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My first visit to a lesbian Bathhouse

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I was visiting my Auntie in Seattle when I explored my first lesbian bathhouse, I was only 19.

When I was just nine-teen years old, my mother and I traveled to Seattle, Washington to visit my Aunt Sharon. After graduating from H.S. the year before, I was eager to do something adventurous.

My Aunt Sharon was a fun-loving, free-spirited woman, and my mother’s sister. When she greeted us at the airport, I was already captivated by her kindness and beauty. She was tall like my mother with long blonde hair. The last time I saw her, I was just seven years old. Her hospitality was contagious. I knew this was going to be a fun week.

The first day was spent re-uniting with relatives we hadn’t seen in years. It was fun. The following day she toured us around the city, to see the sights. My Aunt Sharon used a more brash vocabulary than my mother which often made my mother blush, but I loved her. She informed us that she was taking us to a landmark seafood restaurant in the city that evening.

I decided to wear a nice dress and blouse, and around my neck was a matching silk scarf. During the dinner they reminisced about the days of yore. I discovered my Auntie was a bit of wild child back then. My mother attempted to steer the conversation in another direction, but to no avail. During the meal, the topic became more sexual, much to my mother’s dismay, including masturbation. I was stunned by my Aunties candor. She patted my leg, ‘your scarf brings back memories too,’ she said, with a chuckle. My mother scolded her and tried to change the subject, once again. My Aunt Sharon giggled.

During the meal when my mother was distracted in conversation, she asked to see my scarf. I untied it from around my neck and handed it to her. She quickly began tying knots in it, two inches apart from one another. When she was done it looked like a beaded rope. She smiled and leaned in my direction, ‘you hold it on the ends like this, dip it in coconut oil, and use it like a sawblade’, she said. ‘It will bring you pleasure you won’t believe’, she said, with a devilish grin. I was shocked yet I giggled and smiled shyly in return. She handed it back to me, ‘it works, trust me, she added. She was so invigorating compared to my conservative mother, sisters yet two different people indeed.

The following day we were relaxing at her home, and I picked up a magazine from her coffee table. It was called, ‘Scene magazine’, a local publication showcasing the activities and entertainment of the city. As I neared the last page, I saw an advertisement that caught my eye.

(‘Sarah’s Place’)- Enjoy a day of relaxation and pleasure at the only lesbian bathhouse in the city. Open 24/7, free parking.)

I was stunned! ‘What is a bathhouse?’ I said to myself. I tried to forget about it, but it lingered on my mind. I was already ‘secretly bisexual’ among a small circle of girls, but they were all my age too, I wanted a ‘woman.’

By the third day I was restless, I had to find a way to explore that. I was a small-town girl with big aspirations.

One afternoon I asked my Auntie if I could borrow her car, much to my mother’s dismay, she agreed. It only took me seven minutes to get there, I was so nervous. When I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed it wasn’t a commercial building, but some one’s home. I sat nervously in the car observing those who came and left. They were mature women, all ages and sizes. I couldn’t believe it. There must have been thirty cars there.

I ever so cautiously approached the front door. When I stepped inside, I encountered a woman at the desk who greeted me so kindly. I paid a fee for a locker?,… then she handed me a key, and a very large white towel. ‘Have fun,’ she said with a smile.

I heard some soft music as I sat nervously on a bench in the locker room, motionless, my heart, pounding. Just then a door opened and in walked some woman about forty years old. She had her towel wrapped around her but her breasts were fully exposed. Big, beautiful breasts. ‘Wow, I said to myself. She looked at me and smiled, ‘welcome.’

When she left the area, I quickly stripped down and wrapped that towel around me. I was terrified, but I was committed in exploring this place. When I opened the door, I entered a dimly lit hallway. I could hear the sound of running water and the ‘moans and groans’ of an adult video playing as well. I encountered two women in the 50’s as I rounded the corner. As I passed by, they stopped and observed me closely. I was shaking with nervousness. As I rounded another corner, I saw two women heavily kissing each other in the hallway. ‘Wow, I thought to myself, as I strolled past them. I paused to observe them. They were so passionate. I could feel my nipples rise, ‘so fucking hot,’ I said to myself.

Suddenly I felt an arm around my waist as some woman passed by me, ‘excuse me’ she whispered as she passed. Her perfume was intoxicating, so was her body. She was about thirty-five, a brunette and a killer shape, great ass and legs, wow. I strolled down that hallway even further.

That sound of water was growing louder. When I passed by another room, I was shocked. I saw a room that was illuminated with ‘red-lights’, and inside, was a large jacuzzi like bath. I saw a woman who’s back was to me, and her arms were straight behind her. When I stepped closer, I saw a woman sitting in the water between her legs, eating her pussy. I froze, ‘holy-shit’, I said to myself. ‘Oh my god,’ I said to myself. Then another woman stepped into the room and joined them. I was stunned. They took great notice of my presence. I backed out of the room and continued to explore. My heart was racing, ‘so this is bathhouse’, I said to myself.

A few feet down the hallway I discovered a dry sauna. With all the courage I could muster, I opened the door. In the corner I saw a beautiful woman, really attractive, sitting with her back to the wall. Her towel was resting next to her. I sat down about five feet away from her. In walked two women. One sat down and the other dropped to her knees and began eating her. I was completely shocked. Just then another woman entered and sat down next to me, ‘first time?’ she asked. I silently nodded my head, ‘yes.’ ‘They’re all talking about you,’ she said with a smile. ‘You’re like candy in here darlin’, she said. I blushed and shivered in place. A few seconds later, she left the sauna.

I kept eyeing that beauty in the corner. The way she carelessly displayed her body was so erotic. I leaned back against the wall and removed my towel and rested it near my side. There I was, completely naked, sitting in a bathhouse two thousand miles away from my home in Ohio. I closed my eyes out of fear, but I wasn’t going to leave this place, no way.

With my eyes closed I could hear the squeak of the sauna door as it opened and closed. I was absorbing the sounds of pleasure coming from the two ladies beside me. Then I closed my eyes. I heard the squeak of that door, then I felt the wake of two bodies as they passed by me, one whispering, ‘I want some of that,’ I heard.

Someone sat very close to me, our thighs were touching. When I felt a hand begin to caress my thighs I gasped in reaction. I felt another hand stroking my youthful tits. I was captivated by their assertiveness. I was a stranger, so were they. Suddenly, I felt a woman’s mouth on my chest. Whoever it was, knew what they were doing, oh my. She was sucking my tits! A few seconds later I felt some hands gently parting my thighs. I gasped loudly, ‘relaxxx,’ I heard in the darkness. Out of the blue I felt a woman’s mouth completely engulf my pussy. ‘Aaaaahhhh’, slipped out of my mouth. I could have passed out with arousal. I was being serviced by ‘women’, I said to myself. They were much more talented than my girlfriends back home. They were alllllll over me. That woman was now sucking on my pussy, sucking on it! I was trembling. I turned my head towards that beautiful woman in the corner, and she was masturbating watching us. Eventually those ladies rested me on my back. One was on my tits, and the other was feasting on my nineteen year old pussy. I must have been in there for thirty minutes. I came so many times, so many times. When I looked over, that beautiful woman was gone. I wanted to find her.

I slipped out of the sauna and began to pursue her location. I passed by a room that held a gyno-chair, ‘kinky’ I said to myself. I found a hallway that was lined with black lights and private rooms. As I crept down the hall, I saw that beauty standing in the doorway of her room. She was so alluring. The way she presented herself was striking. As I grew closer, I saw something that struck me hard. She had a wedding ring on, she was married!

As I neared her door she said, ‘would you like to join me?, she asked so seductively. I blushed and looked around, then I cautiously entered her room. She stared at me face to face. ‘What’s a beautiful girl like you doing here?’ she asked. I blushed again. ‘May I?’ she asked, as she peeled the towel from my body. She looked me up and down, ‘mmmm’ she uttered softly. ‘Sit down,’ she whispered. She started kissing me. Her lips were so much fuller than mine. Her mature body was incredible. I melted into her embrace. The way she sucked my breasts was so affectionate. She raised up and dropped her 36 C breasts right in my face. I was beyond words. I bathed her with such delight, sucking and licking her mature breasts. I slid my hands down her back and rested them on her ass, ‘omg, this is a woman!, I said to myself.

She began kissing me do deep, so passionately. Her dominate tongue was so powerful. She catered to my every need. I ate her pussy while she sat there, leaning against the wall. Her full thighs engulfed my face as she squeezed my head between them. I was in heaven. I couldn’t stop eating her. ‘My turn,’ she whispered. She asked me to sit on the edge of the mattress. Then she walked over and opened the door, wide. I was puzzled. She casually dropped to her knees and raised my legs, now pinning them against my chest. ‘Oh my’, she whispered, ‘look at you,’ she added. ‘Incredible’ she said. She dove between my legs. These ladies weren’t shy. She licked me from my tailbone to my navel. I was absorbing every second with joy. The way she generously sucked my pussy was driving me insane, and she knew it.

When I glanced towards the open door, there were three women watching. Their gestures were very sexual. They extended their tongues in my direction. I was trembling with shock and arousal. I think she wanted those ladies to see us. We locked up in as sixty-nine, for over an hour. I couldn’t get enough of her. When it was over, I rested in her motherly arms, it was so soothing. I wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

She quietly whispered, ‘are you a friend of Sharon?’ she asked. I was shocked, I didn’t respond. ‘I was in the parking lot when you arrived,’ she said. ‘I know Sharons car’, she added. ‘She’s my Auntie’, I said. ‘I’m visiting from Ohio, I added. ‘Oh, I see,’ she said. I was melting inside knowing my auntie has a secret as well. ‘Does she come here often?’ I asked. ‘Sometimes’ she responded. ‘Your auntie loves eating pussy’, she said. That rocked me to the core. I couldn’t believe I what I just heard. ‘SO, my auntie loves eating pussy’…, I said to myself. My I ask your name? I asked. ‘I’m Miranda’, she replied, as she stroked my chest. ‘I’m Carrie, ‘ I said. I was completely shocked.

When I left her room, I wandered back down another hallway. I paused outside a room where a girl about thirty years old, was riding the face of an older woman. She was really smothering her with pussy. The older woman was about 60! ‘Wow, I said to myself, wow! When the younger girl left, I stood nearby. I walked over and asked the older woman, ‘want some more?’ That older woman smiled and said, ‘please.’ I rode her face for ten minutes at least. She was a pussy hound. I basted her face. When I was done riding her, I took a quick shower and left.

When I got to Sharons car I was breathless, I shivered in arousal. Such an amazing experience, I knew it wasn’t going to be my first and only bathhouse. When I arrived back at the house, I was speechless. ‘Did you get lost?’ my mother asked. ‘We were getting worried about you’, my auntie said. I constructed some form of lie to avoid detection. I was gone for 4.5 hours!

As I sat there, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of my aunt Sharon. I was so aroused knowing her secret. I couldn’t believe I just had sex with a lover of hers named, Miranda. The taste of her pussy was still on my breath! ‘If my mother only knew’, I said to myself. I had no intention of telling my auntie where I had been. That was her business, and hers alone. But I instantly developed a lust for her, instantly. I re-called what Miranda said to me at the bathhouse, ‘your auntie loves eating pussy’. ‘The scarf’, I thought to myself.

Around 11pm, my mother was preparing herself for bed. I wasn’t bold enough to make an advance on my aunt with my mother in the house. Nor was my aunt aware that I discovered her bisexual hangout. I gazed at my aunt, her legs, her breasts, and tried to picture her naked.

When my mother went to bed, I quickly changed into some shorts. I stood in the doorway of her living room, I presented my thigh in a forward position. I smiled shyly and asked her if she had any coconut oil. She bit her bottom lip, I saw her. She rose from her seat, ‘as a matter of fact, I do,’ she said. ‘I’ll bring it to your room,’ she said softly.

The thoughts that raced thru my head was overwhelming. I returned to the bedroom I was sleeping in and waited. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door. When I opened the door, her face was riddled with lust. She handed me the jar of coconut oil and said, ‘I was never here.’ ‘Thank you’, I said as I held the scarf in my other hand. She raised her eyebrows, ‘are you going to try it tonight?’ she asked. ‘Yes,’ I replied shyly. ‘MMM’, she uttered. ‘Can you come in and tie my scarf for me?’ I asked. She paused, then she stepped into the room.

I pretended to re-arrange my suitcase as she stood silently tying the scarf. My heart was pounding thru my chest. ‘You’re gonna love this,’ she said softly as she handed it back to me. “I better go,’ she said, and turned to leave the room. ‘Wait’, I said quickly. ‘Will you show me how to do it?’ I asked so innocently. ‘Carrie,… your mother would kill me,’ she said. ‘She’s asleep’, I replied. She paused for about ten seconds. She seemed quite surprised by my request. ‘I can’t, I’m sorry, she replied, but she walked away with a smile on her face.

Having uncovered her ‘secret hideout,’ I thought I could draw her in. Yet, I knew my request was out-of-bounds. My aunty suspected I was bisexual, and it was written on her face, the following three days. I still couldn’t grasp the fact that I experienced a bathhouse while discovering her membership.

I envisioned her reaction upon returning to that bathhouse, and discovering I was there. Her friend Miranda will have a juicy story to tell indeed. Only then, will she realize why I attempted to pursue her. I had no fear that she would tell my mother about my adventure and my bisexual nature. She and I shared a kinship of sorts.

As a message, I left that beaded scarf in the top drawer of that nightstand. I’m certain she found it, as a matter of fact I know she did. I left the tip of the scarf hanging from the drawer.

About a month later, I was doing my nails when my mother handed me the phone, ‘it’s your aunt Sharon.’ I gulped hard. ‘Hello Aunt Sharon,’ I said. ‘Well, hello CarrieAnn’ she said, so seductively. ‘I know where you were that day’, she said with a chuckle. ‘You made quite the impression,’ she added. ‘Miranda says hello too,’ she added. ‘I hope you’re not upset with me, I had to experience it,’ I said to her. ‘I’m not mad at you, I’m amazed,’ she replied. ‘I will keep your secret, if you will keep mine,’ she said.

She informed me that I was the topic of conversation there, and still are. ‘Delicious,’ she whispered,… the scarf. ‘Thank you Aunt Sharon,’ I replied softly. ‘No, thank you, ‘ she said in return, then she hung up the phone.

She came to visit us in Ohio about ten years later. I was married by then and living a few miles from my parents. Seeing her again was awkwardly exciting. She never mentioned our encounter in the bedroom, or my trip to the bathhouse either, but the looks we shared were very enticing. I’ll never forget it, neither will she. Secrets are meant to be kept. / The end.


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  • Reply Rik ID:fzq5zdl44

    Again, Perfect!
    Makes me want to try a stiff cock in my mouth that I last tried at 15. My friend back then said it was great but I never did it again. I did allow an older guy to suck me off at an adult arcade in East Wenatchee once. He simply opened the door to the booth I was in and told me to be quiet and got on his knees and swallowed me whole. I have fantasized about that for the last 20 years but never been able to bring myself to be brave enough to fulfill my own cock craving. Women have all I need but sometimes when hot enough I do crave me some boner!

    • Carrie ID:11dond3

      I think men are more protective of their image in terms of machoism, and I understand that. Women are more ‘touchy-feely certainly as teenagers, which permits us to pursue one another more easily. Personally, I find bisexual men to be very appealing. Much like men enjoying seeing two women together. It’s an interesting dichotomy. /smiles*

  • Reply Butch567 ID:5x82e6s5xi9

    So awesome

    • Carrie ID:101b1o7xzrj


  • Reply Gary ID:1dt1as2dvgyx

    Carrie as always fantastic.
    Glad you can express your life.
    Another fan here/Gary

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrjplk0j

    I think you should of told your hubby before you got married. You never know you might have had a threesome but I guess some woman like to keep deep dark secrets instead of being open and honest. This is the main reason why I date em young before they get womanized.

    • Carrie ID:101b1o7xzrj

      I’m an open book,…. hubby knows πŸ˜‰

  • Reply Stan ID:3vtfolect09

    WOW!!! Carrie. That was so HOT!! Great story. Very arousing!! This old fart is really turned on.
    Thank you Sweetheart!!

    • Carrie ID:11donql

      Thank you Stan πŸ™‚

  • Reply PrvOldM ID:1d6kcqoz27rr

    Fabulous Story! Sexy, exciting and very well written!

    • Carrie ID:11donql

      Thank you!

  • Reply Harley1038 ID:1d1wmgkdnls3

    Sweetheart you alway have the best stories I love how open you are for me that’s the biggest turn on. I’ll always be your biggest fan.

    • Carrie ID:9cf5nqr9

      KISS* thank you Harley πŸ™‚