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Got myself a little sex maniac

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I formed a sexual relationship with Amy, the daughter of a couple we met while on holiday. I love this kid so much.

I was at a caravan park with my wife, just having a few weeks away, and we met a couple staying in the caravan next to ours, they had a daughter, Amy, she was 11 years old, and a little mentally challenged, she was like any other girl her age, just a bit thick and dumb.

We were enjoying a nice hot sunny day lounging by the swimming pool, having a few drinks, nice conversation, while Amy swam in the pool wearing her yellow bikini, she didn’t have any breasts and her body was straight, her curves hadn’t really started to form yet, but she did have a cute little ass, which was nice to look at with her bikini bottoms riding up her ass crack when she got out of the pool to jump back in.

In the afternoon I got in the pool and Amy and I played with an inflatable ball, just playing an imaginary game of volleyball, hitting the ball back and forth to each other, then her parents suggested they go to the market and get some stuff for a BBQ, and my wife went along with them, but Amy wanted to stay and continue playing in the pool.

“Will you be alright watching Amy for a while?” her mother asked me.

“Yeah, sure, no worries.” I replied.

Her parents and my wife headed off and we played in the pool for maybe another 20 minutes or so, then clouds appeared out of nowhere and blocked the sun, and it got chilly so we got out of the pool, I picked up a towel and wrapped it around Amy, who was shivering, “Come on, lets go get a shower and put some warm clothes on.” I said.

We went to the parks shower and changing block, but Amy didn’t want to go in on her own, and there was no one else around, so I went in to the female area with her.

She wasn’t a shy girl, we went in, dropped her towel on the floor and took off her bikini right in front of me, but there was a wall separating the showers from the changing area and even though no one was there, she didn’t want to go in to the showers on her own because she wouldn’t be able to see me, “Will you come with me?” she asked.

“Uhm… “ I said, thinking about it, then I looked around and figured what’s the harm, why not, “…Yeah. Okay.” I said, then I told her to turn around, “Don’t look.” I said, playfully, and I took off my swim shorts.

“Okay, in you go.” I said, she walked in front of me, and I couldn’t help but stare at her cute little ass as she walked.

We got in to the showers and started washing, I was standing behind her so she wouldn’t see my privates, and I got an erection while staring at her ass, and especially seeing the shampoo foam running down her back and between her butt cheeks, then she suddenly turned around to wash the back of her hair, and she literally came face to face, well, it was more like nose to cock, with my erection.

She blew soap suds off the tip of her nose and rubbed foam away from her eyes, and she looked at my huge cock then up at me, “What’s that?” she asked, briefly poking my cock with the tip of her finger.

“Oh – Don’t do that, sweetheart. Turn back around.” I said.

“What is it?” she asked, and before I could react, she had reached out and grabbed hold of it, and it that instance, I lost all control, feeling her tiny fingers wrapped around my hard shaft felt so good.

Then she started rubbing it, “Oh fuck.” I said to myself, I stroked her hair and just went for it, “Open your mouth.” I said, and she did, so I pushed my cock between her cherry red lips and slipped it in to her mouth.

She instinctively sealed her lips around my girth and I started moving her head back and forth showing her what to do, and she was sucking on my cock beautifully, “Oh Amy. That’s a good girl.” I groaned, “Does that taste good, darling?” I asked her, and she nodded lightly in response.

After a couple of minutes I came, ejaculating my entire load in to her small mouth, she didn’t seem too bothered, she just swallowed it, coughed once, then looked up at me and smiled, “Good girl. Okay, come on. Lets finish showering okay.” I said.

We finished showering, then I wrapped her in her towel and took her back to her caravan where she got changed in to her clothes, and we joined her parents and my wife when they returned and had a nice BBQ.

I was worried for a while that Amy would tell or let slip what happened in the shower, but she never did, and I realised I had an opportunity here, and I wanted to explore it, and her, further.

The next day Amy’s dad took the car to get his radiator fixed because it kept overheating, her mother and my wife were preparing to make dinner, and I was sitting in a deck chair with Amy sitting across my lap in her cute little tank top and shorts, and she was making a bracelet out of flowers.

Amy had become quite affectionate with me after our cock play in the showers the day before, and it was nice, having her sitting on my lap and my hands rubbing along her little legs turned me on, this was our final day here, we’d all be leaving in the morning, and I wanted to get her alone so we could play some more before she left, “That looks really good, you’re a clever girl. Will you make me one?” I said to her, she said yes.

“Okay. We’ll need more flowers though, shall we go pick some?” I asked her, she nodded excitedly.

We got up and I told my wife and her mom that we were going to take a walk along the trail and find some flowers, they said it was fine, and off we went walking hand in hand.

We had been walking and picking flowers for about 20 minutes and it was quiet, apart from the chirping birds in the trees, so when Amy walked ahead of me to pick some more flowers, I took a quick glance around to make sure we were alone, then I saw a nice secluded spot behind the trees, “Come on, lets go over here.” I said, and we walked off the trail in to the cover of the trees.

I found the perfect spot, I carefully took the flowers from her and placed them down on a small fallen tree stump, “Would you like to play like we did yesterday?” I asked her, she smiled and nodded quickly, “Yes.” She replied.

I took off my shirt and laid on the ground, then I kneeled in front of her and slowly lifted off her tank top, I licked and sucked on her tiny nips for a minute, she giggled because it was ticklish, then I got her to lay down on the ground on top of my shirt and then I removed her trainers, her shorts and her panties.

I spread her legs apart and then leaned down and started to lick her smooth bald pussy, she seemed to like it, she didn’t say anything and she also didn’t complain, I licked her pussy until it was nice and wet from my saliva and her own fluids.

Then I pulled down my shorts, exposing my erection, she smiled widely at the sight of it, and she quickly sat up and grabbed hold of it, “No, no. We’re not doing that today. I have something better in mind.” I said, “Lay back down.” I instructed.

I wiggled my way between her small legs and on top of her, I first rubbed the tip of my cock up and down the smooth crack of her little pussy, then I pushed it between her soft flaps, she inhaled a long deep breath and then moaned as I penetrated her, “Oh-Ungh”

I briefly placed my hand over her mouth to prevent her screaming out, I thought she would have done, but she didn’t, I slowly pushed my cock all the way in her then moved it back out, “Okay?” I asked her, she was breathing heavily and just nodded in response, I removed my hand from her mouth, then I slowly pushed my cock back in.

I kissed her and started to fuck her on the dry ground, surrounded by the trees and the sound of the wind blowing the leaf’s, chirping birds, and Amy’s innocent and sweet moans, it was beautiful, and her tight pussy was sensational.

10 minutes in and I wasn’t even close to ejaculating, which was good, because I could have easily fucked her all day long, she was enjoying it as much as I was, and she was moaning pleasurably, it was adorable having her small body underneath me with my cock deep inside of her, I looked down and smiled at the sight of her little pussy stretched around my girth and my cock moving in and out of her body, it was incredible to watch.

It took me at least a full half hour to finally reached climax, I pushed my hands underneath her, I sat up on my knees, lifting her up on to my lap, her legs wrapped around me, I held on to her and helped her bounce up and down on my cock, she had her head on my shoulder, breathing heavily against my neck and moaning loudly, “Oh – Ungh – Oof – Mmm – Ungh.”

“Nearly there, darling. It’s coming. Here it comes.” I groaned out, bouncing her more rapidly, then I thrust deep in to her while simultaneously pushing her down on to my cock, I was balls deep in her when I finally ejaculated, flooding her insides with my seed, “Oooah – That’s it. I love you, Amy. Oooah – God.” I groaned with epic release.

A minute or two later I lifted her off my shrunken cock, she stood in front of me with my seed slowly seeping from her pussy and trickling down her leg.

We both got dressed, I pulled dried leaves and twigs out of her hair, then we shared a loving hug, and a promise not to tell, and we headed back to the caravan site.

The next morning we packed up our cars and left the site, I was feeling quite sad to leave Amy behind, I’d become very fond and attached to her, but we swapped numbers with her parents so at least I could keep in touch that way.

A few weeks later I managed to get Amy’s personal mobile number, and we both chatted a lot on the phone, online and over messenger, we had secret calls and sent each other intimate photos.

One weekend, a few months later, I told my wife I had to go out of town for the weekend for a work thing, but I was actually going to secretly meet up with Amy.

I booked in to a motel then I went and picked up Amy from a prearranged location when she was meant to be at school, I took her back to the motel room and we fucked each other’s brains out all day long, she is a proper little sex maniac and I love it so much.

She’s a little older now and her buds have started sprouting nicely, I’m going to secretly meet her again in a few weeks’ time, and I can’t wait.

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  • Reply Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0b

    Jeder Mann beneidet dich um Amy ich hoffe du zeigst ihr bald wie schön es sein kann in den arsch geflickt zu werden

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    Be sure to properly breed her

  • Reply Enomax001 ID:mzgdgcd0

    One hell of a hot story. Nothing beats a young, nice, tight succulent pussy. And to be able to go balls deep in it is the icing on the cake. Keep writing. You are a pro.

  • Reply Filly fucker ID:1fjgjo7ik09

    God this story was hot, theres nothing better than fucking a young but eager lil’ girl, its even better when they’re bimbos.

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:rubp94z273r

    I can’t wait to hear more about Amy

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y6ia

    It’s great that Amy is a bit slow and thick. It’s so much fun to get slightly retarded kids doing things they shouldn’t. Make sure you fuck her asshole soon!

  • Reply Incest daddy ID:fx7itcv9i

    I very much hope you seed her sometime and she gets pregnant blaming it some boy at school

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylren3hri

    Very nicely done, someone that can write and be understood. good story and I especially love she was younger and eager to be taught. It is quite obvious she was highly motivated to learn as is most younger females these days. They have the right to exercise their natural given right to sex expressing them selves as they want and need. Never deny a young female cock as it it their given right as a sexual human being. Teach them well and enjoy the fruits of your labor.