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My guilty pleasure

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I’m a 32 year old mother to four beautiful daughters. My oldest is 7yo the twins are 5yo and the youngest is 3yo. They are all around the same age, we wanted them to be close, so me and my husband decided to have our children close to one another. We are able to have multiple kids with our income, since we didn’t have any financial problems we wanted a big family. I work from home, thankfully so I’m able to spend a lots of time with the kids, but sadly my husband spends most of his time abroad working so I’m often alone at home. Also we have a family dog Bruce he is a 5yo doberman and has been living with us since a little pup. We’ve always wanted our children to grow along side a dog who would care for them and provide protection if needed. The kids are always fooling around and playing with him, but they have been closer than I could haveever imagined.

I’ll be honest because I’m without a male presence at home I regularly masturbate. I usually pleasure myself at the morning or before going to bed, but sometimes I’ll think about something that will instantly turn me on and I’ll have to do it right now and then. For example one day while we were having dinner I thought about one time my husband fucked me just when we were finishing our dinner a couple years ago. That made me so horny that I had to satisfy my needs right away so I spread my legs and placed them on the dinner table I just pulled my skirt up and started touching myself. I’m not worried about my daughters watching me because I know that they are still young and don’t understand what’s happening. After few minutes my oldest daughter asked me what was I doing, I just told her that mommy was making her self happy. Everything was going fine, but then something happened that has never happened before. Once I finished I was just cooling of for a minute, but then I felt something touching my pussy and when I looked I couldn’t believe at what I was looking at. There he was Bruce under the table licking me. At first I was shocked and didn’t know what to do I thought that he would stop fast, but that didn’t happen he just kept going. I tried to push him away, but he wasn’t giving up and the fact that i was kinda liking it didn’t help. It has been long time since someone ate my pussy like that. So I decided to let him, I was curious about how long would he keep licking and then he hit the spot, he started licking my clit and I started moaning like crazy my daughters were saying something, but I just told them that Bruce is making mommy happy. After few minutes I came like crazy. Bruce stopped and went to do his thing. I got myself together and served dinner to everyone, but I couldn’t stop thinking about what just happened. I started to think if I would do this again.

From that day on at least once a day I would have Bruce licking me. I found comfort with Bruce I didn’t want to be with a man that wasn’t my husband. Bruce was always ready to help me no matter the time or place. Sometimes I would watch TV with the kids and he’d just come in front of me and place his head on my legs while looking at me so innocent. I would open my legs for him take of my leggings and enjoy the pleasure while watching TV. And when I’m feeling really horny I will walk around the house naked and have him follow me everywhere, I love when he licks me while I make lunch or dinner, I’ll just be naked in the kitchen and he’ll put his mouth in my ass and lick away. Sometimes one of my daughters will ask me why I’m I naked or what I’m I doing with Bruce to what I always have a good response. One thing I haven’t done that I’m interested in trying is to have sex with Bruce. He’s tried many times to put his penis inside me, but I’ve never let him. As time passes I’m becoming more opened to the idea of getting fucked by him i mean how different could it be. The relationship between me and Bruce became the new normal for me, but last month I witnessed something unimaginable.

It was late at night around 3 I woke up to go to the bathroom. I noticed that the light was on in my daughter’s room, our oldest daughter has her own room. First I didn’t think of it much I thought maybe she had forgotten to turn off the light, so I was going to turn it off and continue with what was I doing. As I got closer to her room I started to hear some noises, ok now I was confused. I opened her door just to take a look and what I saw was the most unexpected thing ever. There she was my sweet little girl laying on her back all naked with her legs wide opened and Bruce was going in on her. I instantly froze. I didn’t know what would I’ve said if I had entered the room and stopped what they were doing. So I just sat there watching them waiting to stop. After few minutes I realized that she was enjoying this, she wasn’t trying to push him away or try to escape him, she was just letting him licks her. She wasn’t loud with her moans they were quite and sounded really cute coming from a 7yo girl. After some time I realized that I was letting this happen and it wasn’t bothering me anymore also I started to feel something too. It turns out watching my daughter getting licked by my dog would turn me on. I was feeling little embarrassed, but I decided to go with it, I took off my pajamas an started rubbing my clit with my fingers. It seemed like this was never going to end. By this point I was fingering and rubbing myself intensively. Maybe after the craziest minutes of my life I finally came. It felt so wrong yet so amazing. After that I left and went straight to my bedroom, I was thinking about what happened about my reaction to the situation and I was thinking if this would be something that I was interested in. The next morning while we were having breakfast I asked my daughter how much she loved Bruce to that she replied “a ton” and she also told me that she loves it when Bruce is making her happy just like mommy does. When I heard what she said I knew that I was going to have much fun with her and probably the other girls going forward.

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  • Reply Jim ID:71ou0taghl

    Perfect family I hope you have lots of fun

  • Reply Ralfie ID:55xo5ow8l

    This story IS TOTAL AND ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT!First of all,A DOG DOESN’T “CARE” FOR CHILDREN,nor DID HE PROTECTS THEM AS THEIR PARENTS DO!STOP WRITING such UNREALISTIC RUBBISH!Then,IT’S NOT TRUE AT ALL that children were “still young and didn’t understand what’s happening”!THEY OBVIOUSLY UNDERSTOOD that something happened and ask the mother about that!NOBODY SHOULD MASTURBATE IN FRONT OF HIS/HER OWN CHILDREN,you BIG PERVERT!

    • Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

      Dogs can be trained to “Care” for children, or protect the home, or lead blind people to the bus-stop. It really depends on the breed, their experience with humans, including children, and their training. “A dog doesn’t care.” A dog can do childcare. Just like any of the other jobs animals have been bred, and trained for over a couple hundred thousand years of domesticating dogs. If you like, you can even look up the particular breeds that are particularly good for childcare, instead of talking about dogs, and childcare, as if you ever bothered to learn anything about them.

  • Reply Booby ID:bmsf12r8j

    I wish someone would pinch my nipples!!

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      I call bullshit on the stories I call bullshit bullshit bullshit so I made a bunch of fakers

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    I want this so bad. Anyone from Minnesota?

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  • Reply Bare ID:8x7mg38l

    I love how you found a new way to please yourself and Bruce of course too. My partner and I talked about getting a dog a few years ago for that purpose but we didn’t. sort of wish we had.

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    Loved it

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  • Reply Cumgulper ID:h48qotkhk

    Sluthunter it wasn’t to gross and ugly. I know that you really enjoyed reading it, because it hard not to. I love a woman who isn’t ashamed to express her perverted kinks. She is such a lovely mom to state her actions about how she felt watching her daughter.

  • Reply Cumgulper ID:h48qotkhk

    That was really hot and I would have loved to seen it live. I have several dog’s and I let a few of them mount and bot do I love it.

  • Reply Wilma ID:457ggte8j

    I have a little miniature poodle that surprise me one afternoon while I sat at the table in my robe. I had no idea the pleasure he would give me. We have been together for 8 years and I have a friend that come to visit that lets him pleasure her also. She doesn’t know I have watch him licking her under the table. Thank god for mirrors placed in the right areas around my house.

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    That’s really horny if you let the dog fuck you tell us about it

  • Reply sluthunter ID:w9lmkbv0

    Thats only gross and ugly! She is a pedophile and has to be into prison!! I dont understand that any human can be excited by that crap!!

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    You didn’t went to the doctor, did u get pregnant giving dog birth

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    i love a mommy that makes her pussy happy around her babies. what a good mom!

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