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Daughter catches me by surprise

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This is the day my 10 yr old daughter asked me something i never thought would happen FAKE STORY

Im M 32 my daughter is now 10 yrs old, ive always been a horny man, i used to fuck her mom for hours everyday untill we broke off our relationship and she left to live her teenager life she always wanted. But anyways i noticed my daughter vanessa has been using less clothes then usual since her mom left, i didnt think about it at first but then she started wearing less and less, one day i was sitting on the couch watching a show dozing off when i hear vanessa coming down, ” hey sweety what are you doing up ” i said to her half asleep. “I couldnt fall asleep daddy ” she said ” oh thats ok im watchi f a show if you want to come for a little” she happily came to sit on my lap and we watched for a few minutes then she reajusted herself but then time right on my dick, i wont brag but my dick is 7 inchs and it makes women go crazy, im a man so you know if my dick gets touched its ganna get hard fast, i felt my dick getting harder under her tiny litle ass, i then hear her voice ” dad, why does it feel good down here ” she points down at her crotch , i had no idea what to say but it made me feel so horny listining to that question ” idk honey where does it feel good ” i act like i dont know what she saying, she then grabs my hand and places it on her precious little crotch, i felf my dick jump of excitment , i havent had any pussy since her mom left and my body knew it was time ” right here ” i feel her hard little clit through her panties ” yes ” she lets out a little cute moan, i start messaging her hard clit through her panties ” daddys not supposed to touch you down here” i say as i keep messaging ” why not it feels good, can you please keep going ” she says as she watched my hand messaging her ” ok just for a little while” i say knowing i want more then a little while. I never thought id be feeling up on my daughter but i couldnt help myself my dick wanted pussy so bad ” want to play a game thats ganna feel just as good ” i feel myself becoming her man and not just her dad ” yes ” vanessa says , i grab her and position her in cowgirl position with my dick right on her clit ” ok now rubb your special spot on daddys special place” i grab her hips and help her move back and forth she lets out a little giggle ” whats that ” she points at the big dick inbetween her legs ” thats daddys special place you want to gige it a little suck ” i say while i grab my dick to stand it up striaght for her ” its really hard dad” she says while grabbing it with one of her little hands, my dick looked so much fatter with her tiny hands around it ” put it in your mouth baby ” she lowers her face and opens her mouth and gives it a lick ” lick on it like a lollipop she giggles when i say that ” this is funnny dad ” she says ” it is isnt it , it makes daddy feel really good like how your place feels good when i touch it ” she goes in for another lick, my brain is going crazy feelinf those small lips around my dick head i cant hold it and i shoot out my man milk right in her face as she was going in for another lick ” ahh ” she lets out a little yell but im moaning while i jack it off and continue getting my milk on her face ” daddy that was so funny do it again ” i have never felt that tyoe of orgasm in my life now im decided to do the same to my daughter ” you want daddy to lick you this time ” she gets excited and jumps to lay on the couch ” yess dady yes ” i open her legs and smell her 10yr old juices and it makes my divk get on firee and harded uo again ” daddys ganna gige you kisses right her ” i sag as i start kissing her crotch with her panties on, i then pull the panty to the side and i see her pretty little clit staring right at me and i give it irs first lick ” ahh daddy that tickled ” i give it more licks ” ik baby but it feels so good ” Part 2 coming soon

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  • Reply Joe ID:7481adjbm1

    Bloody keyboard warriors , keep the story going . My 66 year old cock was nice and hard and I cum all over myself

  • Reply Tg ID:h9alcer8m

    And your spelling is horrible. Pair that with no paragraphs gave me a headache

  • Reply A. ID:11wfijf20a

    If you do write a part two how about using paragraphs, this was hard to read