the couch and pulled out the recorder,’I’ll just give this to mom and let her handle it.’

‘You…you…recorded what I said?’ She yelled,’Give me that god damn tape recorder!’

She grabbed for the recorder but I held it out of her reach.

‘Mom needs to hear this.’ I said.

‘You can’t! You can’t do that!’She said desperately repeatedly trying to grab the recorder.

‘You know how you can get it.’ I said.

‘I’m never going to fuck you!’ She yelled.

‘Ok.’ I jumped to my feet and walked off, headed for my bedroom.

I had a lockbox in my room I used to store stuff I didn’t want others to see. I stuffed the recorder into the box, locked it and went back down stairs. As I passed her room I saw Jean’s door closed. I figured she was pouting. I turned on the TV and started to watch a movie.

The movie was just getting good when I heard Jean say from behind me,’Jesse, please don’t give that tape to mom.’

‘You know what it will take for me not to.’ I said.

‘But I can’t fuck you, you’re my brother.’ She whined.

‘Look, you fucked two guys at once. Is that any worse then fucking your brother?’ I asked.

‘It’s incest!’ She cried,’If I fuck you it’s Incest! That’s illegal!’

‘So what?.’ I said with a grin,’I read up on it and as long as we are closer then 2 years in age they normally don’t consider it illegal and you’re only a year younger then I am.’

‘But if anyone found out….’ I interrupted her,’No one will. I’ll never tell anyone. Will you?’

‘But….but….’ She sputtered.

‘Come on,’ I said,’I don’t want to give this to mom and get you in trouble, besides once we’ve done it you have something on me.’

She stared at me for a short time, then her shoulders slumped and she said,’Ok. I don’t see any other way to do this.’

‘Cool!’ I said,’Go shower and get into bed. I’ll be in when you’re done.’

She turned and left. A few minutes later I heard the bathroom door close. As I sat there thinking about what I was about to do I got really hard. I knew I couldn’t fuck her that way because I’d cum before I got into her pussy, so I decided to have her suck me off first. After a few minutes of thought I decided that I also wanted to taste her pussy, so a 69 would be in order.

She spent half an hour in the bathroom, but eventually I heard the bathroom door open. I waited for a few minutes then turned off the TV and went to take my shower. As the water ran down over me I soaped up my cock. I knew I couldn’t do that for long or I’d cum, so I rinsed, got out, toweled dry and pulled on my boxers.

I went to her bedroom door. My heart was pounding. I knew she was in her bed waiting for me. I slowly opened the door to find her room dark. I slipped in and closed the door. I felt my way across the room to the bed, pulled my boxers off, pulled up the covers and slipped in.

I reached over to find Jean and my hand landed on her breasts, she was completely naked. I cupped her breast and began to squeeze it gently. I slid closer and put my mouth over her nipple.

I sucked her nipple for a bit, then pulled back and said,’I think you should give me a blowjob. I’m so fucking horny I’ll cum right away and when I slide into your pussy the first time I want it to last. ‘

I threw back the blanket and rolled onto my back. I took hold of her arm and urged her toward my cock. She didn’t seem to resist and a moment later I felt her wrap her hand around my cock, then the wonderful feeling of her warm mouth engulfed the head.

‘Oh fuck that feels good!’ I groaned as she began to suck my cock.

I let her work my hard shaft for a minute, then I grabbed her leg and pulled it toward me. She seemed to know just what I wanted, because she threw her leg over me and scooted back until her pussy was right over my face. I had never licked or tasted a pussy, but I’d seen it done a few times in porn movies.

I cupped her ass and slid my thumb into her pussy. As I did I noticed she was already very wet. I pushed my tongue between the lips of her cunt and began to lick from the top of her slit to the bottom. Each time I felt her clit, I’d pin it to her pubic bone and rub it hard with my tongue. I have no idea how long we did that, but my cock finally exploded from the fantastic blowjob she was giving me. As my cock throbbed, I felt her shove the entire length of my shaft into her mouth and throat.

When I had squirted my last rope of cum down her throat, I pulled her pussy tight to my mouth and began to lick her clit and probe her pussy hole with my tongue. She moaned and thrust her hips down onto my mouth as I ate her. Before long she let out a long groan and I felt her pussy twitching as she climaxed.

I pushed her off me, spun around and climbed between her legs. I didn’t take notice at the time because I was so excited about sliding into her wet hole, but she grabbed her legs and pulled them up, spreading them wide to give me access to her pussy. I put my cock against her pussy and lunged forward burying my rod to my balls inside her. I began to fuck her with long hard strokes.

Jean’s pussy felt so fucking good it didn’t take me long and I was ready to cum again. When my cock began to throb a second time I rammed balls deep into her and felt her wrap her legs around me, pulling me into her even deeper. When I was done I didn’t pull out, I left my cock in her as I lay between her legs.

‘I see why those guys want to do it again.’ I said,’You are one great fuck!’

‘Aw…are you done?’ She asked.

‘Fuck no!’ I told her,’I’ve got your pussy and I’m going to use it!’

I heard her giggle, then felt her hips tip up and rise, pushing my rod deeper into her as she said,’Good!’

We fucked for the next hour. I came in her three more times and she came at least that many. When we were done I lay next to her my hand cupping one of her firm little breasts.

‘Do you want me to go to my room?’ I asked hoping she would say no.

‘No.’ She replied,’I’ve never slept with anyone.’ She giggled and said,’I mean really slept with anyone. Stay with me.’

I fell asleep with my arm over her cupping her breast. When I woke the next morning I was cuddled up to her back and my raging hardon was pressed between the cheeks of her ass. She was still asleep so I gently pulled her leg over mine, put the head of my cock against her pussy and slowly worked it in. As I began to fuck her I heard her moan, then felt her leg move as she spread wider. I put my finger on her clit and rubbed it while I fucked her slowly. When I came I felt her pussy squeezing my cock as I did.

I pulled out of her and said,’Well sis I enjoyed every minute of fucking you.’

‘That wasn’t as disgusting as I thought it would be.’ she said,’How about you?’

‘You are the best fuck I’ve ever had!’ I said with a grin.

I didn’t tell her she was the first and only one I’d ever had.

‘Cool. so I take it you want to keep doing it?’ She asked.

As she spoke it hit me she wanted to do it again!

‘Hell yes!’ I yelped.

‘Ok, but if we do you have to promise not to read my diary or use mom’s pill on me.’ She said.

What she had said hit me like a physical blow.

‘I would never….’ I started to protest.

‘Don’t deny it!’ Jean said,’I saw you go into her room and take some of her pills. I’ve read about thm and I know the side effects. And I also saw you sneaking my diary back into my panty drawer. Did you like the smell of them by the way?’

‘But…..you could have used that to keep me from…’ I began.

‘To keep you from fucking me?’ Jean said with a grin,’Maybe I didn’t want to keep you from doing it.’

It hit me what she was saying, she could have told me she knew about me stealing pills, about me reading her diary to keep me from fucking her, but she didn’t want to!

Then another thought hit me,’So we will keep doing it?’

She smiled and said,’Well I’m going to break up with Cal. I didn’t tell you the asshole told everyone at school that he and Jason both fucked me, so let me put it this way, as long and as many times as you want, on one condition.’

‘What’s that?’ I asked, knowing I’d agree to almost anything to keeping fucking her.

‘You have to arrange to have one of your friends help you fuck me one of these days, as long as they can keep their mouth shut that is.’ She said.

I grinned and replied,’Hell yes I will and if they so much as let out a peep about it I’ll kick ’em in the balls!’

I reached out and cupped my sister’s firm little breast and knew we were going to be fucking like rabbits from then on.

by Nocturno

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