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Clean your room

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Mom got angry with my sister for not cleaning her room so she dragged her in to my room and forced me to fuck her up the ass as punishment.

I came home from school one day, I was 14, and did what I did every single day after school, went straight up to my room, got in to my bed and knocked one out.

As I was rushing up the stairs to get to my room I saw mom in Hailey’s room, yelling at her to clean up her mess, Hailey is my sister and she was 10 years old, I just walked right by and went to my room closing the door behind me.

I was in my bed under the covers, tugging on my cock while thinking about Lisa, a really hot girl from school, she always wears shorts skirts and has the biggest boobs in class, she’s so hot and I was fantasising about fucking her.

Half way through I heard mom raising her voice and yelling at Hailey, then I heard her feet stomping on the landing heading towards my room, my bedroom door flew open and mom walked in dragging Hailey in by her hand.

“I’ve had enough of you two.” she snapped, she walked over to my bed and yanked away my bedsheets, I quickly covered my cock with my hands, “Mom, what are you doing!” I said.

“You dirty bastard, I knew you’d be wanking. Get up.” She yelled, not wanting to get on the wrong side of my mom I did as she asked and I got the fuck up, “I’m going to teach you both.” She said.

Then she stripped Hailey naked, pushed her down on her knees and bent her over across my bed, “What are you doing, mom?” I asked, shocked at her actions.

“Get over here.” She said.

“What?” I asked.

“Get here now!” she yelled, so I walked over to her, she grabbed me and pushed me down on my knees behind Hailey, “Fuck her.” She said.

“What?” I asked, very shocked.

“Fuck her.” She repeated.

I shook my head in disbelief, “Mom? – What do you mean?” I asked.

She got angry, “It’s not that completely…” she said, she dropped to her knees, pushed me against Hailey, then she took hold of my cock and squeezed my tip between her butt cheeks, “…Just stick it up her ass and fuck her.” She demanded.

Hailey was crying and mom was scaring the both of us, “Do it now!” she yelled at the top of her voice, pushing me and forcing me to penetrate Hailey’s ass hole.

I felt it going in, her little hole was tight around my cock, “Do it!” mom screamed, I was scared so did as she asked and I pushed it all the way up Hailey’s ass and started to fuck her, “I’m sorry, Hailey. I’m sorry.” I said, as Hailey sobbed in to my mattress, and I thrusted in and out of her.

I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I couldn’t help buy enjoy it, I was 14, horny, and still had the image of Lisa clear in my mind, and I imagined Hailey was Lisa, and I just went crazy, I grabbed hold of her hips and started to pound her extremely hard, Hailey was moaning loudly, mom was laughing and I was losing my virginity to my kid sister’s tight little ass hole.

“That’s it. Does it hurt? – You’ll fucking clean your room from now on won’t you?” mom yelled at Hailey, then she looked at me, “You keep fucking until you’ve finished. You dirty little bastard. I’m sick of cleaning your sheets every day because they’re covered in dried spunk. Well you can put that spunk in your sister’s ass, save me from having to clean it up.” She said.

“Sorry, Mom.” I said.

Then I felt myself about to nut, and all I could do was call out Lisa’s name, while driving my cock balls deep in to Hailey’s ass hole, “Oooah – Lisa! – Oooa – Lisa!” and I came inside her ass.

When I pulled my cock out it slid down her ass and down her bald pussy crack, leaving a thin trail of remaining spunk on her pussy, I creampie’d her a little.

Mom checked to see if I’d actually done it, “Right, get up both of you.” She demanded, I stood up and Hailey got up but she needed help from me because she was unsteady on her feet after the pounding I just gave her little virgin ass.

Mom told her to pick up her clothes, “You! – get changed and go to bed, I don’t want to see you again until morning. And no jerking off.” Mom said, pointing at me angrily.

Then she marched Hailey out of my room and slammed my door shut as they left.

Hailey always tidied her bedroom every single day after that, but I kept jerking off in my bedroom hoping mom would drag Hailey back in for another session, but sadly she never did.

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  • Reply Dre ID:bbatsrsytiy

    Your mom sucks for not letting you fuck your sister, she wants you to discipline her once then don’t take it away after. A growing girl needs some guidance, and if that means her big brother pounding her pussy so she’ll be a good girl than so be it

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:4s0ccfyv2

    Your Mum is sex starved. She pretends to be mad when all the time she’s getting off on your dried spunk and your cock ramming your sister’s cunt. Fuck your Mum next. It’s what she wants!

  • Reply Horny 69 ID:1ck6yj0ut7q9

    You should’ve taken the chance to turn your mom and sister into your sex slaves.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7j3f7d3

    I liked the story but sadly this does happen in the world. Sick fucking parents that are brain washed into thinking sex is naughty, bad or a fucking sin. Sex is so natural as is nudity and all you lousy parents out there need to shut your lousy TV OFF and talk, listen, teach your kids properly. If you do not start acting like a real parent should then more then likely someone like myself and others on here will gladly do your job for you any day of the week lol!