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My sister and me

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My sister and me loving since our teenage and when she got married, i got her pregnant .

My sister is one year older than me. I was 17 and she was 18 when this happened. She never acted any different than a normal sister. I was attracted to her since I saw her pussy for the first time when I was 12; I saw it accidentally, but after that, I always wanted to see it again. She has a beautiful brown pussy; her body is 33-34-36; but when she was younger, her chest was flat like mine. And I had a great opportunity to see them grow from nothing to 33. Her ass also underwent the same transformation. I take her pants usually to masturbate or sniff, and I have been caught a few times by her, but she has never told anyone. She secretly wants it, and when she turned 18, she said so.
I was in my room when she entered; both my parents were working, so we were alone; she jumped on my bed and started kissing me. Earlier, I was confused, but I played along. She kissed me hard and very passionately. She then took her top off, took her pants off, and then took my pants off as well. I didn’t say a word, both from shock and from being horny. She saw I was hard, and she spat on it and then rubbed it, then took it in her mouth; she sucked the soul out of me. She is a blowjob queen. I put it in her mouth, and he pushed it down her throat. She then took a condom from her pocket and placed it on my dick, then spat again and placed it on the opening of her pussycat. I didn’t know if she was virgin or not; she had two boyfriends, but I didn’t know if she had anything sexual.
She sat on my dick, and it was done. She let out a moan, and her virginity was gone. It was blood coming out of her pussy but she didn’t stop; she kept riding me and then started kissing me; she then had an orgasm, and then I came as well. She took the condom off and then licked all the gum; she said, “I love you,” kissed me, and went to her room. I was still in shock over what just happened; I never imagined it was going to happen, and I never thought she would be interested.
She was brave enough to do this, and I am proud of her. I lay there just trying to understand what happened, and then, after some time, I went in her room. She was on her bed crying, and I saw that her pussy was bleeding, so I took a pad and placed it. I know it’s stupid, but I had to do something to stop that. She looked at me and said sorry, and I said it’s ok. I laid beside her and hugged her, and she kissed my forehead and said she was sorry. She had wanted this for a long time, and she wanted me to take her virginity. She wasn’t sure if I would do it, so she did it. She was in pain, and it was clear in her eyes. I hugged her tightly and told her how much I appreciated her bravery and how much I loved the sex. We cuddled for some time, and I put her blanket on her; she didn’t wear anything other than her pants and a pad, and she was in deep sleep, so I went to my room as it was almost time for our parents to return.
My mom asked me where my sister was, and I told her she was sleeping because she was tired and thought she was having her period early. She understood and just let her sleep.
After that day, we casually started loving each other more; we had sex every day other than her periods. We did it once during her period, but it made a mess on her bed, and it wasn’t convenient to do it again.
She never had a BF after this started; she only preferred me. She told me that her ex-BF taught her how to use her face to satisfy a man because she was underage and he didn’t want to do anything more than that to her at that time when she was 16. And she requested him not to take her virginity, as she was secretly planning to do it with me.
She’s had an arranged marriage, and I am the father of both of her children. It’s a secret, and we both struggle to be together; she’s not close to me anymore, and I hate that feeling. Whenever we meet, we have to go to a hotel or somewhere to have sex. And her pus still feels the same as it did years ago. She’s my sweet sister, and I love her the most. She can’t live without me, and I can’t live without her.

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