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Sissy again

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Yes, we did have another session, but now I fuck girls my own age

That night with Sissy really set me going. It gave me confidence about fucking so I became much more confident with the girls in my classes and that paid off – big time.

I think that girls are not often really prepared for fucking. I mean sex ed does its stuff but they don;t often seem to really enjoy it. It almost seems like they are in competition to service their bfs rather than learning and doing good sex. Still, I gained good experience, but before that I had another session with my sister (Sissy) and this went really really good because she had no iunhibitions and she obviously knew what to do. What 11 year old can orgasm, I ask, because she did that the first time and it made her want more.

With Mom working all hours and leaving at 6am for day shifts I had the responsibility of getting Sissy up, breakfasted (with me) and then off to school. She was a buggar to wake but I quickly developed a technique after we fucked. What I did was go into her room and start by rubbing her rather non-existent breasts, She always wore a nighty and I would reach in and start rubbing her little nubs. Surprising things thise nobs because I could always get them to stand up. She would half heartedly swoat them away and roll over to face me, which is when I would put my other hand on her pussy. By rubbing that on the outside she would usually start moving her hips and sometimes I could get real juices flowing out of her.

We never had enough time to do much but she always hugged and kissed me a bit more than a sister should.

With this going on it was obvious we were going to do it again and I was getting quite excited about that. In fact I often wanked myself to sleep at night just thinking about her lovely cunt. So small, so tight, so firm and yet it could be so juicy and just heaven to slide into.

Anyway it was a saturday and I saw Mom off to work at 6am. Bit early for me but I went straight in to Sissy’s room and climbed into bed with her. She mumbled and rolled away so I spooned her with my rampant cock trying to push through her back. She was half asleep, but not for too long. I had my arms around her and I had her little breast nubs standing up and I also had a finger in her slit, working her for juice. After a bit of this and humping her bottom I couldn’t help cuminbg and she felt my hot spurts over her bum and in her crack. She rolled over to me and took my cock in her hands and milked me right out of cum. Wow that felt good.

Then she said that I had to do her and make her come. She got on all fours and presented her bum and pussy to me and I lay under her and used my toungue on her pussy lips, sicking like mad. Then she reached in and said “I have a little man here in the folds of my vag and I want you to find it and lick it and suck it and kiss it”.I didn’t know a whole lot about this thing but she explained it was her clit and if I did the right things to it she would get a lot of pleasure from it and if I really did it right she would cum without me having to put my cock inside her.

So I got to work. She sort of sat back on top of me and presented her cunt to me and I started exploring. I found that nub (I call it the bottom nub) and I really gave it hell. This got Sissy bucking and twisting while I really sucked her hard, and then I stuck two fingers up her and she went off like a rocket. She was screaming things like Yes, and Do It To Me in a very loud voice. Her whole pelvis was grinding on to my fingers and I worked really hard to keep her clit stimulated, and then it happened. At first I though she had peed herself on to me, but no, it was just all this juice that came flowing down her cunt and almost drowning me. It tasted great and I sucked away at it while also stimulating her cunt with my fingers. Ir was amazing because I could feel the walls of her cunt contracting and pulling my fingers in to her. And you guessed it – my cock errupted again, spraying cum on to her back and in her bum crack.

She lay down and we started caressing each other, just coming down from a really great high. At our age, however, we never last at that sort of thing and we were back at it, kissing each other in all sorts of places (I really loved soaking up her cunt juices again) but before she sucked me off I rolled her right on her back and spread her legs as wide as wide and then came in to her with real force. This went on for a while and we both kind of thrust at each other hard, we were making a noise, and then Sissy started tensing up and I recognised the signs, her cunt was starting to really grab my cock like it was try9ing to swallow it. Every thrust up and she seemed to grab it and pull it even further. That, I can tell you, is really fucking. Sissy was moaning and mewing and shouting to me to cum now and I did not need to be told twice. I really thrust in to her, her legs wrapped around my bum pulling me ever deeper, and I exploded again just as she seemed to too. Her juices ran like you would not believe and we simply lay there in each others arms, quite exhausted. Her juices and my cum mixed and there was this great big puddle oozing under her cunt.

That was the best sex I have had so far. I have had sex with gfs but they could not match what Sissy and I did that day. I hope I can have a fuck like that again but I expect I will have to go back to my sister for that.

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    Date your sister it will be the best thing you’ll ever do