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Blackmailing My Little Sister and her Friend into Sex part 5

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Continued from the previous parts. My sister becomes my sex slave

That night I was pretty jacked up from the day. Sitting in my room I was rock hard reminiscing how I had popped the cherry of a chubby little 12 year old Latina earlier that afternoon. Just then I saw through the open doors to our shared bathroom that my sister was undressing to get in the shower. She gave me some attitude as she got in and turned the water on.

That’s it, I thought, time to give this bitch what she deserves.

At 16 years old, like any teenager, I was horny all the time. I had lost my virginity three years earlier when I was raped by an 11 year old girl (long story), and since then had hit a dry spell, pussy-wise. In other words, I had three years of built up sexual frustration.
It didn’t help that my 12 year old little sister was smoking hot. I don’t know when it had happened; one day she was just an annoying little pest and the next she was a walking wet dream. Her petite frame made her 32A tits look bigger than they were, and her ripe round ass was begging for a proper banging.

It had been three weeks since I had blackmailed my sister and her friend Mandy into having sex with me. I would never forget the feeling of my cock in my sister’s tight little preteen pussy. It was the best sex I had ever had. I had been looking forward to a repeat ever since, but she had been avoiding me by staying after school. I was getting a bit frustrated with the cold shoulder and the fact she had taken to teasing me with her naked body. So, as I said, it was time to set things right.

I undressed and went into the bathroom with my stiff cock leading the way. She didn’t hear me come in until I stepped into the tub behind her.
“What do you think you are doing?” she asked. Then, seeing my weapon drawn, she said, “Eww, get away from me with that thing, you pervert.”
I push her into the wall and spread her legs, pointing my steel hard rod at her opening. As I began to push in from behind, her attitude changed.
“No, please don’t do this,” she begged. “You’re my brother!”
“This is happening,” I informed her through gritted teeth. It was slow going at first, since she was not ready for me, but I pushed roughly inside, forcing the issue.
As I hit bottom and began a hard, fast pounding she pleaded with me: “What’s going on? Why are you doing this?”
“You’ve been staying after school every day avoiding me,” I said pounding her harder to emphasize my words, crushing her into the wall. “You can’t avoid me any longer.” As I continued my relentless assault, I felt incredible, as if three years of sexual frustration where being released all at once. I could feel her body betraying her; while she was still begging me to stop she began to juice and I felt her tremble as her pussy responded to the brutal thrusting it craved. Yes, my sister liked it rough, I could tell.
It wasn’t long before I exploded deep inside her, releasing wave after wave of cum into my little sister’s fertile womb. I lost count of the loads I dumped in her. It filled her womb, her pussy, and overflowed and ran in little rivers down her legs into the tub. After what seemed like an hour-long orgasm, I released her and she slumped limp to the floor.

Once she had caught her breath, she looked up at me with hate in her eyes. “I haven’t been avoiding you, you asshole,” she explained. “I have a boyfriend at school and we’ve been hanging out.”
“So you’ve been giving up the pussy to some shrimp dick sixth grader?” I accused.
“No, dumb ass, he’s my boyfriend: we hold hands, we pass notes in class; we kissed one time, that’s it.”
I considered for a moment. “Then I need to meet this boyfriend,” I concluded. “Yes, that’s what I’ll do: I’ll come to your school and meet this guy and have a little chat with him. I think he and I have a lot to talk about.”
“No, don’t come to school,” she said in a panic. “Please leave him alone, don’t mess with him. I’ll do anything.”
“That’s more like it,” I said. “Here’s the deal: you can hang out with this dork, but you can’t fuck him. Your pussy belongs to me—scratch that: all your holes are mine. And I will use you whenever and however I want.”
“OK,” she said contritely. “Just leave my boyfriend alone.” As I turned to leave she said, “Your girlfriend is cheating on you. Mandy has fucked three different guys in the past three weeks. You turned her into quite the slut.”

I would have to take this up Mandy the next time I saw her.

That night I woke up in the early hours of the morning around 3 am from a wild sex dream. I had a raging hard on, and knew just how to handle it. Instead of jacking off as I usually did, I slicked my boner with lube and crept into my sister’s room. She was asleep. She was wearing only a thin see through camisole with no bra and a lacy, string bikini panty. I climbed on her bed and straddled her, and before she was fully awake, I put my hand over her mouth and whispered: “Don’t make a sound.” She glared at me as I ripped off her panties and slid into her. She just laid there without moving, like a preteen sex doll, as I pushed in all the way, and began a steady rhythm. I soon dumped a huge load of cum inside her. Not waiting for her to have her orgasm, I slid out of her and went back to my room, as my semen leaked from her well-used cunt and formed a big puddle under her ass, soaking her sheets.

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    Put collars on them to remind them that they are owned

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    Keep up the great storyline