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My methed out boyfriend made me do meth with him

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My boyfriend told me I had to do meth with him or he would break up with me and destroy my car and personal items

I was about 16 when I was seeing this guy I’ve known since middle school, he was great to me so we started to date. A couple of years into our rocky relationship he revealed to me that he would smoke meth. I was honestly stunned but saw how functioning he was so I didn’t think it was that bad. Later that same day he demanded that I tried it with him or he would ruin my life, destroy my car and my clothes and items I had at his house. So I obliged and I took a hit of his pipe. He seemed to be proud of me that I wanted more, so we started smoking meth together.
After I was high he started to rub my pussy and it was a different and amazing feeling from whenever he’s done that before. I got extremely horny and he led me to take my clothes off and he started to lick my pussy. It was an amazing feeling, I was so horny probably more than I’d ever been! He literally licked my pussy for an hour. So he continued to lick me while he got on top of me and I started to suck his dick while it hung down. I loved every second of this. We licked and sucked each other for hours- literally hours. He got off of me and asked me to lick his asshole. I was kind of shocked, but he offered another hit and I accepted. I took the hit and I licked his pink asshole and oh my god, I loved pleasuring him while rimming him! It was the best feeling for me, my pussy was throbbing at this point while he was moaning and I didn’t want to stop, I rimmed his little pink asshole for about 1 hour while I was playing with my pussy, I made myself cum and he wanted to fuck my sweet pussy so I turned around for him and he fucked me till he creampied my pussy. It was an amazing first time experience. We honestly went on this drug and sex addiction for about 6 months until I broke it off officially with him. I’m 8 years clean and I have him blocked on social media, but I always think about the sex we had while being high on meth. It wasn’t a good thing to do, but it sure felt amazing.
Ex boyfriend at the time, I hope we never ever meet ever again. But thanks for the hazy and horny memories.

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  • Reply Stephen m ID:pa12xs920j

    Oh yeah, definitely not this woman.I know this guy named fred that says he’s straight until he smoke some meth and then?

    Then straight fred turns into faggot fred,
    Literally begging dudes.It’s to let him suck them off ,
    Everybody is everybody on this site knows him , He used to go by ephederine555 , Or martin ,
    But everybody who knows him just pretty much is called him fred the dickhead ,
    One time,
    After he got high, I told him look how sick your dog’s got a boner and he goes.Everybody has a boner and he goes.Everybody has to leave.I feel kind of tired but I forgot my phone and when I walked back in the garage he was sucking his dog’s cock ,
    fred martin t. From cerritos california,
    He’s one of those lolfreak motherfuckers

  • Reply Stephen m ID:1ck6us7juby0

    And how horrible must I be that even appreciating sobriety enjoying a woman getting off like that is the hottest sex that you can have in my opinion, I mean even as confident as my experience has made me that I am far from someone who might be served by advice as happy and engaged in a relationship as my ex-girlfriends have been nothing compares to where they can get to high and getting gangbanged,
    It’s kind of a uniquely female Indulgence as a man you really aren’t any more stimulated by having more than one woman pleasure you it’s interesting but it doesn’t really do much for you and you generally only have one or two orgasms to be spent but a woman that trusts you enough and isn’t going to blame you for addiction issues or morality issues interested willing and eager to participate has the most sexual experience she could imagine and the multiple orgasms and near convulsion type climaxes is very compelling it’s beautiful in my opinion and something that I very much enjoy allowing my friends and lovers to experience if they trust me enough and once again primarily won’t imagine to blame me later on

  • Reply Rob ID:1d6bui3i8yed

    Meth makes me cum so hard love your story

  • Reply Mark ID:1e8xtigvxq26

    I Was coerced into trying math for the first time one night while I was drunk. I was fishing on a dock with a few other men who I had just hours before. Within moments after trying it for the first time The men That were with me Turned me into a faggot willingly sucking there cocks

    • wannabgangbangspun ID:1dbpk1qxt6yj

      I would love to do that !!!

    • wannabgangbangspun ID:1dbpk1qxt6yj

      I’ve done crack and love to take big dildo and ride while doing hits .never a real 1 . but would like too. a couple of them . I’ve tried sucking couple of times but crack isn’t best for hardons . seems like meth is great for having sex . I’m straight w/ intentions while high . not shy on it but really want lots of meth socks,getting fucked in ass and sucking beautiful big cocks . everydrop

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    I’ve seriously fucked for 18 hours straight with this girl some years ago and I end up cumin in all of her holes.
    Well a few months later I found out she was pregnant and she showed up at my house with her boyfriend.. She told me it was mine and he had no Idea, so when he passed out we took off and went and fucked all night again… I love to fuck on shyt it’s the best..!..

    • SavoryOne ID:4glkkrd99

      Dick dope is my favorite. The kind that makes you fuck all night and day and night and day and..
      Rinse and repeat.
      Fuckkk. Wish it was still like back in 98.
      That shit was screamin.
      I love to fuck and suck so much but when I’m high. Oh good Lord.
      Somebody needs to fuck me..

  • Reply TARA ID:49kap65h5qr

    My girlfriend was given meth at a party and after a few minutes four guys took her to a bedroom and pulled down her dress and at one at a time each guy fucked her ass dry as she was totally wasted ! when they were done with her they brought her where the party was loud and placed her bent over the sofa armrest and lifted up her dress then with a marker pen they wrote put cock into my ass ! all the guys at the party lined up and fucked her ass until morning ! it was awful what i saw done to her.

    • [email protected] ID:gnrr5kb0k

      @tara same happened to my gf at a frat party. she was coked out and wasted. all the frat bros and their friends gangraped her ass only. they kept her drunk and drugged all weekend, rape her brutally up the ass and creamping her deep in the ass constantly! her asshole was ruined and gaping with cum by the end of the weekend. she was a ruined anal slut after that and i stopped seeing her as a girl i loved. instead i kept her as an anal rape toy for a couple years, then dumped her when she turned 20

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  • Reply Uncle Jesse ID:2px1mhuf4hu

    I wish you well in.yout life you was so.lucky.. my favorite niece is 30 and I.want her back she won’t stop. Lost all her kids. Got kicked out of her house for.destroy coming.down. her and her bf would get into knock.drag.outs.coming down I had to beat.his ass more than once to get him of her..he broke more than one cell of hers

  • Reply Anne Marie Fish ID:19euwfi5a32i

    I learned to use meth and fuck as many dicks as they wanted and absolutely loved it. Coke don’t last, but meth makes my pussy throb and get so warm I can’t resist fingering myself till I get something inside me to satisfy this. Once my boyfriend Chuck took me to a dealer and soon as we got high I had to get naked right in frount of him and 4 other guys, they gladly took turns till I exhausted them all.

    • trippinpiXie13 ID:1d6fn5oyzzlc

      FuCk yeah🤤

    • Karmaqwik ID:ba45u1b1mga

      FUCK that’s hot and made my pussy so wet

    • J.R. ID:3zxjpuyjoi9

      That’s so hot

    • Imyourdaddy1620 ID:2c3g2s7044

      I convinced a friend to try it. She ended up sucking the dealer and her bf. And told me when I visit I have to pimp her out.

    • Pervyru ID:h3e966n1hzu

      Love to get spun out with you

    • savory ID:4glkkrd99

      You’re fucking hot girl.
      Hellll yeah
      I wanna play!

  • Reply GFY ID:5lve276ufos

    LOVE meth! that idiot below “Adude” what fukkface… “crack”… jesus THATs why we use dope.. HE IS A DOPE

    • savory ID:4glkkrd99

      Dick dope is my favorite. The kind that makes you fuck all night and day and night and day and..
      Rinse and repeat.
      Fuckkk. Wish it was still like back in 98.
      That shit was screamin.
      I love to fuck and suck so much but when I’m high. Oh good Lord.
      Somebody needs to fuck me..

  • Reply Adude ID:1dax6q6y3byd

    Long store store your a cracked out Crack head that suck and fucks for drugs.