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discovering my teenage horniness

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sleepover with two 12 year old boys middle school.

my name is landon and i was excited for a sleepover with my friend nate. it was at my house. we were both in 7th grade and we were 12 years old. it was my birthday today and i wanted to celebrate it with him. i had always felt attracted to nate. i love the way he talked, looked, and cared about me. we only knew each other for a couple months but we were basically best friends.

i was a fairly tall boy. skinny and muscular. my skin was golden and i had golden curly hair too. i played lacrosse. nate was shorter than me but was also skinny and muscular. he had straight hair and he was completely white. he played soccer i’ve always longed to see him naked but never got the chance. this was our first sleepover.

anyways, nate came over and we played basketball, video games, and ate food. as he sat in my media room, i inches closer to him and i longed to touch him. my heart rate was high and i loved the way he looked. i loved the way he smiled as well. i just wanted to explore his body. he was so muscular and so hot.

we went to my room and talked for a while. i had a foot massager and he asked if i could use it. “god my feet hurt so much”, he said. he put his feet it in and turned it on. he moaned and i felt a shiver of
excitement over my body. “you like it”, i asked. “oh my
god yes”, he replied. “god i’m so horny too”, he said with his eyes closed as he enjoyed the foot massage. i questioned what i just heard there. he opened his eyes and looked at me, “i wonder how it feels if i stuck my dick in there”, he said with a laugh. my heart was beating so fast. “try it”, i said with a laugh. “wait for real”, he said with a laugh. i nodded with a smile. he got up and took off his shirt. wait, was he completely stripping? i was shocked to see he was comfortable with doing that but also so horny and excited. “are you getting naked”, i asked. “yeah, that makes it way more fun”, he said. “you should do it too”, “okay”, i said. i watched him lusciously as he hooked his fingers on his shorts and underwear and pulled it down to reveal his naked body. i was on the brink of salivating because he was so hot. his small penis was sticking out hard completely. i was staring at him. he crouched down next to the foot massager and placed his hard dick in the area and switched it on. “uhh”, he moaned loudly. “god this feels so good”, he said. the machine kept going as nate kept moaning. nate then cummed all over the machine and fell back panting. “oh my god landon that was so good you have to try it”. i stripped naked and got into the same position as him. he looked at me with a smile. i turned it on and felt pleasure wash over me. i moaned and then cummed all over the machine just like nate did. this was so hot. i never expected this to happen and i didn’t want it to end. “holy shit nate that was great. but i bet i can massage better than the machine”. i proceeded to massage his feet, shoulders, head, and back. i rubbed his beautiful, muscular chest. then i rubbed his dick and his asshole until he cummed all over my hands. i bent down and looked to see if he was comfortable with this. clearly, we both liked each other. i blew him until he came in my mouth and i licked his asshole too. i fucked him and cummed in his butt as well. we are now still dating and are more happy than ever.

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