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My 12 and 13 year old sisters

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How me raping my sisters bought us closer…. TRUE STORY

Hi my name is Ryan.. I am 16 years old and 6 feet 2 inches tall. My family consists of me, my 2 younger sisters, Amy 13 years old and 4 feet 8 inches tall, Jessie 12 years old and 4 feet tall and my 40 year old mom Emily. My dad died when I was 13 in a car crash. Luckily my mom already was a working woman so she took over all responsibilities. she works for close to 15 hrs… goes to office at 7 in the morning.

I wanted to share the story of how my horniness made me get closer to my sisters and changed my life as well

I woke up late around 10 o clock because it was a Sunday and was told by my sisters that my mom left for work. Since my dad passed away, my sisters became very close to me and would do whatever I asked them to without hesitating and I took and advantage of this.
I was a very horny teenager and for some reason I had a boner first thing in the morning that day.

I was never sexually attracted to my sisters but I don’t know what got into me that day..

I went directly to my sisters who were sitting on the couch and watching tv and asked them to remove their dress and get naked. They were shocked but did not hesitate. They became nude and when I saw their body I was shocked to see how sexy the two were for a 12 and 13 year old. They did not have breasts only tiny nipples and a very tiny and tight pussy. But they did have a sexy navel.

I then told them “Today I am going to teach you two something new ,but you should keep it a secret and not tell mom..”
They replied ” Okay we will, Promise”
Then I told them to sleep on the couch and spread their legs..
they did so. They do not know anything about porn/sex and thought god used to put babies in woman’s stomach after they get married. They were very innocent and I did not know what I was gonna do to them.

I took Amy’s pussy in my mouth and started sucking it. Simultaneously I rubbed jessie’s pussy with my hand. Both of them started moaning really loudly. I also squeezed their tiny nipples so much that they became red


ME: Do it pee in my mouth now!!!
Jessie saw in shock as Amy released her “pee” in my mouth. I drank Amy’s juice as she lay on the couch exhausted.

I then took jessie’s tiny pussy in my mouth and started sucking and licking. She groaned” AAAAAAH AAAAAAAH OMG AAAAH AAAAH”

Then jessie came in my mouth and I drank her juice as well.

I stood up and saw both of them lay on the couch in exhaustion.

Amy:” What was that it felt so weird? and why did you drink our pee”

Jessie:” It did not feel like pee, it was a transparent white liquid”

ME:” Just tell me if you liked it or not”

Amy&Jessie: “sort of”

ME”: ” Great, now lets move on to the next step”

I removed my clothes and showed them my 7 inch dick. They did not take their eyes and kept staring at it.

I explained them on how to do a blow job and ordered them to do it one by one. They did not know how to do it but when they understood how to, both of them blowed me like professionals. It felt amazing. They felt disgusted because they thought I might “pee” in their mouth but after some time they did not care much

Amy went first and when she got the hang of it I pushed my dick deep in her mouth. She was choking and was trying to move her mouth but I held it like for 10 sec.
I did the same with jessie and she choked even more. Well after all their mouth/ Throat were still tiny.

When they were done I spat in their mouths and kissed them forcibly. They tried to push me away but gave up when I held them tightly. When I was done kissing both of them said together “OMG DID YOU JUST KISS US.” I yelled and said” IT IS A PART OF THE LESSON SO JUST LET ME DO WHAT I HAVE TO DO”. They were quiet and agreed with me.

ME: “Now for the final lesson. Jessie I am going to do something with Amy first and then with you as well. But just watch me as I am doing it”

Amy looked at me nervously as jessie agreed.

I then lifted Amy in the air, and inserted my cock in her hole. They were very short and thin compared to me so I could lift them easily. The hole was extremely tight and small. She was facing me and her face was 1 cm away from mine. As I inserted my dick Amy put her arms around my neck and shouted


Her hole was tight and when my dick hit her virginity wall it was not even half way in. I slowly moved her up and sown as she screamed


Then her virginity wall broke and blood poured down. She said” I think a tissue tore PLEASE STOP THIS”. Jessie looked at Amy nervously and with concern.

I then moved her up and down quickly as I kept staring at her face which had an expression of pain. She complained that it hurt for 2 min after I started doing it quickly but after that her response changed and jessie was shocked to hear what Amy said.


I then looked at her lusty face kissed her and kissed me back with passion. I then started licking her nipples and sucking them as well.
Then I looked at Amy’s face her mouth was wide open and she was still moaning. I then finally came in her and she could feel the liquid flowing through her.


I threw her on the couch as she lay in exhaustion. Jessie was still staring at Amy when I picked her up.

I said “Now its your turn”
and picked Jessie up in the same way. We were looking into each others eyes. She looked nervous. I entered my 7 inch cock already covered with blood into her hole which was even smaller than Amy’s. I straight away started fucking her rapidly instead of being slow. She screamed even more than Amy and am pretty sure our neighbours heard it too.

Jessie:” AAAAAAAAAAAH AAAAAAAAAAAAAH OMG.. WAIT AAH YOU WERE SLOW WITH AMY AT FIRST AAAAAAH WHY ARE YOU DOING AAAH SO FAST.. PLEASE IT HURTS A LOT”. She almost started crying but I placed her on the couch and ordered Amy to kiss her to keep her mouth shut.
Amy did not mind and kissed her and whispered “you will love it”

After about 3 mins, She started moaning with pleasure


I came as soon as I heard her pleasure moan.
I slowly pulled my dick out as she was still moaning. After that all 3 of us lay on the couch with exhaustion for almost 5 mins.

I had blood on my penis, which was pretty obvious as Amy and jessie were virgins and lost their virginity to me.

But that’s when I realised what I had just done I had fucked my sisters and was completely ashamed of myself. I sat up pulled them closer and started crying.

They hugged me and then said
Amy: “Why are you crying bro. I think you should be happy because you made us feel so good.”
Jessie: ” yeah brother… we have never felt so pleasured and good”

I then explained them about sex, porn, virginity, child sex and how I can go to jail and also explained that there are high chances of any one of them or both to become pregnant.

They looked at each other shocked and in disbelief.

I immediately said “I am so sorry for what I have done. When you are a male teenager a lot of changes occur in your body. I couldn’t control myself and those changes made me do this.”
Then Amy interrupted me and said

Amy: “Well we have always wanted to tell you something. The truth we have always LOVED YOU AS A LOVER AND NOT AS A SISTER”. ‘ We have had dreams of you being our children’s father and us being your wives”

My jaw dropped when they said this. I then asked them why they had such feelings about me. Jessie said

Jessie:” Well after dad died we felt very lonely as we were never so close to you or Mom compared to dad before. When we lost him we felt like we lost our mind. We were about to go into depression, but you pulled us out of it in the nick of time.”

Amy (added): ” You helped us with everything from our studies to our social life, our everyday food and helped us get over dads lose. We never even did anything for you and were disrespectful before as well but you still came to our rescue.”
“since we never loved you so much before when you brought us back up, we saw you as our night in shining armor more than an elder brother”

Jessie: “At first we were ashamed of ourselves for having such feelings but as we became closer we couldn’t stop ourselves from crushing on you. We even agreed to you having both of us as your wives instead of anyone if you ever liked us.” she concluded.

I was in tears and so were they. I pulled them closer and kissed both of them on the lips, and said “I love you as a lover.”
They replied “We love you as a lover as well”
and then we hugged each other.

I slowly got up and lifted them both in the air. Since they were short and not so heavy I could lift them easily. I lifted them as they clung to me and held me tightly. I carried them to the bathroom and told

ME: “Okay, both of you take bath together and help each other to out to clean your private parts, do not worry if more blood comes out, it is fine and normal and it happens to every girl who looses her virginity”

I placed them down on the bathroom floor and closed the door and went to take bath myself. While taking a shower I started thinking about what my sisters told me. I started tearing up again and also started developing feelings for them.

I got out of the shower and saw that my sisters were still showering. So i went to the kitchen and quickly made lunch for us.
They finished taking a bath and came out and sat on the chairs to have lunch.

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      Hey Curious Daughter, I agree 100% about the hot story. Don’t sell yourself short. 32B boobs are sexy too. I’m 38C

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    how in the name of fuck did you come up with this fake incest story

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    Oh my god, you people are sick. Incest isn’t intrinsically wrong, but rape is. Period. Fucking period. There’s no opinions on that. If you think rape is okay, let alone raping a child, LET ALONE raping you fucking family members who are supposed to trust you, then you are fucking disgusting. I have personally known a number of people who were traumatized by rape. And I even know someone who was traumatized by being raped by their brothers. Yes, that’s plural. Brothers raped her, and it didn’t make them any fucking closer. It made her hate her brothers for years and the only reason she doesn’t anymore is because she’s moved on and thankfully been able to pull herself out of that trauma.

    I doubt this story is true (and it’s a fucking sick fantasy if it’s not) but if it is true, you people are disgusting. Because the vast majority of you are only here to get off to the idea of being with a family member, I know that. But if this story is true, you need to distinguish reality from fantasy and realize how fucked this is, and how much damage this could potentially be doing to those girls in the long run.

    • Psiberzerker ID:21c69jbt0a

      Incest is intrinsically wrong. Other than that, I agree with pretty much everything you said.

    • John ID:n4nchdy8l

      I can not agree more, this makes me sick

    • John ID:n4nchdy8l

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    • JJ ID:44zsnlyxt0d

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    • Richie99 ID:15qc190uqrk

      Don’t worry over nothing cause this story is BS-Fiction as there’s no mention of real rape, I didn’t finsih the story.

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  • Reply Jenkins Mac-Hetz ID:1jybr2m3

    Wow this is good, but am in tears now.
    But i must say the truth too i’ve done it before with my female cousins, so nothing is bad there

    • D ID:7ylren2v9i

      How did you manage to get them to let you

  • Reply Amy ID:1ah770lfv9b

    What the fuck?

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    Good story. When I was young I had crushes on lots of my female cousins.
    I would have fucked every one of them if they had let me.

  • Reply Joshua Jagmohan ID:gipw1bv9a

    This is not considered rape

    They both agreed to it and loved it

    • no name ID:3zxjfqgf49a

      yes it is. the age of consent is 16. this story is sick.

    • Amanda ID:19rkkk5i8

      Uhhhh neither a 12yo nor a 13yo can legally consent to sex with a 16yo any jurisdiction where the author could live *since he knew he could go to jail and therefore lives somewhere that prosecutes such activities as crimes*.

      Also : I think actually that the majority of adults on the planet who have any level of understanding of what ‘rape’ is would consider this situation irl to be rape. By his own words, neither child had a clue about sex or what he was doing or wanting to do to them except for the kissing. He did not ask for their consent in any meaningful way. He outright manipulated them, took advantage of their innocence and naïvity, and proceeded to violently rape them both in a way that irl would lead to internal bleeding and injury (potentially serious ones with permanent damage) given his stated size and the victims ages + lack of puberty.

      The fact they magically somehow felt no more pain after 2mins (13yo) and 3mins (12yo) respectively is the kind of fiction only someone with absolutely no relevant experience could think is possible.

      BUT. Even if that somehow *did* happen, and they somehow “loved it” : he still raped them. By his admission. People with vaginas will often/generally produce (some amount of) lubrication in circumstances like the author described here, because that’s the way the body works. It’s biology, that’s how the reproductive system works by design – in the same way that a penis can become erect if stimulated, whether the erection is *wanted* or not.

  • Reply Joshua Jagmohan ID:gipw1bv9a

    That would be good if i had a brother like you

    Your the best brother someone could ask for.

    You helped your sisters out so much you didn’t even realize it

  • Reply DinoMite ID:5s4lu2fzri

    I wonder if the people who read TRUE STORY believe that because why would it be in caps and the fact that they had to put it there kinda made me want to point it out

    • AP ID:on8so7lk0i

      People seldom read or believe anything but what they want to. Even then, some writers claim an outlandish story to be ‘true’ just to hype it.

  • Reply shikhi ID:gjzsnq499

    eww…first of all i am from india so i am never gonna call this number XD and jokes apart….EWWW THATS SO PEDO!!!!WEEWOOOWEEEWOOO CALL THE FBI PEOPLE!!!

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    • Name ID:37gcjj5pzr9

      Im pretty sure this didnt happen

  • Reply MR. Regret ID:1bfepuyz49a

    I enjoy incest porn from one guy to the next, but this has disgusted myself and my thoughts. If this is real then you raped your sisters. I could understand if you said she was a couple of years younger and “Horny”, but raping a 12 year old girl has made me want to rip my own eyes out from reading this but kill you before I do so. You are a disgusting pervert, I want to throw up. I am so ashamed for reading this, but more importantly you should NOT be alive anymore. I won’t be sad if you kill yourself, you are a paedophile and a rapist. I can not believe all of this is true, I hope it’s not; yet even for a fictional story this has crossed the line. My personal preference is sibling incest (2 sisters, yes please) but NO FUCKING WAY, THIS IS SO WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS I HATE MYSELF FOR READING THIS. If my wife knew I read this, I’d be ashamed. She knows the porn i’m into and it doesn’t bother her but JUST NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! Holy fuck I hate you so much, I am getting more and more angry as I type this. Rot in hell, you don’t belong on this earth. I WANT YOU TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Unknown ID:2esnqhrj

      If you don’t like it then why the fuck did you read it all the way then come to post stupid shit like this? If you don’t like it in the first place then just get your ass out of here alright?

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    I want someone to come, sister

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    👏👏👏👏👏love this one I want to read more of this tipe from you, I was locked in and reading it so fast
    i could not get enough can you tall us some more
    Love this amy and Jessie because it reminds me of someone I liked as a kid when my sister went to school and she had come over one time
    I’m so interested if anymore happened afterwards

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    No you don’t lol

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