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The Musicians

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A story of my growing up with music and discovering the girl next door

I met Haley when we moved to our new house. She was 8 and nerdy. I would watch and listen as she played keyboard from her backyard. She was an amazing keyboadist. I was always interested in music myself.

My smart ass dad said to me one day, “you know instead of being creepy and watching her, you might actually go up and talk to her?”.

Her parents met my parents and my dad mentioned to her how his son loves listening to her music. I finally met her. It was a little awkward at first but it was music and our love of music that brought us together.

My dad had an old Gibson SG. He showed me some chords and how to play simple rock songs like AC/DC and others. I moved on to Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and different kinds of classic rock songs and metal.

We started playing music together and became good friends. She fascinated me! She knew about music theory and all that stuff.

Her parents started trusting me more and more leaving me alone with her. We were alone together and she asked me how I peed? Mom says boys have a thing that hangs down? I told her we did. She asked me if she could see it. I showed my dick to her and she showed me her cute little baldy.

A couple days later her parents went on a night out and my parents were watching her. We sat on the couch watching TV and she was sitting next to me. I told her I’m a little cold let’s cover up with the blanket. She said she wasn’t cold. “Just do it!”, I whispered, “I want to show you something”

I pulled down my PJ’s and took my cock out of my underwear. “Touch it.”, I said. She gasped all excited and sat up and felt it. I felt good with her touching every inch of it. She got to the head she rubbed the head and it felt awesome.

“Your breathing has changed. Are you ok?”, she said. “Wonderful. Never realized how good that would feel.” I reached down and put my hand under her dress and touched her pussy. She took a deep breath.

When we were 11 she told me she had something cool she wanted to show me. I thought I was going to get to see her naked. No such luck. I noticed her light was on all night in her room for the last couple days. I found it funny I was noticing these things now. Thinking about her a lot.

She knew one of my favorite Elton John songs was “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me”. She covered it for me. I was in awe of her playing.

“Wow”, I said. She begged me to sing it for her to her playing. I did. I would do rock songs on guitar and she would sing. She would play songs on piano and I would sing. She told me I was very passionate when I sang.

Her mom was going out to the store. Haley asked me to sit next to her by the keyboard. She was going to show me how to play something.

She came in and kissed my lips. I had never kissed anyone before. The feelings that it brought on were amazing. I did not know what to do so I hugged her. She laughed. “You never kissed a girl before have you?”, she asked. “Have you?”, I asked. “No I never kissed a girl either.”, she said. “Ha ha.” I said.

“All right come here. Get in front of me.” She did it again. “Open your damn mouth!”, she said. “Dang ok. That’s romantic.” , I said. ” I’m trying to teach you something and you’re resisting.”, she said “It is me. Relax.” Lol We started making out. Our tongues doing a beautiful tango together. We heard a sound.

“Damn!” We both said as we heard her garage open. Mom was home. We quickly got dressed and she started playing something.

“How did you learn to kiss like that?”, I asked. She said “Watching romantic movies with my mom. They are so boring.” She was more into action flicks like me.

Her mom said they were starting dinner and I would have to go. I kissed her when her mom was away, “see you soon!” “You better!”she replied with a smile.

I got home and my mom asked me “what has gotten into you?” “I don’t know”, I said. She figured it out I don’t know how. “Oh my God did you kiss her?”, she asked. I blushed, “um um”. and went to my room. Not really answering. “Uh huh” she said. She told my dad.

My dad reminded her we were just kids. Nothing probably happened. He told her he would have a talk with me. She was going to tell Haley’s parents but my dad talked her out of it. ” Let me just talk to him and see what he actually happened.”

I met with my dad and he gave me my first beer. We went on the back patio. “First of all you are not in trouble. Ok? So tell me, what happened? Did you kiss her?” I just nodded. He smiled proudly.

“Don’t worry about it. You’re just a kid. Kids do that stuff. It did not go any farther than that did it?” I blushed. “Ok. ok. I won’t tell your mom. She will freak. But be cafeful. Ok?”

I was overcome with emotion. Stuck on worst case senarios. I thought would never get to see her again. “Dad please don’t tell her mom and dad. I love her and….” Oops. I did want not want to tell him that part. He smiled even prouder now. His boy found his first love. He smiled and shook his head. “You know we can talk about this stuff right? You think I am going to punish you for loving someone? Come on!”. “Does she know how you feel?”, he asked. I told him I didn’t know. “You got to tell her.”, he said. After this he started treating me more like a man and less like a kid.

The conversation became about her and what music she likes. Over the weekend he invited her over for a jam session. Dad played his bass guitar and had a drum machine. We figured out a few songs together. We played together and my dad left us alone afterwards and we went to my room to talk.

I was preparing this big build up to what I was about to tell her. Screw it. I just kissed her and said it. “Haley I love you.”

She laughed. “Oh that is why you come to my house almost everyday? I thought it was just the music. You know I knew that right?” “Well how do you feel about me?”, I asked and she laughed again. “Well lets see. I wait anxiously everyday for you to come by. I think about you all the time. I let you kiss me and touch me. I stayed up late and figured out a song on keyboard that I knew you loved, just to play it for you. Nah I cannot stand you!” I busted out laughing. I always loved the way she could make me laugh. “What is saying it bad?”, I asked. “No but you show me in a million ways. That is even better.”, she said. “Of course I love you.”

I laughed and kissed her. We made out. My hand went up her shirt feeling her breasts. The weight and fear of not knowing was lifted off my chest. My dad knocks and opens the door. I yanked my hand down fast. “Oh sorry and walks back out.” “Shit are we we in trouble?” She asked. “No he likes you. Don’t worry about it. We had this conversation a couple days ago. He gave me some fatherly advice to be careful on how far we go.”

We kept with playing music and kissing and fondling each other. She wanted to watch me jack off one time. She wanted to see the “stuff come out” I pulled it out and started rubbing it. My head went back and my eyes closed as I felt it coming on. Here it comes I said. She watched as the semen flew out. She put her finger on my dick and tasted it. “Salty.” She said. I laughed. It wasn’t until I was 16 that something happened. I got her in my dad’s van and we drove up to the beach.

It was getting dark so we went back to my dad’s van. “Drive someplace secluded” she said. “Why what do you have in mind?” I asked. She just smiled. I did as I was told.

We both got in the back of the van and started making out on the bench seat. Her 16 year old breasts were amazing. Still a little firm. I felt them through her shirt. I reached up under her shirt to get a better feel and played with her nipples. My other hand reached down into her pants. Her pussy felt so soft. She moaned a little as I caressed her vulva.

I unbuttoned my pants and she reached down and started stroking my cock. “Do you want to suck on it?”, I asked. She asked me what to do. I never had a girl do that to me either. Haley is the only girl I’ve been with. “I don’t know.” I said “Let’s figure it out together.”

She grabbed my dick and put it in her mouth and kissed the head. She was trying to be funny. “How is that?” She asked. I just laughed. She put the head in her mouth and started sucking on it. I gasped and moaned. “Uh oh think I am doing something right.” I told her to put it in her mouth fully and then come back up. Which she did.

It wasn’t long until my young teenage cock started to swell. “Uh uh uhhhhhh” as I unloaded into her mouth. She laughed. Tilted her head back and swallowed it. “You still got some on you do you mind if I…?”, she said as she went down on it again cleaning it off for me.

I told her to lay back. I was new to eating pussy so she gave me a lesson on what felt good. I sucked on her clit. She went nuts moaning and trashing hold my head against her cunt. She gave a loud moan and went into a seizure as she finally gave in to her orgasm.

I was just admiring her gorgeous red bush. Ah heavenly. I got on top of her and positioned my cock. She let out an “ow ow ow” as it went in. She was still “ow ow ow” as I pumped it in.

I felt bad for her and asked if she wanted me to stop. She told me to keep going. She wanted me to kiss her and we made out. She finally got used to it.

She told me to pound her. “You sure?” , I asked. “Do it. Do it hard.” I pounded her virgin hole for like five minutes. She could tell I was going to come and pulled my head to her kissing me. She siezed again as she came and I came exploding into her and collapsed on top of her.

We went home and we made out in my driveway for 10 minutes. I went into my house with my head in the clouds. My mom was shaking her head at me.

The next night Dad took me out to the patio again and gave me a beer. “So how are things with Haley? Are you….”, he asked. My mouth dropped open. “Dad!” “Come on you have to be blind not to see whats going on” “Dad!”, I said. He smiled proudly, “Just be careful son.” Lol. We had a couple beers as I noticed the light on in her window. “Invite her over.” Come on we can play a couple songs and I will leave you two alone.

She did and we played. He cell phoned himself and left the garage. Haley looked at me shocked. She asked, “Did he really just fake a phone call to himself so you could be alone with me?” I nodded. “Damn and I thought my parents were weird.” “Yes he is. Very!”, I exclaimed we laughed and I spent the evening with my two favorite loves. Haley and music.

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