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My 14 year old daughter and friend

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My daughter went to a sleepover and got drunk I had to pick her and 1 friend up and take home and I raped them

The night my 14 year old daughter went to a sleepover. She happy asking for weeks if she could see at a friends for the night,There was going to be 4 of them 2 of them needed picking up on the way and asked if I would pick them up. I told her that would be no problem just to make sure that they would be ready to be picked up The Saturday afternoon came she got ready Packing her things in her little bag put them in the car and we set off to pick her friends up I had never seen them before,when they got in the car the introduced themselves to me one was caught Sharon she was about 5 FT1 Brown hair down to her shoulders the other one was called Sophia, She was a bit smaller with long blond hair which was down halfway down her back they both looked quite sexy as they were dressed in short denim skirts black tights  and t shirts. Stephanie had on a pair of leggings and a white T-shirt I drove to address of her friend’s house and made sure that everything was OK by talking to her mother and said any problems just ring me up and I would pick her up but hope  nothing would be wrong then I gave  her a kiss on set off home.
Who was about 11:30 at night when the phone rang it was the girl’s mother scene I had to come and pick up Stephanie as they had drinking without her knowledge and she wasn’t happy and could I take her home.. I just went straight out my car dressed in my shorts and T-shirt  And set off when I got there the girl’s mother was crying and said that she had tried contact the other girls as parents but could not get hold of one of them would it be possible for me to drop her off as she was drunk as well I said that would be ok where are they.
She took me until lounge where they were on the sofa asleep. 3 drunk teenagers  Dressed in only their night shirts and shorts I must admit I felt horny I asked which was the one I had to take all she said Sophia as she could have contact the parents We walking up and walk them to the car he will well gone giggling I let  Stephanie going the back and put Sophia in the front seat And I reached over and fasten her seatbelt I had a quick feel of her tits She didn’t budge she didn’t even open her eyes I could feel my cock grown in my shorts I turn round and saw  Stephaniewas lying down across the back seat. I drove to Sophia’s house It was all dark so I knocked on the door But got no answer so I made my mind up that I would take her back to ours and she  Could sleep in Stephanie’s bed with her  As a drove back I was getting  More horny I wanted another feel of her little tits I turn the radio loud in the car see if they would budge Nothing so I pulled over into the secluded spot And Leant over to feel her tits I  Lifted up her top her little breasts look beautiful must have only been  a cup I fondled them for a while but I  Wanted more I knew that she didn’t know what I was doing So I got out of the car walked around to the other side and opened the passenger door I undone her Seatbelt and lifted her out  I laid her down on the grass She was lying there  Looking so lovely I I bent down and pause her little shorts down she wasn’t wearing any panties.  I opened her legs and stuck a finger in her pussy it was so tight around my finger I started finger here I notice that she was a Virgin but she wasn’t going to be one much longer After finger her for awhile and sucking on her Tits I would I was going to put my cock in her I open to her legs lay on top of her. My cock was so hard they put a tip on her lips and slowly pushed in It was tightThe tightest I never known But I was going to fuck her  Hi started pushing until I was fully in it felt marvellous I started pumping in-and-out at felt so good I never felt anything like it my life. I pumped and pumped and eventually I shot my cum into her little womb my God it felt so good I wanted more and I decided steph you could do with a good fucking too for getting drunk So open the back door of the car and lifted Stephanie out I live here on the ground next to Sophia and stripped her too I didn’t bother fingering Stephanie she was going to get a cock in her dry I opened Her legs only on top of her and force my cock in  Right up to my balls she had to wholw 8 inches in her  She opened her eyes as I was thrusting into  her  But she was too drunk to realise what was really happening to her as they thrust and thrust and eventually shot my load into her pussy It felt so good I had just  fucked two teenagers.
I had to get them dressed and take them back home now I put them back in the car and drove them home I put them back in the car and drove them home When they got home they was still drunk they were still drunk  I could have some more fun with them as my wife was still at work until the morning I woke them both up And told them that the world really bad for getting drunk and I had a sort them out I could tell their mothers but they would not be very happy and ground them or  You could do as I say it and I would not tell anybody Stephanie said what do you mean I said we could have some fun and if you don’t I will tell your parents Sophia and tell your mother Stephanie Sophia said please don’t tell my parents you are ground me I would do anything you want I said anything she said yes I said Sophia take off your top She just did it straight away I said come here She walked over I reached out and felt her tits her eyes closed I said to her what have you done with a boy she said I have only kissed I said well would you like to do more she said she wasn’t sure just and Stephanie said dad what you doing you can’t be doing this with my friends I said shut up Stephanie you take your top off too she said no I said well either take a top off until as I say Or I tell you mother when she comes in from work and she will ground you I told her you have time to think then I turn to Sophia and said I want you to reach inside my shorts and have a feel of my cock Nervously she put her hand inside my shorts my cock was rock chord I told her to grab a hold of it and give me a wank she reached in I felt a little hand go round like cock and was moving up-and-down slowly I told her to move faster She started moving faster I told her the pull my  shorts down Which she did  I told her to keep one given me a wank it felt lovely her little hands rounded I turned to Stephanie and said what are you going to do than Stephanie take your top off will be grounded She just looked at me turned around and then took her top off  I had them both of my hands like putty now. Stephanie I said come here and put your hands on my cock as well She just did it straight away I said get down on your knees which she did and Sophia did too I said lick my cock and my balls make them nice and clean as this cock is going to go and your pussies Stephanie looked at me and said dad I’m your daughter I said don’t worry it will be fun they both said they were virgins. I said you maybe were early on tonight but when you got drunk I fuck you both and I am going to do it again and again I’m going to fuck you is my time does I can tonight and then whenever I want to after this. I don’t know if it registered with them as they were still drunk but I had to teenage girls licking my cock and balls I said who wants to be 1st to take my big cock Sophia said I will I said band over the sofa And she did I pulled her shorts down again and gotbehind her and push my cock right upper pussy hardest possible making it hurt. She screamed as I thrust into her as hard as possible and kept thrusting I was going to cum in her again. It didn’t take long for me to get ready to cum I told her that I was gonna shoot into her she said please don’t I don’t want to get pregnant. Too late I said as my cum shot into her woom. I pulled out And told Stephanie to bend over the sofa next I got behind their and open her legs and the night rammed my cock into her pussy and did the same to her she was crying as I shot my load up her.
It was now 1:00 a.m. I told them to get some sleep And I would wake them later for some more fun  My plan that I had at least 6 hours with them and woke them up at 2:30  I got Sofia to give me a blowjob and told Stephanie to lick Sophia’s posse at the same time she didn’t seem to mind too and that I think they had done it before and sophia was sucking my cock I was thinking what to do to them next and came into my head maybe a bit anal. I told Steffi going a bathroom and bring the fascinating I told Steffi going a bathroom and bring the vasiline inside spread Some on to Sophia’s but as she did thatI turn Sofia aroundAnd put ahead of my cock at her arse hole  She said no please don’t do that I’ve heard that it hurts I said to not worry only  Hurts for a little bit as I started pushing it in I’ve got the head in and she was saying it’s too so as I pushed more in all the sudden I had the whole 8inches in her butt  I turn to Stephanie and said lie on the floor and lick my balls as my cock goes in-and-out I could feel it building up in my balls as I pumped into her I said Stephanie suck harder I want to shoot up her but she was sucking I could feel it get tighter my cock was ready to fill her but and I shot my Lord into her and more and more as I pulled outI put my cock into stephanies mouth and said cleaner bitch it’s been in your friends but She looked away and cleaned it  And It’s your turn next your going to have this inside you again she said daddy just do it I love you. I didn’t the Steffy then said we can all go in bed together I want ypu2 to make me happy  And from now onwards we will have fun  Whenever we can but we have to keep it a secret they both agreed.

Part 2 to follow

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    That’s fucking sick you just raped two little girls this story is fucked up you pervert

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    The story is hot and made me want cum and duck them also but who ever wrote this needs to do spelling and grammar check because they obviously can’t write proper paragraphs

  • Reply Tine ID:1drj1xs5nkdw

    Really enjoyed this story. Hope you write more.

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    wish my dad would rape me
    age 12

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

    part 2??

  • Reply Reaper ID:7zv2ykg20d

    For fucks sake! Learn how to spell, use proper grammar, and punctuation!!

    • That's the best ID:153k1o7wt0c

      It’s called typos dumb shit

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    The story could have been good but it was so fucking horribly written and seems like English was a second language or just plain ignorant. No spell check was used so obviously no writing software either which has a spell checker within it. Sadly my 7 grade kid writes better then this.

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    That was confusing af.
    Use autocorrect Jesus, we nearly in 2022. My 5 year old niece types better.

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    Great Story Do Part 2

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