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neighbor and her girls

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found this site one day and read some really good stories true and fiction, well im no author but had a encounter some years ago so i thought i would tell it. i have a neighbor thats a stay at home mom two young daughters. the girls are so nice and cute just like their mom. well as time went by the girls would come over to visit and swim mom too some of the time.one day mom came over and wanted to talk so we sat on deck had a few drinks and she told me her spouse had not had sex with her in months. she didnt know what to do about it, i said ask him out right and see what he says about it. i also told her i found her very appealing and would love to have a relationship if she was interested. she just blushed and laughed. told me she had never cheated on him so thats where we left it. it was early one morning i saw the school bus stop and get the girls it wasnt ten minutes later here came the neighbor she came in we had coffee and she asked me if i was serious abt what i said a week or so ago, i said yes i was so we made love all morning it was wonderful. she had nice breasts smooth pussy what else would a single guy want.this went on for some time and no problems till the weekend the girls came to swim no mom yet i was watching the girls play and phone rang it was their mom wanted me to come over next door as she wanted to talk to me. i told the girls silly me i was going to talk with mom and be careful while i was gone till i got back. wrong again i went over we talked about her problem had coffee one thing lead to another and we were having a quickie in the bedroom room and you whats going to happen the girls walked in and yelled mom what are you two doing. it was total confusion the older one knew whats happening the younger one not so much. so we dressed and had a long talk with both of them and she told the girls dad didnt have sex with her anymore so she has sex with me.next she told them never say a word about this to their dad. they promised they would not tell. now a few weeks later the older girl she is twelve or more come over to swim and no sister today she was at a friends house.she tells me point blank she wants to have sex like her mom does, i thought what do i do or say to her so i said you better talk to your mother about this so i thought she wont do that and thats the end of that. its a big step in a girls life. im thinking home free no problem, boy was i wrong few days later here she is with her mom and we had a talk about having sex mom says to me she is ok with me fucking her daughter i was shocked but thrilled also she told me she wanted to be there when it happened if i would do it. so we talked it over and we are going for it they both came over to swim and more so this is how it went we got naked in the house mom too and i licked the girls pussy and fingered her deep no hymen so i started to lube her up to make it easier and i slipped it to her slow and easy and she was great i fucked her till i was sore and she did cum and we were exhausted. mom took her home gave her a bath and douse. everything was great till a day or two after that. she told her sister what we all did and little sister came to mom and told her what her big sister told her and wanted to know why she didnt get to do the same thing.so mom brought the girls over to my house and told me what was being said i said the her she is only ten thats very young for intercourse and so we talked about it the young one said she wanted to or else she would tell dad what mom and her sister were doing. so her mom said if i let you do this none of you can ever tell anyone ever.so this is what happened we all went to the bedroom and youngest wanted to see her sister do it first to see if she really wanted to have sex. we got naked again even mom it was great three naked females. i started tongue fucking the older girl and touching the little one at the same time. then i lubed the older and slipped right in all the way. didnt want to come in her as i wouldnt get hard for a while mom ky the little one real good and i asked if she still wanted to fuck and she said yes licked her pussy for while she was wiggling all around and moaning her mom was smiling and fingering herself well this was a first for me so i started to rub my cock on her little slit and between the ky and my precum i tried ti ease the head in slow and gentle she went stiff and we waited a bit and started over got the tip started in barely and so slowly pushed more cock in to her till she said stop it hurts so we waited again and then she said do more in me so i slid out a bit and back in deeper this time this is wonderful tight and hot and i started sawing in and out slow and short she was liking it so far only had half of me cock in so far we fucked like this awhile and she was getting in to it bucking her hips and then i went deeper and bottomed out hit her cervix and she went stiff again so i pumped in and out hit the bottom each time till i came and i think she did to. that was a great day for the girls and me so fast forward two months mom come over to tell me her oldest is knocked up about month and a half and she was not happy to say the least. well i said who else has been fucking her besides me mom says no one i told her i was snipped ten years ago so some one is fucking her mom went home brought her oldest with her and came back over sat her down and i asked her has anyone else fucked you besides me and she cried and cried the she told us her dad had been fucking her mom blew up he wont fuck me but his on daughter and away they went.so it hit the fan at their house him moved out she filed for divorce and now i have a hot woman and a ten old sweet heart and a twelve year old mom to be and more pussy than i can keep up with

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  • Reply Dada ID:1d0eccctlc9y

    Little girl let’s talk

  • Reply Tinydik ID:1d20ucqb4gy4

    Let’s hope she has a daughter

  • Reply [email protected] Australia ID:1cn60hrk7z4d

    Well lucky guy everything worked out perfect too bad that you can’t have kids. It would’ve been good if you were able to come inside their pussies and give them kids

  • Reply BBH ID:16d437wot0b

    Lucky bastard if this is true! If the pregnant girl has a baby girl, you can start on that one even younger !

    • little girl ID:gmiump49k

      we can only hope

  • Reply Captain America ID:1ah742a5t0k

    How old was the youngest daughter

    • little girl ID:gmiump49k

      just over ten

    • Captain America ID:1ah742a5t0k

      Would love to have you both you up for it little girl

  • Reply Orion ID:bk96lvpd2

    Waaay bad without paragraphs 🙁

  • Reply Anon E Moose ID:1eds1wk9cby4

    Gave up halfway through, very difficult to read without paragraphs