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Crossdresser and best friend part 4…

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Mike had been gone 2 weeks and I heard nothing from him. I was so horny by now and keep think about how I was used by that oldman. Well my mom had been staying out late and not coming home. I was dressing more slutty and hot and naughty. Finally I got mom to fill my nails an eyebrows. Well she told me that she was going to be gone for a few days and I said what for she said business. I said ok. Well I was 15 now so it was fine.
So the morning after she left. I got dressed very slutty and hot. I decided that I was going to go up to the old house. Well like I said I had to worlds most horny teenage full-time crossdresser. Well I was going to ride my bike but it had flat. So I had to walk there it was hour walk in high heels. Well I was about half way there when a car came out of know where’s an stopped. Two older men got out and one of them was the one who was from before.
They forced me to get in the car between them since I had a fully front zip up mini dress on the new oldman unzipped it completely pulled it off of me I just had purple corset and thigh high stockings on and 5 inch heels on.I didn’t have on any g-string or thong. The new guy said to him that he was right about me. Then he turned kissing my lipstick lips I opened my mouth and his tongue deep into it and we french kissed. After he stopped kissing me the other oldman said well I hope nobody is going to be missing you for a day or two. I said no daddy. He said that I remember him. Then he said that I have two daddies now.
He drove past the old house driveway. They were talking an the new man said to the other one are you that I liked being spanked. He said yes an looked at me saying I was kinky little young sissy slut. Then he told me to lay across the lap of my new daddy he moved over so I could. I laid down across his lap and he spanked me not hard but till my ass cheeks were red and had me moaning softly then rubbed them after. Then he said that turned you on didn’t it darling. I shook my head yes. Then daddy one ran his fingers across my gurly boi puss i an rubbing it an said yes still to him.
Daddy two said should I do what we talked about an daddy two said yes I bet our little sissy going to love it. I had know ideal what they were talking about. Then I felt cool slipper lubricant on my gurly boi pussi hole an some inside of it. Then he said relax baby you are going to love this then I felt him rubbing it and slid a finger inside of me then other after a couple of minutes other one then a four one after a few minutes of me moaning in pleasure he asked me if I liked it. I said yes. Then daddy one told him do it bet our little gurly boi going to love it. Then he put more lubricant than he slid his whole hand inside of me. I couldn’t believe that he had his hand completely inside of me. I was moaning loudly in pleasure even reaching back and push it deeper in me and working my hips up and down. After a few minutes he stopped removing his hand. Well they made me sit up my gurly boi pussi gaping open.
We drove for about total of two hours then up a long drive. Then one of them put a pink collar on my neck and locked and leash. Well daddy 2 got out of the car an went into the house. Then daddy one kissed me passionately an slid fingers inside of my gurly boi pussi and said baby I hope you are very very very horny. I said yes. He said that was great. Then lead me into the house on the leash it was kind of dark in there. He lead me to a room and took the leash off an had me get on a pink soft bed like table then strapped my legs in stirrups and hands arms down . Then he kissed me passionately an said that he was going to make me completely horny and started sucking on my neck all over. Then he said be honest with me what you are.I said that I was a gay 15 year old tranny that loved men and sex. He said that was great and left.
Well a few minutes later I heard someone come in and hands on my stocking covered legs and cock going inside of me then one in my mouth. Then other hand and voices. I didn’t care what was happening I was getting cock an hot creamy loads inside of me and in my mouth. Well I was loving it then I don’t know how long it was but it stopped an the room was quiet. Then a light came on an a nude old black man was undoing my legs and hands. When he leaned over kissed me and told me to put my arms around his neck and picked me up. Then he said baby honestly I going to show you what you need to be made passionate love to.
He carried me out of there to big bedroom. He laid down on the bed. He kissed me passionately an romantic. Then he told me how sexy and beautiful I was. I kissed him with my lipstick lips then told him that I he was the first colored man I ever met or really been close to. I said couldn’t help an knew that I was young but he was amazingly handsome and I was very drawn and attracted to him as my hand was rubbing his chest. Well we kissed passionately for a while and cuddling then I kissed my way down his chest and stomach till I was kissing and licking his huge chocolate balls and cock. He cock had to be at least l0″ and 5 inches around. I licked an kissed every single each of it then ran my tongue around the head of it and over it. Before I opened my mouth wrapping my lipstick lips around it. His cock stretched my mouth but felt and tasted wonderful as I sucked him. He ran his fingers through my hair saying I was so amazing and wonderful. Then I went completely down on him all 10 delicious inches without even a bit of a gag he said that no one ever come close to doing it. So I keep going from the tip to his balls for a good while till he made me stop.
He had get on my back I wrapped my arms around his neck an legs around his waist as he kissed me passionately an slid his cock in me I felt every single inch of it as he made slow passionate love to me over hour. I moaned loudly in pleasure as he did. Well he shot his hot huge load deep inside of me. Not sure how many times I had cum. After wards we laid there kissing and cuddling an talking. When he asked me how I liked felt about being with him a black man. I told him how wonderful it was. Then I said how I wished that I could be with him. He said well maybe I could be but he said be honest with me how do you feel about me. Then I said that I didn’t care that I was actually having very strong feelings for him and fallen in love with him. I even opened up an told him that I would even tell my mother. He said well what would she say about me being alot older and black. I said I don’t know and care.

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