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My daughter Katelyn

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Children grow up so fast.

My 12-year-old daughter Katelyn and her two friends Marsha and Tammy were always dressing in sexy clothes. Mini skirt a boob tubes. From time to time, I have seen all three of bend over or I have been down stair and seen walking up or down the stairs. So, I know for a fact none of them wore nickers.
They were always going out. From time to time, I was a little worried, but I reminded myself their only 12 what could they get up to.
Then one evening I was in the loungeroom. Watching television when Katelyn asked me if I wanted to play a game of cards. Tammy had showed her a card trick. Next thing I knew the cards went everywhere.
I sat on the floor and started to collect the cards nearest to me. While Katelyn bent over and started picking them up.
I looked at her arse as she faced away from me. He labia were fully out and what looked like cum on then and her inner thighs.
I said “Katelyn honey. Have you having sex?”
She smiled and said “Yes all my friends are doing it. I was at Marsha’s place and her brother Steven, and his friend Brian came in Marsha’s room, and he pulled his cock out I sucked it until he was hard, he then bent me over and fucked me in front of Marsha and Tammy. Then Brian fucked Marsha while we watched them.
My mind was racing, and I did realize I had spoken out loud when I said, “How long as this been going on?”
Katelyn smiled at me and spoke. “Four months ago, Marsha had her 12th birthday. While her parents went upstairs to their bedroom. Marsha started talking about boys and fucking.
Her brother and his friends were in the next room and when Tamy and I sounded interested they came in. With in minutes there was three naked girls and five naked guys. They went down on us, and we sucked cock. Then they fucked us. All five guys dropped two loads each. Me and Tammy got three loads and Marsha the birthday girl got four. That first time hurt a bit and both me and Tammy had blood on our pussies. Marsha’s brother had been fucking for about three weeks before that.
Ever since then every time we visited Marsha’s house her brother had a couple of friends around and they would fuck us. Sometimes the boys ask us to go down on each other and lick the cum out off each other’s pussy.
Katelyn sat on the couch stuck her legs in the air then opened them wide. she then started fingering herself with three fingers going in as far as she could. She pulled her fingers out covered in her pussy juices and some cum and she proceeded to lick her fingers clean.
I stood there watching Katelyn the whole time not knowing how react to what was happening.
Katelyn on the other hand noticed my cock was hard jumped up opened my fly and pulled my cock out and started to suck on it.
I admit I did not last very long, and I closed my eyes as I started to cum. I looked down and saw her squeezing out the last few drops from my cock. She had cum her face, and she was licking the head of my cock as she milked my cock.
Then she went to the bathroom and had a shower.
I went to my bedroom to lay down. I drifted off to sleep. A little later I woke up to find Katelyn sitting on my face. I licked her pussy and fingered her clit.
The next morning before I went to work Katelyn got up early and sucked me off.
That night after I got home Tammy and Marsha were at my place with Katelyn.
I sat down to watch TV when all three of them entered the room naked. They got me to lay on the floor and Marsha sat on my face. While Tammy sucked me cock and Katelyn watched on. Then Marsha moved to my hard cock and started to ride me while Tammy sat on my face. I held back as long as I could, but I found myself cumming in Marsha’s cunt.
Tammy went and started licking my spent cock it was coated in cum and Marsha’s pussy juices.
I watched as Katelyn went down on Marsha licking my cum from her pussy.
I managed to get hard again and this time Tammy climbed on my cock.
I lasted a lot longer this time my balls were taking a bit of time to produce so more cum.
Then I had Katelyn sitting on my face. After a little while Tammy got off of my cock and Katelyn my daughter took her place, and I shot my wad into my daughter’s pussy.
I lay on the floor and Katelyn kissed me on the cheek and asked Daddy could you buy us some dildos and strap on harnesses. Like they have in lesbian videos. With the mental image of my daughter and her friends fucking each other I just nodded.

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