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My Neighbor’s Boyfriend

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Disclaimer: This story is the documentation on true events that happened to me when I was younger. For writing purposes, it’ll be written in days although in real time each day was not chronological and said events happened over the span of about 2-3 months. Some days will be written in long detail while others will be short and less eventful because that’s how they were in real life.
This story is written through my perspective at the time about the experiences I had with my neighbor. (I like to write my experience in detail, so if you want to get straight to the point and don’t like reading a thoroughly descriptive story you can skip around.)

Happy reading!

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My Neighbor’s Boyfriend

I’m Andy, and I turned 13 in October two months ago. I am 4’11 with dark brown hair and light brown eyes with a normal to slim body type. My outfit choices have never been really out there so I mainly wore things that make me comfortable such as shorts and t-shirts. I am very shy and introverted so I don’t really like taking a lead in conversations or talking to people in general. I knew I was gay for as long as I could remember even when I didn’t know what it was. I also sort of knew what sex was although I’ve never had the “talk.” I’ve always watched movies and shows that talk about it, and my classmates have shown me a clip of a porn video that I probably should have never seen to be honest so I knew the gist of sex or so I thought.

I live with my mom and older sister, and our next door neighbors that just moved in are funny enough a long time family friend. Her name is Nana, but she didn’t move in alone. She moved in with her boyfriend and although I haven’t seen Nana since I was about 10, I never met this boyfriend. His name is Daniel, he is 24 and about 6’3 with matte black hair, dark brown eyes, and a dark stubble and mustache. I’ve always liked facial hair and I never knew why. He had a medium body type, halfway to a “dad bod.” He usually wore blue jeans with a t-shirt or hoodie, unless he was going to work which instead he would be wearing beige khakis and a polo. Sometimes early in the morning when I would be waiting on the bus for school I would see him outside walking his pup in just pajama bottoms and a muscle shirt.

I did find him very attractive but I probably shouldn’t since first, he was way older than me and second he has a girlfriend. I’ve never really had a full conversation with him because I was shy but it would be the usual “hi, how are you, how was school, bye.”

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Day 1: Wandering Eyes

Nana came over to our house to talk to my mom. I overheard her talking about how Daniel is a huge movie nerd and he is always watching movies. I love movies also, mainly all types of movies but especially adult comedy (even though I’m not supposed to watch) and horror movies. My mom mentions “Andy also likes movies and he would love to have a movie night at y’alls house sometime.” I hated when my mom would push me past my shyness boundaries like this, but I knew she meant well and I guess I was excited either way. Nana replies, “that would be great, but some nights I can’t be there because I work 6-12 shifts.” She also adds that “Daniel is going to watch a movie at 6 tonight and asked if I wanted to come and watch, but I would be at work.” My mom nods her head “that’s fine with me, I don’t mind.”

It was about 6:09 PM and I started walking over to Nana and Daniel’s house while my mom told me to tell Daniel to text her if I needed anything. I was getting a bit shy but I built up the courage to knock on the door. When the door opened, it was Daniel that had opened it. He was wearing his plaid pajama pants and a white t-shirt. “Hey Andy, Nana just left, but don’t worry I didn’t start the movie just yet you can come in.” He said with a soft chuckle. I was really nervous as I always am when talking to adults but I walked in anyways and sat down on a black loveseat in the living room. He closes the door and walks past me moving towards the kitchen, “you thirsty or hungry, want anything?” He asked. I softly replied with a “no thanks.” I hear him open the fridge door and then close it. He comes back into the living room with a soda can and sits down onto the couch. He then opens the can and takes a sip, places it down and asks me, “do you like alien movies?” I quickly reply with “sort of, I don’t really watch Sci-Fi but they are cool.”

He stands up and grabs the remote from the side table quickly. He then walks towards the center of the living room trying to get the clicker to appear on the TV. My eyes trail around the room then onto his body while looking back up to make sure he doesn’t catch me. I look down to his pajama pants and notice his bulge protruding through the thin layer of clothing. I instantly look away and feel my cheeks heat up. I look back and stare at it intently. It appears to be very big and it was making me feel kind of excited. I have never seen a guy’s dick in person before and seeing the outline of it made me have butterflies in my stomach. “How is this?” He says while his eyes stay locked onto the TV screen. It was a Sci-Fi movie with some type of Alien on the cover and a UFO in the background, it looked kind of boring if I was being honest. Being completely flustered, I glanced at the screen and abruptly said “that’s fine.” He smiles while nodding his head. He then reaches up to the ceiling fan to turn off the light and his t-shirt slightly lifts up and I can see his happy trail hair on his stomach. I don’t have any hair on my stomach, and I like that he does. He sits down and leans back onto a couch cushion while the movie plays. I do the same and watch the movie.

I couldn’t stop thinking about what I saw and I would glance over at him a couple times during the movie. Nothing else really happened during that movie night, I ended up giving into my shyness and drank a can of soda towards the end of the movie. After it was finished he said that it’s time that I go home so I’m not tired from being out too late since I have school the next day. He grabbed a cigar, which I’m pretty sure had weed in it because I could recognize that smell from anywhere since both my older sister and Nana smoke it. He walked me outside as he sat on the porch and lit it, waving goodnight to me as I walked next door to my house and I could feel myself smiling.

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Day 2: The Tent

It was Thursday around 5:30 PM. I had changed out of my school clothes and put on a blue t-shirt with tight gray shorts. I’ve actually had these shorts for about 2 years now, and since they’re kinda small I only wear them around the house but my mom is washing my other clothes for school next week so they will have to do. I go outside in the front yard for a little bit and see Nana in her driveway wearing her uniform. “Hey Nana, are you going to work?” I call out to her while approaching the driveway. “Yep, 6 to 12” she said with a nod. Nana’s head perks up, “oh hey, Daniel is gonna watch another movie if you want to come watch with him, he’s in the shower but he’ll be out in a second.” I quickly respond with an excited “yes that sounds fun!” She opens her car door and pulls out her phone “alrighty, I’ll text your mom that you’re gonna stay for the movie night. I gotta go before I’m late for work, the door should be unlocked, you can go in and wait for Daniel, y’all don’t drink too much soda.” I giggle and wave goodbye to her as her car pulls out of the driveway.

I step up to the porch and twist on the door knob. I walk into the living room and call out to Daniel “hey It’s me Andy.” I can hear his muffled voice coming from the back of the house bathroom while water is running “alright, I’ll be out in a sec.” I sat down at the same black loveseat I sat at last movie night. My eyes scan the living room and notice that they hung up frames of Nana and him on the walls and that the TV is actually on an entertainment center instead of a coffee table anymore. I hear the shower faucet turn and the water begin to stop. After a few moments Daniel walks into the hallway that connects to the living room in nothing but a white towel.

His black hair is wet still and it is slightly dripping. I look at his toned pecs and slightly hairy chest. His arms are strong and toned as well. I glare at his stomach to see slight abs, with sparse hair that runs down from his stomach past his belly button becoming thicker as it leads to what was under his towel. His legs were very lanky and hairy. I didn’t have any hair compared to him. The slight body hair I did have was on my arms and legs but they are mainly blondish. He looks at me then at the loveseat’s chair arm and asks “can you toss me my boxer and basketball shorts, sorry I haven’t gotten a chance to put them away.” Without hesitation I grab them and chuck them at him. “Alright I’m just gonna quickly change in the kitchen then we can start the movie.” He grabs the towel and adjusts his crotch while walking out of my line of sight into the kitchen.

I feel my shorts tightening around my own crotch. I think I am getting turned on by seeing Daniel’s almost completely naked body. What an awful time to wear the tightest pair of shorts I have, I thought to myself. Daniel walks back into the living room wearing the shorts I tossed him but he was shirtless. He puts on a hoodie over his shirtless body. He grabbed the remote from off the couch and sat down. I look at the TV and see him scrolling through Netflix. At this point I had a full on boner, and
I was completely embarrassed. It just wouldn’t go down. I then thought about the last movie night where I saw Daniel’s bulge. I’m not sure if it was just my newly teen lust filled mind talking, but I kind of wanted
Daniel to see my raging boner. Just thinking about him noticing or “catching” a sight of my very own bulge made me feel very heated in an inexplicably good way.

My 13 year old boy dick was completely hard and throbbing at this point. He glanced at me but I didn’t notice him looking down, “how about this movie?”
He then goes on to describe the movie, and I just maintain eye contact with him while I feel my member rubbing against the front of the tight gray shorts. I nod in agreement even though I didn’t hear a single thing he said about the movie. “Okay then, I’m going to get some chips for us from the kitchen real quick.” As he walks out of the living room, I lean back onto the couch and my dick is poking straight up and it looks like I pitched a tent. Not an impressive tent, but out of curiosity I’ve googled “average boys penis sizes for blank ages ” before so I think it’ll get bigger, maybe not as huge as the one I saw from the clip of a small girl getting fucked by a giant body builder that the boys in my class showed around.

He comes back into the room with a bowl and a bag of lays chips. I think I caught him side eyeing as he walked by, but I don’t know for sure because I didn’t want to make it seem obvious. He sits back down and pours some of the chips into the bowl and sets the bowl on the side table in between us, and then clicks play on the remote. The movie was called After Earth, and it’s set in a post-apocalyptic world about the crash landing of a boy and his dad’s spaceship. Throughout the movie, I sort of arch my back to make my boner stand out a bit more. At this point, I think it really was the lust taking over because I would never do this if I wasn’t on the horny mind trip that I was on. I have never felt this way and I have no idea what’s gotten into me. I don’t ever look back at Daniel unless it’s through a quick side eye. I think I saw him look at me a couple times but I couldn’t tell for sure since the room was dark and it was through my peripheral vision.

The movie was coming to an end and as the credits rolled out there was a bit of silence. Not an awkward amount but for those 3 minutes in my brain I was running rampid with anxiousness and melancholy for what I did, not knowing how Daniel felt or if he saw at all. My erection was completely chilled out by now and I had a pit in my stomach. “I liked that movie.” I say to break the silence. He quickly responds with “yeah I knew you’d like it too.” He clicks off the movie on the TV and checks the time. The screen says 8:35 PM and I realize I have school tomorrow. “Hey, I have a really good scary movie if you would want to come over on Friday or Saturday to watch it?” He says while turning to look at me. I smile as a sign of relief and that pit in my stomach begins to subside, “sure I love scary movies,
Saturday sounds good. I could also stay out a bit later too since it’s the weekend.” I get up from the loveseat and Daniel walks over the door to open it for me. I step outside the door and feel a cold breeze hit my face. I sigh and can visibly see my breath. “You get inside before you get sick in this cold,” he says while gesturing to my house next door. I wave goodbye, as I speed walk over to my own porch and get inside.

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Day 3: Scream

Finally, it is Friday and I have been looking forward to the scary movie night with Daniel. I love horror movies, even though I am really jumpy and
I get scared easily. I couldn’t help but think about what I did the last time I was on Daniels. I am pretty sure he saw and I’ve been very anxious because I’m not sure how he feels about it. My head swirls through the thoughts of him being really weirded out, or maybe him actually being flattered, etc. Nana left for work about an hour ago, and Daniel messages my mom around 8:30 PM. My mom calls me over saying she got a text from
Daniel. I jump up in excitement and nervousness, but mostly excitement. “Andy, Daniel asks if you want to come over for another movie night.” she says while looking at her phone. I ask her “since it’s the weekend, can I stay up a little bit later because we’re watching scary movies.” She turns to me and adds, “sure why not, just text or call me whenever you’re coming home.”

Without wasting much time, I start walking next door to Daniel and Nana’s house. The sun was pretty much set, and I realized that it’s going to be dark and scary movies are so much scarier when it’s dark outside. I step onto the porch and hesitate for a second, but then knock on the door. Daniel answers it wearing the same pajama pants but, this time they were blue plaid instead of red. “Hey, you can come in,” he says with a friendly smile. I smile back at him as a greeting and walk into the door. He closes the door and locks it and starts moving to the kitchen. Although I’ve been here about 2-3 times, I am still not used to being in someone else’s house so I just follow him like a little puppy dog. He gestures to the fridge and asks “Are you hungry?” I shake my head no, “I’m good, thanks I’m not that hungry.” He grabs a water bottle and then closes the fridge door. “Okay, we are still adjusting to the new house but we added our flat screen TV to our room so we’re gonna watch it in there if that’s okay with you?” he says with a gleeful tone in his voice. I nod happily, and follow him into his and Nana’s room.

I look around and admire the room. There are posters on the wall that are definitely Daniel’s, but on the dresser there is makeup and jewelry which I knew was Nana’s. There is a giant black fuzzy rug on the floor. They have black out curtains with a queen sized bed that is red velvet with a giant blanket that has the Virgin Mary on it. “Wow, I love this room and the flat screen TV is huge!” I say eagerly. “Yeah, Nana decorated it but we’re not done, we still have some unpacking to do.” He says as he walks over to the dresser and picks up the remote and starts flipping through the TV menu. The bed is laid against the right corner of the room and the stand with the TV is to its left. “Do you want to lay on the closer side to the
TV or in the back?” he asks while still scrolling through the TV menu options. “I’m not sure, uh- I guess I’ll take the closer side in the front?” I tumble over my words with a stutter. He laughs then lays down onto the bed towards the wall in the back and I take off my shoes and lay down as well in the front of the bed with my hand supporting my head as I lean against the pillow.

He picks himself up and clicks on a streaming service. “What movie are we watching anyways?” I ask curiously. “Obviously we’re gonna watch the best horror franchise- Scream.” he says with an of course attitude and a smirk. I have never watched Scream before, but I heard it’s a good slasher horror. The room is absolutely freezing and I shiver a bit. “You can pull up the blanket, make yourself comfortable,” he says. I hate when people say that or when they say “help yourself” because I don’t wanna intrude but I am freezing to death so I subdue and pull up the blanket and get comfortable. Daniel clicks on the first scream movie on the TV and presses play. I lay on my side so that way I am facing the TV. Daniel gets up off the bed and sprints over to the light switch and turns it off and hastily flops back onto the bed getting under the covers.

As the beginning credits roll in, the room is completely dark aside from the light from the TV and I think back to what happened last time with the “tent” incident. I’m assuming at this point Daniel didn’t see or he just doesn’t wanna talk about it. Just thinking about that situation gives me the same butterflies in my stomach again. The usual horror title card of “Scream” in all bold letters comes onto the screen and I turn around to
Daniel lying on his side directly behind me and he makes funny faces trying to be scary and I giggle. A little into the movie, we don’t really talk and we just focus on the movie and the typical girl getting a call from a strangely attractive voice on the phone asking her of her favorite movie.
Anyways, the caller gets slightly aggressive saying really suggestive and creepy stuff that he wouldn’t know unless he was in the house stalking her. After a little cat and mouse talk, the killer unexpectedly but expectedly pops up and even though I knew it was coming because of the tense music and camera zoom in I still jump.

I slide back further and slightly lean into Daniel. I can feel his warm chest against my back and I quickly turn my head around and apologize but he doesn’t say anything and continues to watch the movie. I’m still kind of leaning into him and I get the urge to slightly move my lower body back into him as well. Being this close to him made me get those butterflies again and they were definitely fluttering… maybe too much. I think I was getting hard again. I have no idea why just slight physical contact with someone who I find attractive makes my body react like this. Further along into the movie, I still haven’t moved from the same position but Daniel stretches and I hear him yawn. As he movies I think I can feel him get even closer to me. This time I felt something else as he got closer. At first I thought it was my horny 13 year old mind imagining it, but I think I can feel his bulge on my lower back right above my butt.

I started running laps in my mind again while in reality I was completely still. That can’t just be his bulge, it really felt like the remote was in between us but it didn’t feel hard like a remote. I move just slightly to where I don’t think he’d notice. I can definitely feel something and I am pretty sure he is hard as well. My own 13 year old dick was really hard, knowing Daniel’s hard member was rubbing against me. I keep my eyes and head facing forward on the TV screen. Another jump-scare was going to come but I was expecting it because it seemed too obvious. As it happened, I did get a bit jump scared but not as bad as the first one. I pretend to jump back a bit to lean into him more and I feel his semi hard adult cock through his pajama pants on my butt and I was certain I wasn’t just imagining what I was feeling now.

My arm was getting numb and tired from supporting my head so I rested my head down onto the pillow while still facing the TV as I shifted myself up a bit. I can still feel his cock slightly resting on my lower butt. At this point we were basically cuddling. Speaking of which, he “stretches” again and as he does so he gets even closer to me and fully spoons me. We lay in this position for quite a bit and I don’t think his cock gets soft if anything it gets harder. As the movie ends, the auto-play option comes up and I don’t move and neither does Daniel. I’m not sure if he thinks I’m asleep but the TV automatically plays the next movie, it was Scream 2.

I can’t believe we’ve stayed in this position for the entire movie and frankly I was too nervous and in shock to move anything at all because I have never done anything sexual or anything like this before. As the movie starts I don’t move, aside from my legs because I actually was getting tired of the position, I arch my legs a bit so they are slightly open. I feel Daniel’s body shift too and I feel his cock adjusted slightly in between my upper thighs. I lean back into him cautiously to make it seem like I didn’t mean to. I feel him oppose some force onto me. His adult cock was fully hard and it felt so warm on me even through my shorts. It felt so big against me, and I think I could make out the head but not the full length just yet. I try to gently contradict his force by pushing back onto him. These were very subtle and slow movements of us going back and forth pushing against one another while applying more force each time.

A few more jump-scares and character plot later, I feel him put his arm around me and my chest. I just remained still and didn’t move, I felt his arm and hand slowly creep closer to my face while he was still spooning me from behind. His finger slides across my lips gently, seemingly asking or requesting for something. My mind was racing with questions and confusion, but I feel as if lust had clouded most of my other emotions anyway. He slowly pried open my lips with his finger and eased his finger into my mouth, swirling it around the roof of my mouth and gliding it along my tongue. He slid his finger in and out in a smooth motion and eventually added two fingers into the mix. As he pulled his fingers out, a small amount of saliva dripped connecting from my lips to his fingers as he pulled away. He puts his arm over me again and hugs me all while I can still feel his boner neatly packed in between me. I feel his warm breath grace my ear. This felt nice, I have never cuddled with anyone in this way and I truly felt comfortable. What seemed like a dream was abruptly interrupted by the rattle of the front door knob and some keys.

I snapped back into realization that it was Nana coming back home from her shift. Have we really laid in bed watching movies for that long, I thought to myself in a trance. I feel Daniel move away from me and quickly slugging himself off the bed. I glanced at him and tried to catch a peek at his crotch. His pajama pants had a tent himself, but it was only a glance and the room was still dark so I wasn’t completely sure. He walked to the bedroom door and opened it then walked out of my line of sight. I was still trying to collect my head out of the sky and perceive what just happened. I hear Nana’s and Daniel’s voice in soft whispers coming from the kitchen. After a brief moment, Nana walks past the bedroom and into the bathroom still in uniform with clothes in her hand and a towel. I could pinch myself, because I really didn’t think this was real and I thought I would wake up in my own bedroom with slightly wet underwear from this lucid wet dream.

I sit myself up and look down at the floor in the darkness fumbling around to find my shoes. I slip them on and completely unaware of time I wonder if my mom texted me or is worried. I grab my phone from the dresser and the time says 12:18 AM but there were no text messages. I walk outside the bedroom door and look around and I don’t see or hear anyone besides running water coming from the bathroom. My body felt like I was covered in pins and needles, my head was spinning like a toy spinner and I could hear my own heartbeat. I quickly rush through the hallway and out into the living room. I scan the room briefly behind me and don’t see anyone so I just open the door and start walking outside. Instead of walking as usual, I bolted to my own porch and twisted the knob, it was unlocked. I open the door and see my mom laying down on the couch watching TV. “Hey how was the movie, you okay?” She positioned herself up-right.

I look at her intently, “yeah it was good, we watched two movies actually,
I’m going to go lay down because I am tired.” Her face looks perplexed, but words manage to come out of her mouth “alright then I’m glad you had a good time, goodnight.” I walk to my room and closed the door behind me. I put my phone down and start taking off my shoes and lay down on my back onto my bed. My heart was still racing and I was sweaty. I still couldn’t believe what just happened and my mind was drowning in questions; “Was I imagining it? All of it? Why do I feel like this? What does Daniel think? Is he okay? Am I in trouble? Was it wrong what we just did?” I closed my eyes and tried to silence this loud voice called my consciousness as I turned over onto my side and fell asleep.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Day 4: Moving Day

It is Tuesday and it has been a couple days since last Friday and I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened. I wonder if he told Nana, or if he doesn’t want to see and or talk to me again. On the other hand, although that night’s experience was terrifying, I couldn’t help myself but enjoy the adrenaline rush of lust and curiosity that I got. The lease of our house was coming up, and my mom was deciding whether she wanted to renew it and stay for another year or move out. Ultimately, since I just started 8th grade she wanted us to move closer to my sisters high school so that way when ever I graduate middle school I could go there as well. We will move out on Friday and I am glad we got a new house, but I am also sad that we’d be moving so far away from Nana and Daniel.

I really did like Daniel, and he made me feel things that I haven’t really explored before. My mom told Nana over the phone that we are moving and she is sad that we are leaving even though they just moved in next door but happy for us. Tuesday and Wednesday go by with moving furniture around and packing small appliances. I still haven’t heard from Daniel and that worries me, my anxiety starts to seep through but I try and put it past me since I’d be moving away soon. I just hope Daniel liked me as much as I did him. It’s Thursday, and we are just about finished moving out most of the light furniture and housing appliances. All that’s left are the couches, beds, and kitchen table. We’d sleep here tonight, but move to the new house tomorrow on Friday and that’ll be our new home.

It’s in the afternoon, I hear Nana’s car leave the driveway next door and I just finished most of my cleaning chores and packed most of my belongings so I was just resting on my bed. I felt my phone vibrate. I look at the screen and see the name “Daniel” in my message notification. My heart sinks from my chest into my stomach, I wasn’t expecting him to message me at all since he usually messages or calls my mom or Nana first. He never messages or calls me directly, so this felt a bit weird to me and I was hoping it wasn’t bad. I open the text messages and it reads “Hey Andy, Nana told me that y’all are moving and that’s a bummer. What do you say for one last movie night before y’all leave?” Another message quickly sent after it, “You can come over right now if you want.” My heart starts to jump a bit, and I holler at my mom “Mom, can I go to Daniels to watch a movie for a bit?” She hollers back at me, “Sure, just come back as soon as the movie is over because you have to go to sleep early since we’re leaving in the morning.”

I get up and put on my shoes and start walking to my door. My mom is writing something at the kitchen table with her reading glasses on and I just walk out the front door. The sun was almost about to set, and I walked next door and knocked on Daniel’s door. I was still a bit nervous, but mostly I’m glad Daniel wants to talk to me again. I hear Daniel holler from his bedroom, “the doors open you can come in.” I twist the door open and walk in, and I think to myself. This is probably gonna be the last time
I’ll be here again. I slowly start walking to the hallway that leads to the room, and I begin to get weary again. Daniel never texts or calls me directly, so this must be serious and I am anxious about what we’re gonna talk about. It’s probably going to be about what we did last time, I hope
I’m not in trouble. The bedroom door is slightly open, so I slide the door fully open.

A very strong whiff hits my face. It smells like weed or marijuana but much stronger. Then I realized, there is another type of weed called dro which is much stronger and pure. The smell engulfs the entire room, speaking of which the room is slightly rearranged and the bed is now against the back wall and the TV is left to the door towards the front of the room. Daniel is lying on his stomach on the bed holding a cigar with white smoke coming from it. I was sure that he was smoking the weed and that’s what the source of the smell was. “Hey Andy, come sit down” he says with an unusual tone in his voice. I walk towards the bed, slip off my shoes, and sit down. There was some type of reality show on the TV, with half naked girls in bikinis and a muscular guy wearing swim trunks on a beach lounging around a campfire. He looks at me and points at the TV, “have you seen this show?” I look at the TV with the nearly naked girls now giving a lap dance to the guy, then I look back at him “No, I haven’t.” I got a good look at Daniel’s face now, and his eyes were a bit red.

I lay down on my stomach too. He takes another hit from his joint, “hey, how old are you again, I forgot” he says with a short chuckle. I sort of trip over my words “I-I’m 13, well- I turned 13 a couple months ago.” He nods and his joint is now almost completely burned out. “Have you ever smoked before? I know your sister does.” He asks suddenly. I quickly respond, “No, I’ve never really tried it, my mom says it’s bad for you.” He sits himself up, “It’s not completely bad, it makes you feel good.” As he says this he starts to lift himself up and stretch over me to reach for the nightstand near me. “Sorry, I’m trying to reach for the ashtray and blunt wraps.” he says as he’s basically on top of me now. I feel something familiar in between my legs. As he was reaching over on top of me, I could feel his completely hard boner on me. His hands are rustling on the nightstand trying to grab the ashtray and pack. As he does this, my own young dick starts to get a bit hard. I arch my back a little to try and give that same pressure that I remember doing from the other night.

He groans, and finally grabs the ashtray and leans off of me and back into his original lying position. He grabs a lighter from his pocket and lights the cigar with weed in it. He takes a deep hit then blows it out and a cloud of smoke covers the room. “So are you sure you don’t want to hit it?” he says. I get shy and nervous again, “I kind of want to do it, but I’m scared to smoke from it directly.” He laughs and then says “how about I blow it in your direction and you inhale it?” He continues to giggle. I nod in agreement, and he takes a hit from it and leans closer to me, I do the same. He blows a substantial amount of smoke into my face and I try to inhale as much as I can. He takes another hit, and I lean in again and try to inhale the smoke he blows out. I get somewhat more of an intake that time. He pauses then looks at me for a bit, and I look back. He smirks and takes a huge hit from the joint and holds it within his mouth and his cheeks are expanded, similar to holding bubbles in there. He gestures to me to come closer and I am inches away from him now.

He leans in and reaches for my chin to pull me in and our lips barely touch. His beard and mustache scratch and tickle my face. I open my mouth and he does the same and blows it into my mouth directly. I pulled away and started coughing, my eyes were teary and my throat burned. He chuckles and says “yeah it burns for a bit but then it makes you feel good.” I get my coughing under control and wipe my eyes to see him staring at me with big curious eyes. He lifts up the joint and gestures “Another?” to me. I nod and we both lean in again. He takes another hit and holds it. My heart was racing and my cheeks were burning up, he leaned forward into my face and this time our lips actually locked and we started kissing while he blew out the smoke into my lungs as I inhaled. I wanted to cough again, but I managed to hold it and continued to kiss him back. His mustache tickled my lips and I tried not to giggle. Our lips release from each other, and I open my eyes. His eyes were completely widened and so were mine. His hand reaches up and caresses my cheek as he leans in for another kiss. I kiss him back passionately.

My breath is now shallow and we lean off of each other back into our original lying positions. My head felt really strange, my heart was pounding at the front of my chest, but strangely I felt really happy. I wondered to myself if this was the drug but either way I didn’t care because it felt good and I was still wrapping my head around that me and
Daniel just kissed. His lips were very gentle as I imagined, and his facial hair was prickly but I liked it. Daniel lays down onto his side facing me, and I lie on my side too. I stare up at the window curtain behind him still mesmerized. He shifts closer to me and smiles, “What are you thinking about?” Without looking down, I say “Nothing.” Even though in reality, I was thinking about multiple things but especially about his boner that I felt earlier, I was dying to know how it felt and I really just wanted to make him feel good like he has made me. Without thinking, I slowly reached my hand to his waist and gently touched his bulge through his shorts, and I was right, it was still hard.

I don’t make eye contact and I just try to wrap my hand around it. I don’t think it was completely hard, but it was at least semi. I start to stroke it through his shorts trying to be gentle because I don’t want to do something wrong. I rub it intently and I hear him making subtle noises. As
I stroke it, I can feel it start to get harder and bigger. I gently slid my thumb on his giant head and it was wet. I didn’t know it at the time, but it was his pre-cum and as I rubbed it he let out a soft moan. He said something in a very low voice but I couldn’t quite understand what he said. I just let go and moved my hand away out of fear of doing something wrong and sort of shocked by his deep voice. He shifts from lying on his side to lying on his back and he pulls the covers away. He pulls up his shirt and lifts himself up and pulls down his shorts and boxers. There it was, his semi-hard adult cock, I stared at it in awe.

I have never seen someone’s penis before in person and I’ve always imagined in my head what it would look like but I never thought it’d be like this. My eyes followed his happy trail down into his dark matte black bush around his cock, his balls were big and hung low. I feel my own dick twitch in my shorts and I scoot closer to him. I still don’t look at his face and reach for his crotch. My small fingers run through his pubes until they reach his cock. I slowly grab it trying to fit it in my hand, my fingers can barely reach around. He lets out a soft moan and I start to rub it gently. It felt really warm and big in my hands and I didn’t think it would feel like this, I liked it. I stroke it ever so slightly at my own pace and he whimpers a bit. His cock begins to grow as I stroke and play with it, my fingers could no longer reach entirely around it as for his full grown adult cock was completely hard in my hand. I grab it with both of my hands but still can’t hold it all and I move them up and down along his shaft. He thrusts along with my hand movement and gasps. I take the noises that I am making him feel good so I continue. His cock was throbbing in my hands, and
I thought about that porn video that I saw the boys watching in my class. I wanted to copy what the girl did and see how it goes. I sit myself up straight, and lean my head down and lick his head while still stroking his shaft with one hand.

His moans and grunts grow louder, as I swirl my tongue around his head pretending like I’m licking a lollipop. I reach my free hand down to cup his giant hairy balls. One of my hands holds his cock up and strokes it, my other hand massages his balls that don’t fit in my hand. I take his head into my mouth but cover my teeth so they don’t graze him. His head is so big in my mouth and I begin to suck it slowly. He moans and grunts as I do so. I tried to take it deeper but It was really big. I slowly inch my way down gagging a bit along his shaft. I lift my head up to come up for air and my saliva drools from my mouth to his head. I quickly go back down and take his hard cock into my mouth. I want to reach all of it but I don’t think it’s possible, I continue to suck and slurp it and he thrusts up and down opposing my force. He starts to go faster and I gag trying to keep up with his movements. I can taste his pre-cum coming from his cock. He starts to pant and whimper. He then slows down and I come up for air again and wipe my mouth. I lay back down onto my side out of exhaustion.

Without picking up his shorts or boxers, he gets up off the bed and grabs a bottle of some type of gel from off the nightstand. I look up and see his fully erect adult cock and my eyes patrol his naked hairy body. I admire his features for a second then he lays back down with me with the bottle. He lays behind me like how we did during the scary movie night, my head was completely up in the clouds filled with lust, happiness, and curiosity. He asks in a very gentle and low voice, “take off your shorts and underwear.” I immediately do as he says and take them off dropping them to my ankles under the sheets. As he opens the cap off the bottle of lube, he asks me “do you remember what we did that one night?” My cheeks start to feel hot again, “Yes I do.” He squirts some of the lube onto his hand and puts it between my ass, it felt cold to the touch but his fingers were warm. “This might feel weird a bit, but it’ll feel good soon.” He says in a gentle tone. I feel his lubed up fingers protruding around the entrance of my tight hole. “Okay you gotta relax a bit, trust me.” he says, and I try to take his word and relax for him.

One one of his fingers slowly starts slipping through, it feels uncomfortable but manageable. He takes it in and out, and back again. He starts to add more fingers, and each finger he adds it starts to hurt. I remember what he said and relaxed myself, and he thrust three of his fingers in and out of my small ass in small motions. He finally takes them out and scoots closer to me, I can feel his toned chest along my back and his hands grab my cheeks to spread them. I feel his mustache along my ear, and he softly whispers “here it goes.” He inserts the head of his cock into the entrance of my tight ass. I whimper a bit but try to remain calm. He puts his arms around me and cuddles me. I feel him push more of his hard adult cock into me, taking my 13-yr old virginity. I start to breathe heavily because of the pressure but it slowly starts to subside. He takes it out, and puts it back in, in small motions. I let out moans and whimpers as he starts to pick up the pace. Sliding about half his cock in and out of my tiny hole, his hand caresses my chin and turns my head toward his face behind me. With one swift and deep motion he thrusts his full cock’s length into my ass and meets my lips with his as he passionately kisses me. I grunt loudly from the sensation of pain but mostly pleasure as he continues to kiss me and thrust into me. I move my hips to counter-force his as he pounds me from behind. I feel his tongue slide into my mouth as we kiss and I do the same. He takes out his huge cock and rams it back into me multiple times.

Our thrusts are very fast and become sporadic, I pull away from his mouth and moan loudly. He grunts loudly too as he pounds me, and in one hard final thrust he shoves his adult cock into my young ass and releases his cum inside. My own small cock throbs violently and I begin to have my first dry orgasm. I feel his bush against my raw ass as he pumps the rest of his load, breeding me. We both pant and exhale from excitement and exertion. We exchange quick and deep breaths as he’s still inside me, and he hugs and cuddles me. I feel at peace, and I have never felt this much joy and pleasure before, my heart is still beating fast but I feel at ease. We cuddled together for quite some time in contentment and blissfulness. After about 30 minutes, I feel him pull away from me and sit up. I look at the window and it’s dark outside, I think to myself I should be getting home soon since I’m moving tomorrow. Then that hit me again… I’m moving tomorrow.

Daniel gets up and starts putting on his clothes, I get up and do the same,
I also put on my shoes. I sit back onto the bed, and he does as well. I had a very strong melancholy feeling, but I turned to him and opened my mouth. “I’m- I’m- glad I met you Daniel.” I say hastily. Without a pause, I continue “I have always been really shy about not only these things, but a lot of things in general and you’ve always made me feel really good, and
I’ve explored so many emotions and experiences with you, so I’m glad I met you!” I say in a joyful panic. He smiles at me and his eyes are crystal clear and gentle, “I’m glad I met you too Andy.” Without hesitation, I go in for a hug and he hugs me back. My eyes begin to tear as I bury my face into his chest.

We get up and leave the room together, he walks me out the front door and sits back onto the porch. It was completely dark outside besides the moon and the stars shining up above. I looked around, and didn’t see anyone. I squat down and quickly kiss his cheek, he looks at me with his kind eyes again and smiles. “Goodbye Daniel, have a good night.” I say with a soft and warm voice as I get up and start walking off the porch. “Bye Andy” he says with a low and charming tone. I look back at my house next door and start walking home.

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    The best story i cum so many times 🙂 part 2 please

  • Reply grateful reader ID:7z89anq20d

    this is one of the best fucking smut stories i’ve read in my life. emotional, sexual, devastating


    • AndyZoning ID:21z0ks6w8m

      Thank you so much!! I’m glad you enjoyed it. <3

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    This is beautiful, you felt love, lust, and loss. I felt every detail you described as I read it. It’s amazing

    • AndyZoning ID:21z0ks6w8m

      Thank you so much! I have never written anything before and I just wanted to write my experience in detail and captured how I felt as much as I could! <3