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I tried incest and loved it

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I decided to give incest a try and I loved it. I did my brother and my dad, but it was grandpa who rocked my world.

Incest, is it really such a bad thing? – having sex with someone you’ve grown up with, someone who has taken care of you, someone you trust and who loves unconditionally, someone you know would never hurt you, nothing wrong with that.

Have you ever thought, even for one second, would your brother or sister would be like in bed, how big is his cock, and how tight is her hole.

There’s mom and dad, they both created you and you were once inside both of them, you began life in your dads balls, then you were shot in to your mother’s womb where you spent nine months growing, then you slid down and out of her pussy and made first contact with the outside world.

Haven’t you ever wondered what your mom’s pussy feels like, how big is your dad’s cock, and how good was the sex that gave you life?

And what about your grandparents, their sex created your parents, who in turn created you, how good are they in bed.

I wondered all of this for a while until I gathered the courage to find out the answers.

It began when I was an 11 year old going through puberty, I was fighting with my 15 year old brother, arguing over who got the last chocolate pudding, it was a hot summer day and we’d been playing outside in the large inflatable pool all day.

He was in his swimming trunks and I was wearing my first ever two-piece swimsuit, we were in the kitchen both holding on to the pudding pot, trying to pry it from each other’s hands when we squeezed it too hard, it burst and chocolate pudding went everywhere, not just on the kitchen floor and worktops, but all over me and my brother.

Mom told us off and ordered us to go clean ourselves off, so we headed upstairs and in to the bathroom, we fought again over who got to use the sink first to wash, we were splashing each other with water and soap, the floor had become slippery and as we were playfully fighting, I slipped on the floor, I instinctively reached my hand out to grab something and I accidently grabbed the waist band of his swimming trunks, as I continued to fall to the floor, I pulled his trunks down with me.

I was on one knee, clinging on to his trunks which were now around his knees, I looked up and there it was, directly above my face, two hairy balls and a long thick cock just dangling between his legs, I fearlessly reached up and rubbed his cock, he flinched and rested his hands on the side of the sink behind him, he gasped with shock when I opened my mouth widely and sat his cock on to my tongue, I clamped my lips around his shaft and slid it in and out of my mouth.

I tugged and I sucked and I slurped on his cock until he released his seed and filled my mouth with so much spunk my cheeks puffed out, I swallowed every drop and licked my lips clean, then I stood up and pulled his trunks back up, then we calmly went back downstairs and continued to play in the pool.

I’ve been sleeping with my brother ever since and he really enjoys it when I suck his cock.

After having so much fun with my brother I moved on to my dad, he’s a handsome man, really rugged with muscles, chest hair and facial stubble, a proper man.

It was late one night and mom was out, I was 12 when it happened, but still daddies little girl, after giving my brother a late night blowjob, I went back to my own room just before dad came upstairs, as he was walking by my room I called him inside, I asked him to close the door because I had something to tell him, I told him I loved him then we hugged.

While hugging him I slipped my hand down the front of his trousers and cupped his balls in my hand, I was wearing my night gown, which I let fall away from my body, I was completely naked underneath, I began to unzip his trousers and I told him I was horny and wet, he was shocked and horrified but once I looked in to his eyes while rubbing on his hardening cock, he suddenly grabbed me, lifting me up in to his arms, wrapping my limbs around him, he kissed me like I was his favorite little whore.

He carried me to my bed and placed me down, then he pulled off his shirt and pushed down his trousers, dad had a massive cock, it was at least 8 inches long and as thick as my arm, he didn’t waste any time, he quickly got on top of me and pushed his cock through my flaps then forced it deep inside me, if he’d have known I was still a virgin he probably wouldn’t have forced it so hard, but it didn’t matter, dad’s massive cock was inside me and that’s all I wanted.

Dad fucked me so hard and with such passion that I thought my pussy would split in half, when he flooded my insides with his baby making fluid, I licked his cock clean and savored the taste of his come, he got up and apologized for fucking me, I told him to stop being stupid and that I loved him very much, I wanted it to happen, I was made from his spunk so technically I was just retrieving the missing part of myself from his balls and his cock was the delivery system.

A few weeks later I went to see my grandparents, they were in the back yard doing some gardening and planting summer flowers around the edges, I spent a couple of hours with them and helping them, by the time I was finished I was covered in dirt so went to take a shower while they rested.

While in the bathroom I peeked out of the window and saw my nanna falling asleep in her deckchair, grandpa was heading back towards the house, as he approached the back door, which was next to the bathroom window, I asked him if he could come and help me with something.

Grandpa knocked on the bathroom door and I opened it, he asked me what I needed so I invited him in, I was wrapped in a big blue towel, I turned around and told him I think I had something on my back but couldn’t reach it, he agreed to have a look and when he pulled down the rim of the towel across my back, I allowed it to purposely fall away, he quickly bent down to pick up the towel and at that point I turned around.

He slowly lifted himself back up and when he realised I was facing him naked, he rose up slower, running his eyes up my entire body until he was standing up straight again, I pulled the towel out of his hand and threw it on the floor, he inhaled a deep breath as I unbuckled the belt on the front of his gardening shorts, I slid them down along with his large baggy boxer shorts, revealing his sagging balls and wrinkled old cock.

When I gripped it tightly with my hand he swallowed a lump in his throat, I whispered and told him it was okay, grandpa was a heavy built man, everything was sagging or wrinkly, it didn’t bother me though, I spent several minutes tugging on his baggy skin of his old cock until it finally hardened, I pushed his cock down between my legs, so it was rubbing against my pussy, then I reached up and kissed him with my arms around him.

He really the feel of my pussy against his cock, then I turned around and bent myself over, holding on to the windowsill with my hands, grandpa stepped up behind me, he rubbed my bum cheeks, I thrust my ass upwards inviting him to have a go, he rubbed his big hands up and down my bare back, then I felt him pry apart my bum cheeks then insert his cock in to my bum hole.

Grandpa was 87 years old but still had stamina, the way he humped me in the ass showed me there was still plenty of life left in his old cock, while he fucked me hard I pushed open the bathroom window to get some cool air flowing over me, I looked out in to the garden and kept my eyes on nanna, making sure she was still sleeping while grandpa pounded my ass raw.

I felt his cock slip out of my ass and then he rubbed it down my crack before inserting it in to my pussy, he held on to my hips and continuously pulled me towards him as he thrust his cock in and out of me, he was a better fuck than dad was, I couldn’t believe how good it was, I was moaning and groaning as I experienced my first orgasm, what an intense event that was, as my juices flowed rapidly out of me, grandpa’s cock became more lubricated and it slid in and out of me faster.

He was fucking me so good and hard I lost control of my limbs and ended up knocking everything off the windowsill because he gave me multiple orgasms, just before he came he pulled out, spun me around and forced me down on my knees, he told me to open my mouth and then he sprayed his grandfather seed in to my mouth, it shot out with such force that most went straight down the back of my throat.

Grandpa had to sit down on the toilet when he’d finished, I thought he was going to have a heart attack, I sat on his lap and kissed him all over his face, I felt so alive, and grandpa was the best fuck ever.

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