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Fetish fantasies- 2

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Raashi agrees to be fucked by her brother(R) in order to hide her dark secrets from their mother. But little does she know about his fetish fantasies.

Read part one of fetish fantasies first to understand the context.

“Come forward” Ruhaan(17) says staring at her piss running down her legs. Raashi(15) obliges and walks forward one step at a time. She stops two steps before the tub. “Do you want me pull you
by your pussy hair this time? ” He says making sure his messages gets across. “No.. she says” scared and shaking. She walks till she reached the tub and stops again. Ruhaan gets frustrated pulls her pussy hair , getting the piss running down her hair on his hands, his dick bulges up. “Ow bhaiyya stop I am coming” she said. He let’s go of the hair and secretly licks his finger when she closes her eyes to compose herself. She steps in and begins sitting down , he says “not there. On my lap” “but-” her face gets red “I can see you peed , you don’t have to be embarrassed, I don’t mind” she turns the direction of her ass and sits in his dick , her face turns red by the thought of his hard dick.
“Please stop thinking of me as your brother, think I am someone else who you really wanna fuck” this dialogue didn’t help Raashi since she has always wanted to fuck her brother but knew it wasn’t right, so the only person coming to her mind was her brother, which didn’t help . “Fuck it” she thought and loosened trying to get excited about finally fucking her brother. “What are you going to do to me?” She asked “wait I will show you” he takes out his phone and show his sex video with the caretaker , Raashi blushes on seeing her brother being very good at fucking and doing what she likes, that is when a turn of events takes place. He brings the caretakers pussy to his face and makes her pee on his face. “Ruhaan what the fuck is this?” “That’s my condition, you pee on me or deal is off ” “but I peed just 10 minutes ago ” “Its ok I will wait , open the shower and drink up till you feel like your pussy will burst open and while you are drinking we can do what you like” “fine.” “Good girl” he says while rubbing her head. “So what do you usually do with that dick” “don’t call him that he is a nice person” “do I look like I care?” He says while pinching her pussy lips, making her pee the last bit of urine left in her , “I do hope you aren’t imagining me as Aryan, I hope you wanna fuck someone that meets our standards y’know? Someone like me? ” He whispers down her neck , giving her goosebumps. Then he moves his fingers from her pussy and licks the piss in an erotic manner. “Tell me baby what you wanna do” “i- I always wanted to be carried while being rammed but Aryan wasn’t string enough” “sure thing Rash” he lifts her up with ease and squirts some aloevera gel lying in the washroom onto his hands and smothers it on his dick. “You ready baby?” “Yes” “call me daddy or I won’t fuck you” “yes daddy” “what did u say?” “YES daddy” “louder bitch!” he says while spanking her ass “YES DADDY FUCK ME ” without any hesitation, he angles his dick towards her pussy and starts pushing her ass up and down. “YES DADDY YES UNGHHH FUHHH AHH” She was about to reach her climax but he stops her and tells her that he won’t continue fucking her until she pisses as lube, she immediately does so that she doesn’t miss her climax. They both reach their orgasm at the same time.he lifts her ass up and tell her to pee on his dick. She tried to but doesn’t succeed . He sits her down on the bathtub and as punishment he hits her titties with a loofah till they turn red. She finally starts peeing with great force. He throws the loofah down and plants his face in her pussy and nose fucks her , his next goal was to make her squirt into his mouth.

To be continued…..

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  • Reply PissFetish ID:15lsw0uazb7g

    Sorry if you felt that way but I kept in mind the Indians living abroad so they don’t have that accent, if you still feel they are a turn off u can substitute their names with Daniel and darcy

  • Reply Chop.x ID:15lsw0uazb7g

    Not all Indians have that stereotypical accent. Change your shitty mindset.

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y6ik

    Ruhaan sounds like he’ll be a great rough fuck and let’s hope he’s got a few more fetish perversions too!

    • PissFetish ID:1ea1ekeryufo

      He doesn’t have any more but his friends do! Make sure to read part 3 when I realise it.