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Babysitting Can Be Very Profitable If You Fuck

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I started babysitting when I was 11. I told them I was 12 and they believed me. I took care of a 2 year old little girl. They lived two houses down from my house. So, if anything serious happened my mother was available to call. The husband, Vinny worked during the day and the wife worked 3-11 in the evenings. He worked from home but, needed someone there because, at times he was in conference meetings on his computer and couldn’t leave it.He was so hot. I loved just looking at him. They paid me very well.

He was always complementing me about how pretty I was and what a cute figure I had. I was 5’0″ 90lbs. curvy. I wore a 34B bra and had blonde waist length hair and green eyes.

I always tried to dress kinda sexy around him. I hardly ever saw his wife. It was summer and I had just started babysitting for them. I always wore a mini skirt and a halter top or a crop top of some kind, something that he could see my boobs in. I know he liked it cause I saw his dick was sticking out in his shorts. That made me feel sexy I could have that affect on a man like him. I would bend over in front if him, picking up toys and things.

His little girl was very good, no problem at all. She took a morning nap and an afternoon nap so, I had a lot if free time on my hands. He would be in his office and I would make him a lunch or something to drink, just to have a reason to go in and talk to him.

One day I walked in and he was playing with his dick and watching, I think it was porn, on his computer. He clicked it off real fast and covered his dick with a folder that was on his desk.
I said, “I brought you lunch, a turkey club, chips, and some ice tea, is that okay?” He said, “Well, aren’t you the perfect little wife, taking care of my baby and fixing my lunch.” I smiled and started to leave. He said, “Hey, why don’t you stay and visit during my break?” I said, “I’d love to.”

I said, “Are you busy?” He said, “Not very busy today.” He said, I like days like this cause I can do other things instead if work.” I said, “Like what?” He said, “Sometimes I watch videos online.” I said, “Oh, what kind do you like?” He said, “Well, I like to watch porn, have you ever seen it?” I said, “Yeah, I’ve seen some of it.” He said, Well come here and you can look at the one I was watching.”

I got up and went to stand beside him so I could see the computer and he pulled me into his lap. Just as I landed on his lap he moved the folder. I could feel his hard dick was naked. He had it out through his boxer opening, I guess. It excited me so much. I felt like I was shaking. He set up straighter and had his arm around my waist. He clicked the computer back on and it was an older man fucking a little girl. His dick was big and it was going all the way in her pussy. My pussy was quivering.

He said, “She looks like she’s having fun don’t she?” I nodded my head. He said, “Have you ever had sex?”
I said, “No not yet.” He reaches under my skirt and puts his hand between my legs on my pussy then starts rubbing it. I’m about to burst. My pussy is getting wet and my heart is beating so fast. I’ve never been touched like this especially, by a man who I’m crazy over. He said, “Your pussy is wet, honey.” I got weak every time he called me honey.

Vinny said, “Stand up a minute honey.” He called me honey, again. I stood up and my back was to him. He just reached up under my skirt and pulled my panties off. Then, he lifted me back up on his lap sideways. I’m still looking at the screen. He takes his right hand and puts it on my pussy then slides his finger between my pussy lips. I start shaking so bad. He said, “It’s okay baby, I won’t hurt you, I just want to make you feel good and myself feel good, too. He held me tight. As he was holding me he was rubbing my titties. He pulled down my top and exposed them. He smelled so good. I was gonna let him do anything he wanted. I could tell, I couldn’t tell him no or stop.

Then he turned me around with my back to him and put my legs a straddle his. I was sitting on his naked hard dick. My pussy was open. My mind was racing. He reached around and started playing with my pussy. Putting his fingers in it and rubbing my little button at the top. He was sliding my pussy up and down on his dick. I was feeling things I couldn’t explain. Part of me wanted him to do everything to me.

I was scared. He took my hand and put it on his dick. It was big, hard and hot. I didn’t know what to do with it. Then he said, “Can I fuck your pussy, baby?” I don’t remember what I said, it must have been yes because he laid me on his desk on my belly. He rubbed my butt and used his fingers to hold my pussy lips open. Then, he stuck his dick in my pussy and pushed. It hurt. He just put the head in and then he stopped. He’s rubbing my back and telling me that it will hurt pretty bad until he gets it in but, then I’ll like it. I’m not saying anything. I’m so scared. He starts pushing it in me and I start yelling, he covers my mouth and shoves it all the way in me. He’s fucking me fast and still covering my mouth cause I’m sobbing. Then he stops.

He just stayed still and said, “It’s all over honey, it will never hurt like that again.” “Are you calming down baby?” I said, “Yes, I’m okay.” He’s kissing my cheek and rubbing my back. Then he said, “Okay, I’m gonna start fucking you now and I’ll go easy.” He started going back and forth and it wasn’t bad at all. He told me, “Your pussy is so tight on my dick honey, I don’t know how long I can fuck you without cumming.”
He lifted me up and set down in the chair with his dick in my pussy. It hurt when it was all the way in me like that. But, he wanted to rub my button while he fucked me. He had me put my feet on his chair and squat on his dick so, I could raise up and down on it, myself. I did that and that way I didn’t push it all in me. That felt better. He’s rubbing and smacking my button and I’m getting a feeling I get once in awhile when I dream. Oh man, it’s feeling good. It’s getting bigger and I think I’m peeing. I’m loving this feeling.
Oh that feels good.

I told him, ” I’m sorry I peed on you.” He said, “Honey, that’s not pee, that’s cum, that’s what happens when you get that good feeling you just had.” He’s fucking me deeper now. He’s pulling me down on his dick and then he said, “I’m gonna cum honey.” He cums in my pussy and stops fucking me. He sits me on his lap on top of his wet dick and hugs me tight. He said. “That was the best pussy I’ve ever had.”

He turns me around facing him my legs are a straddle his and he’s kissing my mouth so passionately. I felt like I cum a little more. He said, “Oh my gosh, what am I gonna do with you, my love.?” “You’re so fucking irresistible, I can’t do anything but think about you and fucking your pussy.” He kissed me again. Then he started sucking on my titties. He said, “These are beautiful titties. He held my face, looked into my eyes and kissed me again. I fell in love with him right then.

We sat there and then he laid me back on the table. He put his dick back in me and fucked me a long time. The whole time he looked me in my eyes. I wanted to stay there forever. He looked so good fucking me. He’s so good looking. He’s getting hard and he’s playing with my button again and he makes me cum all over him and his desk. He said, “Cum on my dick some more honey.” And, I did. He’s speeding up and fucks me harder then cums in my pussy.

We did this all summer long. I was worried about getting pregnant but, he said he had a vasectomy after they had their daughter cause, they only wanted one child.

I still came over after school after school started but, I missed him so much. He changed his working hours a little bit but, still said they needed me in the evening. I don’t know how this will end. I’m sure I’ll get my heart broken but until then, I’m gonna fuck him until I can’t.
This was the best job I’ve ever had so far.

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    Too bad he got snipped! It would have been even more fun if he got you pregnant! I always wanted to get fucked and pregnant by a older man when i was little!

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    I would’ve got you pregnant

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    I’m happy you got the chance to get fucked by the man you wanted, you’re a good girl and made that man happy.

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