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Date with my niece 3

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Parts 1 and 2 were basically true stories. This continues with some of what happened and some of what I wish.

I drove Shelly, my niece home and walked her to the door.
I guess we don’t have to worry about the usual first date drama of should I try to kiss her, I said.
I think we’re waaay past that, she giggled as she pulled my face down to kiss her. We let our tongues have a play date for a couple minutes before we broke our kiss.
We better knock that off before your mom catches us, I cautioned.
Who cares? Let her see us.
No! We definitely don’t want her to see us.
Okay, big baby. Goodnight.
Goodnight, beautiful. Thanks for going out with me.
I drove home hard from making out with my little niece on her front porch. My phone chimed with a text. It was from her. I opened it and it said, I love you!! A second later it dinged again. It was a picture of her on her bed naked.
A couple things ran through my head: fist, my niece is a sexy piece of ass. Second, i hope my wife doesn’t open a text from my niece and see a nude selfie.
Shelly texted me about 20 times a day for the next week.
Fuck, she’s actually IN LOVE with me. I was like, yeah, I love you. You know, I loved fucking you. But, she was in love like, we had sex, so let’s get married love.
I arranged to meet her on Sunday morning for breakfast. Her mom and my wife knew, but as far as they knew it was just an uncle taking his niece for a donut.
We went to a bagel shop and sat in a far table.
So listen, sweetheart, we need to talk.
I like when you call me sweetheart.
I like you. I love you. I’ve loved you since you were born. But, you can’t keep sending me nudes. Someone is going to catch us.
I hope they do. I wish my mom and Amy (my wife) knew we were in love. Then we could just live together as a couple, like we’re married.
Whoa, we can’t get married. I’m your uncle.
Just because you married Amy, but if she divorced you, you wouldn’t be my uncle any more.
I see you’ve thought this through.
I’ve thought about it a lot.
Well, I think what would really happen is, I would be arrested and sent to jail. I wouldn’t be with you and neither would my kids.
Hmm, that won’t work. I’ll have to come up with a better plan.
We ate, and got in the car to leave. She sat right next to me and started rubbing my crotch. It didn’t take much to get me going because I was already half hard just being with her. She unzipped my pants and took out my cock. She put her head down in my lap and started sucking me. I pushed my hips up to give her better access. It only took a few minutes to cum. She swallowed it all, or so I thought. She came up and kissed me, and pushed my cum into my mouth. We made out.
This little girl was definitely hot.
Where did you learn that, I asked.
Porn, she replied.
Of course.
Another 2 weeks went by with just texts from Shelly. I actually missed the nudes. I was wishing I could get a picture of her little tits and her bald pussy.
Then one day she called me. “We got it!”
Got what sexy?
Got the answer to our problem.
What problem? What are you talking about?
We can’t be together because mom and aunt Amy would tell, right?
Yeah, right.
What if they couldn’t tell because they have a secret too?
Um, I guess that would work. Do they?
Not yet, but they will.
What do you mean?
I talked to Johnny. (Her 15 yo brother), he said he would do it. So he did and I got it on video.
Baby girl, can you slow down and start at the beginning?
I told Johnny about you and me and h..
You what? You can’t tell any…
Don’t interrupt, this is important. So, as I was saying, he said he would help. He said he had always wanted to fuck mom. So he would get her drunk and fuck her and video it. That’s what he did. I’m sending you the video now. So, since we have her on video having sex with her minor son, she can’t very well say anything about you and me.
The video hit my phone. I played it. It showed Johnny behind his sexy redhead mom banging her while her tits swung back and forth.
This was actually really good.
But what about Amy?
We got that too. Mom had told me once that. Amy always flirted with her. We blackmail mom into fucking Amy and video that.
Wait! My wife is flirting with her sister in law? I didn’t even know she was into women.
Damn it Shelly, you really did think this through. Fuck it, let’s go for it.

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