My french mother

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never been with anyone so sensual in my life she taught me how to make love to a girl and not just fuck her

My dad was in the army all his life, he joined when he left school and loved his job riding through the ranks, he met my mother who is french and according to her it was love at first sight! I was born in France at her instance so I have duel nationality and can speak french fluently!
My dad was killed in the Afghan war 2013, and it’s they kind of thing you think, oh that will not happen then the dreaded knock open the door with the news I was 18 at the time and my mother was 37 although she looked half that, closer to my age!
My mother was gorgeous and believed in looking after herself, keep fit, the gym, swimming and cycling and because of all that her figure was something else, a lot better than my girlfriends at the time! but after what happened she everything she used to do stopped and she just sort of curled up in her own world, dad in his infinite wisdom had sort of left us financially Ok too.

Ok thats the background, mother stayed like that for months and it was a strain, my girlfriend at the time made a comment about it saying I should leave her and get on with my life and all that did was cause an argument and I told her to go, I never meant permanently but she took it as such.

So a few months went by, my girlfriend had buggered off and I was left sitting in the house with mother, enough was enough I thought, mom we are going out I said, this is not healthy and it’s not what dad would have wanted you sitting here mourning him night and day so come on, we are off to the local, and reluctantly she came!

Turned out to be just the medicine she needed, I wouldn’t say we had a great time but we were out of the house doing something together and we talked about what happened for the first time!
she asked what happened to to my girlfriend and I told her and she apologized for it, no need to I said it’s her loss and explained how she liked me to talk in french to her! oh in bed she said! errrrrrrrrrr well yes mom, and there was a tiny hint of a smile from her, I was under no illusions mom knew we slept together!

This continued us going out, it was good but mom never really used to dress up like she did before, pair of jeans a blouse or what ever she was wearing at the time and the local got a bit boring after a while so we started going out in town then nightclubs, I always got comments on her, usually you have a nice looking girlfriend and is she french, where did you meet her then, the usual sort of crap, it made us laugh how everyone thought mom was my girlfriend though.

One night we were gong out, it was the first time she really dressed up since that day, I had more or less forgot what she looked like but god almighty, looking at her just standing there saying, will this do for tonight, I thought I’d make the effort, she took my breath away, stunning absolutely stunning, but it took nearly a year to get to this point.

That night was amazing, we had such a good time and of course the usual looks and comments from people we met, we decided to play along with it, holding hands, our arms round each others waist, we had just come off the dance floor and sat down in a cubicle for a breather, I enjoyed the envious looks I got and commented they will expect us to kiss!!!!!!!! she looked at me and said in french, bien pourquoi ne nous alors, which means well why don’t we then, so I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek, no no she said that’s not how young people kiss is it! no I said and pecked her on the lips, and you call yourself half french she said in french! I put my arm around her shoulders and kissed her again, this time we stayed together, it felt so good and her tongue went inside my mouth!

That’s better she said, thats how you kiss! it felt a little awkward at first but I enjoyed it, we were there a couple of hours, drinking and dancing and kissing, we were treating each other like lovers and both enjoying it, even touching each others bum, maybe it was the drink that night, I don’t think either of us cared really but waiting outside later on for a cab, it continued as we stood there, her hand came round from behind and between my legs almost touching where my cock was! opp’s she said! she moved her hand round back to my bum! I had a raging hard on and I’m sure she knew it!

The cab came and we got in, the driver noticed straight away my mom was french and asked if I met my girlfriend over there! mom just looked at me and whispered in french tell him yes! I said yes I did a few months ago!
very nice country France, it is yes we both said and in a short time we were home, god we had such a good night out but it wasn’t over, after getting in the house and mom said, so I’m your girlfriend now standing right in front of me!! it would seem so I said, we never made it to the living room, we just looked at each other and kissed again, there was no one else there so it wasn’t a show this time, we hugged and kissed each other in the hallway, this time because we wanted too and after a few moments she stopped, she said this in french, est-ce que tu ne vas pas prendre votre petite amie au lit puis, ( you do the translation!) I just looked at her and said yes.

We went upstairs, by this time it was clear what we both wanted, neither of us had had sex for a while, I suppose it should have felt wrong or awkward but it didn’t, I followed her into her bedroom, she started taking her clothes off, it was lovely watching her dress, slide down her body, I had seen her in her underwear before in the bathroom so that wasn’t new, i watched her take off her bra, god her breasts were lovely, she undid her suspender belt from her stockings and they came off followed my her panties, she stood there for a couple of seconds in the dim light, I saw her naked for the first time, I sat on the edge of the bed getting undressed while she climbed into bed.

We lay there face to face under the quilt, if there was ever a time to back out then that was it, it came and went as we hugged and touched each others naked body, she touched my cock for the first time, it was already erect, I stroked her breasts and watch her nipples grow hard as I kissed them, my hand moved down her body to top of her legs, my fingers went through her pubic hair as we kissed, she lifted up one leg as my finger went between her legs, her pussy felt lovely as I stroked it, her fingers were rubbing my pre cum into the end of my cock, her pussy was beautifully wet and slippery, after a few minutes of exploring she motioned me over the top of her, I climbed over her, she parted her legs for me, any notion of stopping at that point had well and truly evaporated, my cock touched her pussy for the first time as I pushed slowly inside her, the heat of her was amazing too, so warm and gorgeous.

I made love to her like it was my previous girlfriend, no sweetheart no she said, slow down darling, all in french, she felt wonderful, I have never been with a woman so sensual, as my cock slowly made love to her I felt her pussy cum, she didn’t squirt, but I felt her cum flow over my cock, after about 15 minutes or so I gently pushed into her and came inside her, I got off and lay down, she got rid of the quilt and went down on me, I’ve never felt anything like it! her warm mouth slowly moving up and down my cock, keeping me hard, she straddled my body, I was in heaven, I stoked and rubbed her bum, my fingers slid in and out of her pussy that was now over the top of me, I never had an urge to do oral with my ex girlfriend before but I wanted to with my “new” one!

I licked and tongued her pussy teasing her clitoris as she came in my mouth, it didn’t bother me my cum was in there too.
She got me to the point where I wanted to cum again and with my tongue deep inside her, I came a second time in her mouth.
We made love for most of the night, we fell asleep cuddling each other and in the morning we just looked at each other, I kissed her good morning and it all started again, this time the alcohol had worn off!
We have been having sex ever since that night, she taught me how to make love to a woman and not just fuck her! trust me there is a difference and it makes the world of difference! and of course she took the morning after pill later that day!

Since then we have moved and we now have a son! but she is pregnant again, this time we are having a daughter, but this will be the last! I’ll never have another English girlfriend thats for sure.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:9hi2rehm

    Hello and l must say that was a really good read. Is there anyone on here whom lives in Brittany, France? If so, maybe you would like to say ‘bonjour mon ami, ca va’ or more?

  • Reply Varun ID:etyxq3xic

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  • Reply Nick ID:1fjh8a55t0c

    Lovely story, I can well imagine the older french woman being extremely passionate! and I bet she is gorgeous too, would have loved to have seen a pic of her but as you said you can`t on here.

  • Reply anon ID:1fjh8a55t0c

    Thanks for your comments, I wish I could have put up a pic of her but of course I can’t on here, 6 years down the line and she is still stunningly beautiful, yes Ben it is legal in France and no have no intention of moving there unless mom does, quite happy here for the time being, but like our son our daughter will also be born in france and learn the language from us, once again thanks for all of your comments.

  • Reply Ben ID:1fjh8a55t0c

    losing a loved one can send someone into depression, of course what your doing is perfectly legal in france and I wonder if you have any intention of moving there for good, at least you won’t have to hide the fact, great it all came good in the end for the two of you.

  • Reply jack ID:26bzb720b

    First of all let me say sorry for you losing your father, I have to agree with the previous comment about french girls, more sensual and passionate, I’ve had girls on both sides of the channel and much prefer the french! easier though if you understand the language! your father was a very lucky man as you are now, look after her my friend cause you’ll never find another like her.
    best wishes.

  • Reply Mike ID:1fjh8a55t0c

    French girls are more sensual, I should know I have a French girlfriend too, english girls just want sa fuck! My girl wants to be made love too properly so I can identify with you totally.
    They are just more passionate in bed!