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My friends boy is special totally on the spectrum.. Not dumb or stupid just put there on his own wave length.. He is slim and has long every blonde hair and corn flower blue eyes.. He is best friends with my son and they have hung out together for years, my son is a difficult kid with anger issues but when these guys are together they just hit it off and are always great..
We often tease about how great a couple they are.. As my friends boy is very effeminate..
When he was 13 he decided to start wearing girls clothes his mum and dad are chilled about this.. As everyone else in our group of friends it wasn’t an unusual thing for kids to explore diffrent sides of them selves.. In dress sence..

As best friends they often did sleep over and elli as he named his new self spent lots of time at mine..

Always in girls clothes.. I thought nothing of it till one Saturday they where hanging at mine and I came in from work, being a single dad and self employed my work was often call outs and various times

I walked into my living
Room and they where laid on the floor side my side.. Playing video games..

Elli was dressed in a short skirt, long coltish legs hung out of the bottom and on her feet where high heels.. And her hair was all the way down her back in a long pony tail..

From the back she looked just like my dead wife when we first met..

My son was laid next to him a smaller version of me.. Broad back and short strawberry blonde hair, as they laughed and joked about elli,s short skirt Rode up to her bum exposing her thighs and a black pair of panties on her full ass cheeks..

She had come on a long way in a year.. Elli was now 14 and passable as a young teenage girl, but seeing her bum in panties.. Made my cock stir..

I shook my head and.. Made them aware I was here over the noise of the TV..

I’m off for a shower then I’m going to feed you little devils ok

Ellie turned and looked at me while my son carried on his attention on the screen in front of him..

OK daddy bear elli replied..I’ll look forward to eating you.. A smile on her painted lips, her eyes where made up with a dash of shadow.. She lifted one knee and her skirt tumbled down up to her waist her eyes sparkling as my gaze followed the long legs..

she had christened me daddy bear, as I did look like one with my large size and beard..

Cheeky little buggers.. Sausages for tea? Always love your sausage they taste wonderful.. Elli grinned at my reaction.. As I got a little flustered and walked out..

My cock that had not seen any action for a few years.. New the signs or was I misreading the signs..

After my shower I dressed in joggers and a t shirt.. And started to prep dinner just sausages with onion gravy and mash.. I was frying away when I felt slim arms around my waist and a tall slim body press against me, my cock was trying it’s best to stay soft

But the unmistakable perfume of my dead wife… Surrounded me.. And the memories flooded back..

Those look very tasty I heard ellis soft voice over my shoulder and I could swear I could feel the bump of tiny breasts on my back..

Oh I hope you don’t mind I forgot my perfume.. And found some in the spare bedroom.. I only borrowed a little.. Is it OK..

My throat was constricted but I said yes…

Are you staying over tonight I asked.. I was pressed against the kitchen surface trying to hide my hard on..

If that is ok.. Of course..

Cool can I use your shower.. I feel a bit hot and want to clean off..

No problem… Towels are in the cupboard you now where..

I felt elli squeeze against me and said thank you dB you are the best..

I got dinner ready and called them down..

Elli shouted is it OK if I use the robe up stairs I forgot mine..

And I don’t want to be naked and embarrass you guys..

Of course what ever you find crack on..

My son came down and was soon tooking into a plate of food..

Elli made an entrance..
She had swept her hair up behind her ears.. Holding it with two pins.. The robe was my wife’s.. A mid thigh number the stopped just short of being overly sexy.. But it was enough..

She looked at me and smiled are you sure this is OK..??

Once again I was almost lost for words..

I could hardly see the young boy anymore before me just a very pretty, teenage girl.. With breasts and slim curves filling the robe

Elli had done her make up and added a little bit more colour to her cheeks..

This mine dB she asked pointing to the plate of food..

Yes i stammered.. All yours..

As she passed me she whispered

Oh good I’ve been wanting your meaty bits for awhile bd..

She giggled as once more I was flustered..

There you go and passed the plate over.. This will fill you right up..

Her gaze once more passed over me.. Settling on my baggy sweats.. I hope so daddy bear I’m starving..

After dinner my son.. Decided on a bath..

And argument about his turn to do the washing up ensued..

Elli said its OK dB ill help.. He stinks from playing football any way and I don’t want to sleep in the same room as a stinky boy..

My son bolted for stairs and I could hear the water running.. Knowing he would hide for an hour or so.. I closed the kitchen door to down his music he always listened to I’m the bath to a suitable level.

I started to load the dish washer my back towards elli

Daddyb.. Can I ask you something elli asked I want a man’s opinion..

Of course anything..

Elli had vleant against the door frame and undid her robe.

Do you think I’m pretty??

I turned to look at her.. The robe had fallen open underneath she was wearing a baby doll nighty and black French knickers.. The straps of the built in suspender belt hanging down..
Nervously she was playing with one her long painted fingers pulling it tight against the long white thigh..

I took in the small budding breasts and erect nipples.. Encased in the sheer black silky material.. Just a small buldge in the panties gave her away.. Everything she was wearing I knew had belonged to my wife..

My voice found its word’s
. Your beautiful.. Truly beautiful..

Really you think so.. Elli came walking towards me on her tottering heels..

As she grew closer my cock was tenting my loose joggers..

Really she asked when she was in front of me..

I couldn’t move away from her the sparkling eyes, red lips and blonde haired vision of this teenage boy girl..

Yes I whispered.. You are very beautiful..

Elli reached out and undid the draw string around my waist..

Elli this is wrong..

The small hand reached in and slid along my cock.. Fingers reaching.. Around it.. My 7 inch cock had only been used to me for the last five years..

Elli pushed her head closer daddy b… And then she kissed me.. Tasting of lipstick and the scent of her engulfing my sences.. Her tongue was in my mouth.. As she started to wank me slowly.. Daddy b.. I want this I want your meat.

We kisses passionately .. All my defences gone. My hands went inside her robe down her back.. The small cheeks of her ass lost in my huge working man’s hands..

She arched her neck and I was there kissing and licking this boy girl in flaming my lust..

Her hand pushed my joggers down both hands now on my cock and balls..

Daddyb your cock feels so good.. I want it in my mouth I want it to be the first cock I taste..

With that she sank to the floor.. And began to lick the end of my cock.. Biting gently on it before she fed it slowly into her mouth.. She could not get it all the way in.. I felt it touch the back of her throat..as she gagged on the length of it..
After so long I knew I would not be able to last long.. She pressed my cock against her cheek.. Then started to suck once more.. Her blue eyes looking into mine..
My balls where full.. Wanting to release..
Elli please stop I’m going to cum…
She stopped for a second I want your cum daddyb.

With that she renewed her effort and I filled her mouth.. She swallowed with out spilling a drop..

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