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As requested, an uodate on our situation, Karen is now…

So I have been asked about how things are now reference Karen being used by the bloody kids next door and others. Hear goes, oh and I will try to make it flow (not floe) better.

For a few months following story 4, Karen was often at the council estate being used by an increasingly varied line up of youths. Mostly on a bed or sofa, various states of dress and assorted positions. In all twelve young studs have used her, four of them aged sixteen or more. None of the boys gave her any respect at all.

One particular night Karen arrived to find six lads, all under age except Jason, ready and waiting. Paul told her to strip completely and show two new lads the goods. “What do you think mates?” He asked.

“Fucking good tits and legs, great arse. Proper slut material.” One of them said with his decades of experience. Not.

“She just came on to us one night at our place and begged us to fuck her coz she’s so cock crazy and asked if we had some mates to fuck too.” Shaun lied, not mentioning the blackmail (from first story).

“Right, I’m putting my cum in her cunt, slut looks like she wants some. On the floor woman, it’s fuck time.” The second one said.

They all went missionary to start with, all six. Then different positions until Karen had been fucked or had cum in her mouth several more times.

Once they were done some said the cunt could go now and they ignored her while she dressed and left.

We had been getting looks from people for awhile and then things changed
Since that night we have been able to move due to the new circumstances. A few weeks later we came up on the post code lottery, not enough to buy a house but it really did help. There was nothing the kids could do owing to a local ne’er do well will we call Big Tony.

Karen arrived at the council flat as ordered with the feeling she was being followed, probably one of the kids. As she entered the flat she was told to lose the rain mac she had on. As instructed she wore a black see through teddy type nighty, T cut pants with black stockings and suspenders, and black heels, no bra.

Just as she was told to give the lads a turn around view there was a bang on the door. Jason muttered something and went to the door. A moment later as Jason staggered back past her, a deep voice told everyone not to move.

The voice, (Big Tony, 6’3” and solid as a rock with a beer gut,) laid into the now scared youths, telling them that if they ever go near Karen again or put anything on line, well they would be very poorly for some time and their families too. If he ever saw anything on line, well he knows where they live. He then demanded a phone from one of them. He transferred several pictures to his own phone, ones that even without the male faces were obviously with very young cocks. He then told the boys to all be somewhere else, “NOW!”.

Karen was told to give him a twirl which was when she first saw her, sort of, saviour. Told to walk to him, he gently ran his hands up her sides until he grabbed her tits and said,

“Very nice darling, very nice. Now don’t fret over the boys as you aren’t going short on cock. Just older meat. Now,” He pointed to the floor in front of his feet and Karen knew what was expected. He released his fair sized rod and she went to work as he told her of her future. She was confused and very scared.

“You work for me now, you will visit, on my instructions, various hotels etc. To service business men passing through. I will give you the number of my cab firm to use, they won’t charge you but now and then you will entertain some of them. I will escort you on the first two or three jobs, you will only do two or three Johns a week and the odd night at a club. You will get forty percent of the takings which I will send you monthly, I handle all the billing. Specific requirements may be given for certain jobs but basically, dress hot but not too slutty, some of them will take you to dinner and want to look respectable.”

Tony then grabbed my wife’s head and with several strong thrusts shot loads of cum into her throat. “Oh and also, always swallow unless asked otherwise. Now, first customer.”

With her mac back on Karen followed Tony to his silver Mercedes and as they drove he explained there was no hurting his girls, no damaging his girls and no taking pictures of their faces. His clients knew the rules.

At the hotel about fifty minutes later, Tony walked Karen to the lifts and told her to undo the mac and keep it wide open all the way to the room, on the third floor. He would meet her at the car and to text him when she was on her way. She had had to put numbers in the phones while Tony drove, and talked crap to keep her sane.

With her knees almost knocking Karen arrived at the room. The door was opened by a balding overweight guy of around fife foot six or seven, yet she didn’t really feel taller just then, despite being six foot.

“Wow, good old Tony, what a body!” He invited my wife in and asked for her coat. “Fantastic, O.K. Got to feel those tits before you blow me, love the outfit. Come on then, lets get my cock in the lovely mouth.”

He stripped and sat on the edge of the bed and indicated for his whore to kneel down and blow him.

Karen told me later she had trouble finding his cock, what with his fat belly and it being only three inches approximately. It was a little bit thick though. Karen had to try to lift his belly but then had an idea.

“Lay back and relax, take it easy.” Thankfully he did so Karen kept working on his little cock which was now hard. It took several minutes before chubby began to moan and Karen had to move back as he stood up.
Once up he had his cock back in her mouth, her head in his hands and face fucked her until he shot his load. Karen swallowed the unpleasant load.

“Nicely done pet, that was good. I’m calling for some wine to have while I recover to fuck you. Just sit on the bed for now.” Karen was instructed as he picked up the phone to call room service and ask for some classy plonk.

Still with no names exchanged chubby made small talk like, ‘What is your favourite position, why are you whoring and what’s the biggest cock you’ve had? Karen just said whatever came to mind and put up with his hands exploring her body, he really liked her breasts.

Within minutes there was a polite knock and Karen was told to open the door. She looked at him but knew she had to obey. See through teddy etc. Open the door to room service. Of course.

A guy of maybe thirty was very happy to see the whore at the door and was then invited to put the tray on the table by chubby. He took a good look.

“Tell you what,” Said chubby now sporting a grey bath robe, as a tip you can feel her up if you like. Look at those boobs.”

The guy grinned, looked at chubby who nodded, and the spent maybe a minute fondling Karen’s tits, bum and quickly stroked her pussy lips. Thanking chubby he then left.

Pouring the wine chubby told Karen to look out of the window, which meant cupping her hands round her eyes right up against the glass. She had not even noticed the blinds were open she was so nervous. Chubby asked what she could see. It then dawned on her that with the lights on in this room anyone outside could see in. And across the road was another hotel like building with a figure in two windows.

Karen quickly moved but was told to sit in the chair by the window and have her wine. She gulped it down and chubby refilled it. She was embarrassed to hell and oddly turned on. Chubby talked more bollocks while they drank.

“O.K. My sexy little hot wife, drop the pants and loose the nighty, then lay over here, time for me to fuck you!” The words gave Karen a chill down her spine and a warmth in her belly, she had not forgotten the figures in the windows.

At thirty nine Karen is no prude but until last year hadn’t really been into the whole wide sex thing. I was her fourth fella and she was no virgin when we met. Prostitution was not something she had looked at much and those bloody kids were a surprise. So while she knew about stuff, she was rather out of her depth. She was very nervous and out of her comfort zone.

Chubby took of the robe as Karen lay on the bed and he crawled onto the bed and buried his face in her pussy. It wasn’t totally awful, nor particularly good, it was as much her circumstance that had her excited as it was chubby, he was in no way desirable, but soon had her cumming.

“Ah I love it when a whore cums, and your juices are tasty, very nice. Right, fuck time.”

The blob crawled up Karen’s body and told her to guide his cock in. He then set to sucking her breasts through the teddy. Karen took a moment to find his cock and once in, it was nothing much. Fortunately there was some friction on Karen’s clit but she didn’t cum again while he fucked her. His body got sweaty as he worked hard to perform.

After a while, panting, he got up and had Karen go doggy so, resting some flesh on her arse he prodded her from behind. After some time he began to moan and speed up.

“Get ready, my seed is going in your married hole. Yes I’ve seen your rings, married whores are so fucking hot you fucking whore here it comes take my cum you…” Or something like that, accompanied his orgasm. Karen thought she had best fake one herself.

Literally shagged out chubby said what a great fuck she was and Karen could let herself out.

And just like that her first gig as a prostitute was over, and before she was fully dressed her John was asleep.

As she walked to the lift Karen text Tony.

“What, he left you unfinished?” Tony said in mock sympathy. “Oh dear. Here clean up.” Tony gave Karen some wipes and as she cleaned herself he asked her if she wanted to cum. She was unable to answer, some what disorientated, so Tony told her to throw her coat on the back seat.

Telling her it was a shame her first John was not very good, Tony said he would see her right. This meant, removing her pants first, he folded over the boot of the car and gave her a right good seeing to in the car park. He rammed away hard for several minutes before explaining,

“You will get to like all this, I will meet your old man and see him right soon, but for now just tell him the situation and wait for me to call for you. I get to fuck you when I feel like it of course. And right now I’m going to give my newest whore a cunt full of cum to take home. Be honest, you are enjoying this Karen, your built for whoring!”

And with that, and in spite of the fact that a couple were walking to a car opposite, he shot his load into his newest whore. Tony sat her on a small towel on the front seat, leaving the coat in the back, and drove her home.

Karen had to carry the coat into the house, I had the door ajar thanks to her text, and she rushed in and wrapped herself around me, crying.

Once I was up to date, a glass of Scotch each helping, Karen burst into tears again. Not so much upset at her predicament, but as she whispered through her tears,

“Because I think I like it!”

We moved three months later to about an hour the other side of that hotel, Tony made sure we went no further. I hope memory has served.

Tony and I actually get along, when he visits he brings me a bottle of Scotch.

Sorry it was so long but I figured it is probably the last one, there are enough stories like ours already.

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