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adult bookstore, gay fucked. I said no but then . . .

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I let him in my booth, my pants at my ankles,jacking off. His hard cock to my asshole and I told him no, just rub it, then after a while it slipped in

I had some tranny porn on the screen in my booth. The door was opened, my pants and underpants at my ankles, my ass on display and I was clearly beating off my kinda small cock. I’m a pretty short, thin guy, but I am married to a woman and don’t want to catch anything. So I don’t suck or do any exchanging of fluids in the store. Another guy came into my booth, I looked around, he was tall, masculine and hot looking. He pulled out his cock it was 8 inches long and looked wonderful. He locked the door and pulled his pants and underwear down too. He came up behind me and started rubbing his cock along my buttcrack. I liked it and liked it more when he reached around and grabbed my cock and took over. Then keeping one hand on my cock going, he reached back and positioned his big one at my hole. I pulled away and told him I was married and couldn’t do that, at least not without protection. He started fucking his cock back and forth in the crack of my ass, my sweat and I think some juices from my ass were blending with his precum (he had a LOT of that) and it was sliding really nicely. I was feeling really good being able to satisfy another man, knowing I’d feel his hot cum soon as well as my own.

We were getting heated up as action on the screen was going on, the young tranny was getting her virginity taken by an older man. His actions on my ass were getting faster and faster, his mouth kissing and licking my neck and my ears. Then he pulled away and as he pushed back to my crack his cockhead was at my hole, and it slipped in. I’m not a virgin to anal, but it had been a good 10 years since I had a cock in my asshole. It slipped right in, no problems. He stopped about 3 inches in and leaned to me and said he was sorry, he’d pull out. I whispered back “NO, don’t stop” He slowly pushed into me all the way, the hand on my cock moved to the inside of my shirt onto my nipples, pinching and twisting. I had a nice sized 8 inch cock slowly fucking me with the same man playing with my mantits. He leaned in again and whispered that I felt so good, it had been so long for him that I was making him feel so good again. I told him I was his, to take me I wanted him to enjoy my body. He increased his surprise fuck and it was great for us both. By that time I noticed two heads on each side of the booth at the glory holes, watching me get fucked. Watching me letting a man satisfy himself using my body. I didn’t even think about my wife as I normally did her, jacking off to tranny porn. I just wanted to be his woman, his to use and use and use. I felt him speed up, then when he pushed in all the way a couple voices were saying “Yeah, give it to him, fill up that buttslut whore” he was shooting his hot cum into my ass and all of a sudden not even touching myself I came too. I shot all over, into the gloryhole on my right all over the two faces, and on the wall.

He relaxed, I relaxed, and I only thought of my wife, what if I caught something, gave her some disease? what if my fucker had aids? He pulled out and his cum (which was a LOT) came pouring out of me down onto my pants and underpants. He pulled up his pants, unlocked the door and saying thanks left. Two more men came into my booth, my used ass gapping open and leaking. They didn’t need lube as they fucked me. I tried to say no, to move away but there weren’t taking no for an answer. They both fucked me twice before they let me leave.

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  • Reply Daniel ID:1eijpyox12l6

    Mmm kinda like my first time in a video booth I let four strangers use me that night and before I left I sucked three other strangers
    The next week I broke up with my girlfriend I went there every weekend

  • Reply Socks8888 ID:1ckozum8wlu9

    You make a perfect husband, all wives should encourage this, find me on kik

  • Reply James ID:1elm92slt7ps

    I am dying for a thick cock in my wanting ass as I sit here in class reading this

  • Reply Rick ID:1egzi95iptyi

    Lucky I love getting fucked by a few guys. I am usually the aggressive one. I’ll suck them for a while then turn around and back on the their cock telling them FUCK me, Shove it in my ass. Once their cock is in my ass I keep pushing back telling them Fuck me harder Come on fuck me fuck my ass. I am an aggressive bottom and I like it that way. I like acting like a total cock and cum slut.

    • Blackbear7 ID:2p4j8hlt820

      Hello Rick, just what I like to hear. A man that knows what he wants. This Bear loves to meet and greet cock and ass.

  • Reply Gra78 ID:zdaqepd9k

    Would love some dick in me now

    • Chuck ID:1ck6pptpnm59

      Me too I’ve never had it but I want to suck a hard cock really bad and set down on it and ride it till I cum and he cuts in my mouth

  • Reply Jack420 ID:19u48dkzm

    hot love anon fuck n bare

  • Reply Pervy pete ID:eyg9id3

    Short and sweet, I loved stroking my cock reading this 😋

    • Daddy ID:1ck7gapolbpi

      Me too. I need some dick so bad.