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Raped By My Brother (True Story)

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This is the true story of how my brother raped me since I was 12. I’ll try my best to remember most of the details and tell it to my best extent.

Hello. My name is Janine and I’m a 30 year old single mother currently living in the USA. This is the true story of how I was raped by my own brother since I was 12.
We used to live in Denmark from the time I was born until my parents got a job at the Embassy of Serbia around the time I was 11. We moved to Saudia Arabia and lived in a small house in a somewhat quiet village named Al Uyaynah. My parents were very busy and usually stayed at a hotel near the Embassy when they had non-stop work. They were fairly poor when they first arrived to Saudia Arabia so they couldn’t afford a babysitter to look after us when they stayed at the Embassy for long periods of time. They decided to leave my brother in charge of the house (who was 17 at the time) while they were away. My brother was pretty mature for his age and he always acted like an adult around my parents, therefore, my parents trusted him. However, what they didn’t know was how much of a pervert my brother was.
I’ll skip forward to the day I got raped. It was my 12th birthday that day and my parents weren’t home because they had a week-long meeting at the embassy. They stayed at the hotel near the Embassy. They called my brother’s phone in the morning to let him know and then they wished me a happy birthday. I remember how sad they were that they couldn’t be there but they assured me that they told my brother to treat me to a special birthday. They talked to my brother for a little bit longer and told him to buy me a cake and buy me whatever I wanted. I quickly took a shower and tied my hair back in a ponytail. I wore a pink shirt and black leggings (It was a pretty hot day). With that, me and my brother went out and spent the entire day roaming around Al Uyaynah. We visited numerous shops and bought quite a lot. We also visited a small restaurant at the outskirts of Al Uyaynah at the end of the day. We bought a cake and ate some traditional middle-eastern food. The employees there wished me a happy birthday and me and my brother headed home. I noticed on the way back that many of the men on the street were staring at me, particularly at my butt (that’s what I called my ass back then). Some of them were even catcalling. I was very innocent back then and didn’t know much about my body or sex in general, so I didn’t pay much attention, but it stayed at the back of my head when we went home. We arrived home at around 10:30 pm and I remember I was very tired. I didn’t even change and immediately knocked out when I went to my bed.
About half an hour later, I wake up and feel a weird sensation. I open my eyes and see my brother stroking my ponytail with one hand. His other hand was down his pants. He noticed that I was awake. (Here is where I will try my best to remember the conversation that happened between us. I’ll use fillers if i cant exactly remember).
“Leon, what are you doing?” I asked, still quite sleepy.
He smiled at me. “Nothing. I’m just helping you sleep better. What a day, huh? You’ve turned 12! You’re such a big girl now.” he said.
“Yes. I really am a big girl now, right?” I asked.
“You saw how the men were looking at you right? Of course you’re a big girl now! But a big girl has to do big girl things, of course.” he said, his hand trailing to my cheek now.
“Big girl things?” I questioned, not really minding him stroking my cheek as that’s what my parents usually did to help me fall asleep.
“Yes. You need to do lots of big girls things now. But, you must also listen to me carefully because you need help if you want to be a big girl.” he said, as his hands started to trail to my chest now. (I didn’t have much of any tits back then)
“Alright… but what?” I said.
My brother gave a long sigh. He took his right hand out of his pants and started to take off my leggings. I started to get nervous.
“What are you doing?” I asked, as he took off my leggings and took a long sniff. I was now only in my underwear.
“Shut up and just stay still.” he shouted, talking with increased urgency. He took off his pants and his erect dick came out. I gasped. (I didn’t know what a dick was back then nor had I ever seen one before).
“What is that??” I asked, as he started to stroke it right in front of my face.
“I SAID SHUT UP!” he shouted and slapped me across the face.
This was the first time my brother ever slapped me and I became really scared.
He climbed on top of me and took off my underwear with such force that it left a red mark on my ass when he took it off.
“Leon! What are you doing! Please stop!” I said, my voice quivering with fear.
He gave a small laugh and rubbed some of his spit onto his dick. He started groping my ass and all of a sudden, gave my right buttcheek a loud spank.
I howled out loud with a scream. Tears started to fall down my cheek.
“Leon! STOP, THAT HURT!! PLEASE, MY BUTT HURTS!!” I screamed. He didn’t listen and instead, spanked my left buttcheek even louder. I screamed again and I started to cry out loud now.
Leon gave an angry grunt. “SHUT UP!” he said, and he pulled my face all the way to his. He spat in my face before shoving my face down into the bed. He grabbed my underwear and shoved half of it into my mouth so I couldn’t talk. He pinned down my hands so I couldn’t take my underwear out. He grabbed my leggings and started to tie my hands with it. Soon, I had my own underwear in my mouth and my hands were tied with my own leggings. He flipped me over so my face was facing him now. He looked at me and gave a mock smile. His right hand went down to his thing again and he began stroking it.
“Do… you… know… how long… I’ve been… wanting to… do this?” he said, out of breath. He bent down and licked the falling tears off my cheek. I tried to push him away, but he was just too strong.
He smiled again and started kissing and biting my neck with such force that it began to hurt and became numb . I tried to shout, but my mouth was stuffed with my own underwear. He stopped after a while and just looked at me for a minute, while stroking his thing.
“I’m sorry, but this is what a big girl has to do, Janine.” he said. “A big girl must always listen to her big brother and do exactly what he says.”
I was scared beyond my mind now and was crying like crazy. I desperately tried to break free from my leggings, but my brother had tied it too tight.
Leon began rubbing his left hand against my private place (that’s what I called my pussy back then) while stroking his thing. I started moaning in pain as I had never felt that sensation before and it was very scary. After rubbing my private place for a couple of minutes, he stopped and took a deep breath.
“Enough is enough. It’s time for you to finally feel what it’s like to be a big girl.” he said, and he forcefully spread my legs open. My pussy was really wet (not from sexual excitement, but from pure fear) and my brother laughed when he saw my pussy dripping wet. He lined his cock up with my pussy and without warning, shoved it in full force.
“AAAHHHHH!” I shouted. I had never felt that much pain in my life before. Even with my mouth gagged, I still made quite some noise as my brother started to moan with pleasure. I tried to shout, but I was becoming very tired now and my crying intensified. My brother laughed. He squirmed around in my pussy, making it hurt even more. I prayed to whoever was out there to help, but being in a quite small village, no one was there to help. He pulled out his dick and smiled. His dick was covered in my pussy blood, and my pussy was dripping in blood. He aligned his dick again, and shoved it again with full force.
“AAAHHHHH!” I shouted, but my shout was muffled. Somehow, this hurt even more than the first time and I tried to push him off. Once again, he was too strong for me. My brother looked down at my pained, crying face, and began kissing my cheeks as he started pounding my pussy with excessive force. I tried to tell him to stop, but I couldn’t talk as I was gagged with my underwear. He put one hand on my throat and began to choke me as he kept on fucking me with intense vigor. I was having trouble breathing when suddenly, he pulled out and flipped me over. I heard a wet noise as his dick came out and blood started leaking out my pussy. My brother laughed and took some of the blood and rubbed it on my buttcheeks.
“How beautiful you are, Janine.” he said, as he slapped my blood-stained ass. I let out a pained groan as he slapped my ass again. He spread my buttcheeks and slowly put his dick in my pussy again. He moaned as he began to fuck me really fast. I felt the bed shake with every stroke my brother was doing. He pulled my hair so hard that it felt as if my hair was going to come off any second. I felt myself become weaker and my throat became dryer.
“This… is… how…you…become…a….big…girl.” said my brother, in between strokes. After what seemed like an eternity, I felt my brother twitch inside me and felt some sort of liquid (I didn’t know what cum was back then or what guys did when the orgasmed) fill my wrecked pussy. My brother moaned into my neck and started kissing my neck again as he came in. After about a minute or so, I felt my brother let go of me and he pulled his dick out of my pussy. He laughed as he saw my bed full of my own pussy blood. He flipped me over and sat me up. I began crying again as I saw just how much blood there was on the blood. There was a POOL of blood on the spot where he fucked me and there was blood trailing down my legs from my pussy. He smiled and smeared some of the blood from my bed onto my cheeks.
“Look at how much of a big girl you’ve become tonight.” Leon said, as he took out my underwear from my mouth. I didn’t say anything and kept on crying as I tried to process what just happened. My pussy was throbbing with such pain that it felt impossible to sit on my own bed. He untied my hands and used my leggings to scrape the blood of his cock. He threw the leggings at my face as he began to put his pants back on. He took one last look at the scene, smiled, spat on my face before leaving my room.
I kept on crying for half an hour before I was too tired and fell asleep, naked and in a pool of my own pussy blood.

Aftermath: Never would I have imagined in a thousand years that my brother would do such a cruel, fucked up thing to me. The story of how I lost my virginity would be “I was raped by my own brother at the age of 12.” But slowly, over the years, my twisted, fucked up mind, began to embrace rape and actually enjoyed it when I got raped. There is a lot more that happened after that day, and a lot more times that my brother raped me and did other things to me. If you would like to hear the rest of the story, I can do a part 2 and tell you all the other things that happened to me after I got raped.

I now have 3 children (2 girls and 1 boy). My youngest daughter (Diana) is 11, my oldest daughter (Mia) is 13, and my son (Kevin) is 14. I was thinking of introducing them to sex at this age the same way my brother “introduced” me to sex. I was thinking of maybe forcing Kevin to start raping Diana or Mia (or rape them both at the same time). But I could maybe use an adult cock first in order to rape them. If there is anyone who would like to (maybe) help rape my daughters or introduce them to the FUN world of sex, or just talk to me about my experiences and talk dirty in general, send me an email. We can talk on google hangouts. My email is [email protected]. I’ve talked to some of you before on my old email, but sadly that email was terminated (due to some graphic images ;). Shoot me an email and we’ll see what we can do about my 2 sexy daughters…

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    does anyone have a real e-address for Janine? or has she published elsewhere?? The e-addresses she has published on this site don’t work

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      Coz its a fake address 19/08/23

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    I know how you feel, but on a different scale.
    My parents had three sons, me being the youngest.
    The middle son phillip is two years older than me. He raped me when I was 11. At that time in my life I knew nothing about sex.
    I’m in my 50’s now.
    I wonder if he ever thinks about how he lost his virginity in my ass
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    Hello. Sorry everyone! My old email got deleted. Please send me an email at [email protected] if you’d like to chat with me about my incest experiences with my older brother and my children. I’m always horny 😉

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      Go to the top right corner of the webpage. Tap the box with the three lines. Tap in the drop down where it says, SEND STORY.

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    I story is abhorrent.
    Most likely written by a Man, who gets off masquerading as a woman.

    These little details (or lack of details) and type of wording that I doubt came from a female author

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      Are you stupid my daughter wss bo=n when I was 15 her mother was 14 by the time our daughter was born 14 amd 13 at the time of conception

    • Bronco ID:brwzhz1fii

      Yes, FBI, even girls of 9 years old can be pregnant. As was the case with my girl next-door.

  • Reply Lol wtf is any of this shit ID:1fs1dkkv3

    Wtf is all of this nobody gives a shit so like just chill evryone nobody cares about yours shit or ours so whatever

  • Reply Jorge ID:30rzgueov1


    • DocBae ID:n24k7x743

      Typical American, thinking they’re the only ones who exist. In many places it’s actually decriminalized and it has different definitions and punishments around the world. In fact YOUR COUNTRY has states that only penalize if you try to marry that relative, but sex is okay. In NJ if they’re both above 12 there’s no penalty for incest.
      But, in Saudi Arabia its actually punishable by death lol
      And there’s a whole sect of psychology that studies kinks like rape and incest fantasies. Rape fantasies especially are way more than just for rapists. Recovering victims get off on fantasies as a way to flip the narrative of their own rapes (like in my case, where I’ve been raped twice, both horrible events that I did not enjoy) and it allows victims a fantasy of control over their own rape.
      Incest and taboo is about a psychological response that triggers an emotional response and gets your blood pumping for a different reason but if it triggers at the time of sexual development in your brain you can basically misattribute the taboo with a sexual thrill and voilà, you have a kink.

      It’s similar to the way people get sexually aroused by cars lol your brain confuses your thrill for sexual exc

    • DocBae ID:n24k7x743

      Excitement* stupid character limits.

  • Reply Anonymous ID:vuf0i2d4

    I totally agree,this person is a fucking loser,and made this bullshit up for the sickos that get off on it,I fuck my mom only and we are legal age and agreed to it,no underage or force.this is a fake story from a piece of shit loser.

  • Reply Vlad ID:55wsg94wz

    Love to hear more in your part two
    I think your just getting going…

  • Reply hattersaremad ID:fyhlmnqrd

    To be honest thats fucked up dont make your damn kid rape them what kind of parenting is that when they get older they can find it out themselves instead of you making ur son fuck them jeez. Plus this is illegal to and then asking someone to do it to them? Your a monster an absolute bitch.

  • Reply Zebronic ID:etywvkim1


    • Clara ID:rz5vjd9i

      who care’s anyway?

  • Reply Everyone can go fuck themselves ID:1fs1dkkv3

    Yo guys nobody is good if your on this website that’s agreed so I say accept the stories and the authors or don’t and if you don’t then please be my guest to go fuck yourselves

    • IAmNotAPedophile ID:etyy06v9i

      We might not be good because we are on this website but we are better than people like you and the author who “think” of raping a 11 and 13 year old child..

  • Reply The Alter boy ID:28xmofs8rc

    Lol, if your in here reading this shit then your just as fucked up as the rest of us. Stop kidding yourselves

    • MFW ID:1fs1dkkv3

      This guy gets it

    • Zebronic ID:etyy06v9i

      And Yeah I would know that this story is soo fucked up by reading the title… Right?
      Fucking dumbass

    • Clara ID:rz5vjd9i

      That right.

  • Reply Timothy copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    Hello what a great story would really like to know if it is really true there is a lot of fakes on here that just like to talk shit if you are really serious I would love to hear from you

  • Reply Bigdoggyd ID:7zv39j5yqk

    I will help you no problem lol just hmu

  • Reply MFW ID:1fs1dkkv3

    Guys everyone has to calm down right now if this was a true story than its clearly highly exaggerated or just not true anyone can say anything and people will believe it hell I don’t condone this behavior and I know all stories here usually are exaggerated and fake that’s why I’m saying it doesn’t matter what happens cause it’s all just fake shit anyways right? Anyways for those of you who think this is real than your just as gullible as the next schmuck. ???

    • Zebronic ID:etyy02qrj

      Yo dumbass.. We all know it’s fake.. But the fact that this Janine bitch even thought of raping a 11 and 13 year old is just very SICK… You see she didn’t say that the two “daughters” want to have sex then we wouldn’t say anything.. But she said that she wants to introduce them to sex by raping them… Even though it’s fake its really disgusting that she is having such ideas….

  • Reply Unknown ID:3eqcelyyd9j

    What a dirty thing has happened to you by your own brother. Trust me he is not your brother. Please do not do the same to your children!!! Its really bad!!!

  • Reply Zebronic ID:7ezgfsa8rd

    This story absolutely sucks.. Just because you can write anything doesn’t you can say you want your son to rape your daughters… What the hell is this story

  • Reply Madeline ID:7ezgfsa8rd

    by looking at the comments I think I can surely say that MFW and Janine are those kind of people who like their own story a million times to get stars/ratings…

    • hipptyHoppty ID:7ezgfsa8rd

      I think they might be the same person as well

    • hattersaremad ID:fyhlmnqrd

      Thank you to all the ppl who are saying this is gross shes a bitch

    • hattersaremad ID:fyhlmnqrd

      And it is our business if u post it janine or whatever the fuck your name is lets watch you go to jail whore!

  • Reply Daddy Jake ID:1idyob9tt0b

    Couldn’t find your email ?

  • Reply U sick fucks ID:2atvsnos8m

    Your disgusting don’t let your daughters get raped you sicko

    • MFW ID:1fs1dkkv3

      Look it’s not your choice and nothing we can really do so not my problem or yours

  • Reply Joe ID:fzq36520b

    If he was coming inside you how did you not get pregnant

    • MFW ID:1fs1dkkv3

      Who knows Joe… Who knows……

    • Janine ID:2vkjmtm3

      i miraculously didn’t get pregnant for the first 2 years my brother raped me… but i was finally pregnant at 15 with my brother’s child

  • Reply IamNotAPedophile ID:2wp3st9lqrk

    The sex part was ok… But the blood thing was gross, You shouldn’t have explained so much in detail about it and you want your kids to rape each other or be raped by someone else… I accept this is kind of gross website because it has child porn in it but that doesn’t mean you write this kind of shit… FUCK YOU

    • MFW ID:1fs1dkkv3

      Why are you here… Like if you don’t enjoy this then leave no one is stopping you

    • IamNotAPedophile ID:7ezgfsa8rd

      Hey MFW dumbass, Would I know this story was so shit by reading the title only… People on this website write their feedback in the comments. Get your dumbfuck brain out of here… Don’t always expect people praising your story…. DUMB BITCH

  • Reply Bi horny stud ID:145e852um9b

    This is fucked up. You do not deserve to have kids!

    • MFW ID:1fs1dkkv3

      This is a website for people who want to read highly taboo and erotic stories if you don’t like it than you can fuck off buddy

    • Janine ID:2vkjmtm3

      no one asked you to read this… its none of your buisness what i do with my kids

    • Janine ID:2vkjmtm3

      MFW email me if you want to chat and learn the rest of my story

    • Zebronic ID:7ezgfsa8rd

      Just because they are your kids doesn’t you force them to rape each other… SUCH A DUMB BITCH… FUCK YOU SLUT FACE

    • hipptyHoppty ID:7ezgfsa8rd

      Hey zebronic you need to calm down.. This is not a real story but you are right this is not a way of writing a story. Even though this website is for taboo stories that still doesn’t mean you right such gross shit

  • Reply None ID:645fsdkchm

    You should burned while being staked up your ass. I hope your children will be taken from you and go to a normal family who have normal problem, not a mother who wants to rape them. I was raped, but you are sick in the head, you should get a psych evaluation.

    • masterjmcam ID:55ws8ya8k

      I laugh about people commenting on being outraged or angry about this story. If they don’t like it, then they go to the sites of priests. What are they doing here?? It’s great anything.