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Jared and Amy 2

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I was 8 and Jared was 16 in the story.

I was blow drying my hair when my stepbrother Jared comes in. He comes behind me and kisses the top of my head.

“Why are you so cute?”, he asked. “Look at that butt. It should be in a museum. Absolutely gorgeous.” I was just dressed in my panties as he reached in and felt my ass.

“Uh Mom and Dad are here!”, I said

“Uh no they are not!”, he said and told me they went shopping.

“You want something or did you come to harass me and tell me how cute my butt is for the millionth time?”, I asked

He pinched my ass and messed up my hair. He stepped back, smiling, knowing I was going to retaliate. I punched his leg playfully and he lifted me up and laid me on the bathroom counter. He pulled my panties off and I smiled knowing what was coming. He could eat pussy like no other. I loved it. I spread open for him. Showing off my little baldy.

“You going to stare at it or lick it?”, I said and smiled

“Eh don’t get lippy with me brat!”, he said as he pinched my upper thigh. I kicked him in the chest. He got control of my legs and made a growling noise. He kissed my chest making that noise moving down to my belly and to my pussy. I was laughing my ass off. He licked my pussy and said, “You are going to learn to behave!”

“You are mean to me!”, I joked

“I am not! I love you. You are just a bad girl.”, he said

“I am not! I am a good girl.”, I protested

“Ok then. I am sorry. I will stop.”, he said

“No! Wait! I am bad! Very bad! Evil!”, I said

He smiled and chuckled, “I thought so.”, he said and gave me a stern look.

His mouth covered my pussy as his tongue danced on my clit. I rested my legs on his shoulders as he did his magic. I was feeling wonderful sensations go through me with every flick of his tongue. His thick thumb entered into my vagina as his finger entered my asshole. He slowly moved them in an out of me. “Huh uh huh. Jared I love you. Make me a good girl.”, I said.

He chuckled. “You are a very bad girl. I want to spank that beautiful butt of yours.”, he said

“Do it! I like it.”, I said

He started spanking me as he pleasured me. He was pinching my butt and thigh also. It turned me on all the more. He could tell I was really getting into the pain. I felt myself about to orgasm. My legs tightened on his head. I smacked his head. “Oh Jared. Spank me.”, I said. He did something better. My legs locked around his head as I let out a long moan. He pinched me hard. Holding that pinch as I came. Waves of ecstasy poured over me. “Jared! Aw Jared please!!!”, I said. I just collapsed on the counter.

He picked me up and kissed me. “How’s my girl?”, he asked. “I love my Amy”, he said and squeezed me hard. I hit his shoulder.

“Be nice for once!”, I said

“I am. I just love my lil’ sis.”, he said

“Sit down.”, I said wanting to return the favor.

He picked me up again and kissed me. He shook me up and down. I was laughing. “Come on! I want to play with your thing!”, I said impatiently.

“Let’s eat breakfast first. They told me to make you something.”, he said. “So how about a nice sausage?” He took his dick out.

“Sure!!!”, I said. I loved his big thick cock.

He sat down and was jacking it getting it hard as I stood in front of him ready to go. He tapped me on the head with it. “Why do you hit me with it?”, I asked smiling and he laughed. He knew I liked it.

He ran his cock head from the top of my head, down my forehead, down my nose to my lips. I kept my lips shut. He swished it left and right across my lips. He smacked my cheek with it. “Open up!”, he said. I shook my head in defiance. He smacked me again with it. He held my head and pressed it against my lips as I giggled. Then he got mean as he hit the pressure point on my shoulder. “Ow! You…”, I said as his cock head entered my mouth.

“Rats rof fair!”, I said. He pulled his dick out.

“Hmmm? What?”, he said

“Not fair!”, I said and giggled

He tapped on the head with his dick and put it back in my mouth. I giggled. I put both hands on his shaft and slowly masturbated him as I sucked on his penis head. “Good?”, I asked. He gave me a dirty look took his dick from me and tapped me on the head.

“I am going to punch your balls! You better start being nice.”, I said. He nervously told me he loved me and it was all in fun. “Uh huh! That is better.”, I said

I continued masturbating him while running my tongue along his head. I was sucking hard on it. I pushed his dick to his body and licked the bottom of his shaft from his sack to his head. Swirling my tongue on his penis head. I could tell he was loving it. He started masturbating as I licked and sucked his head. He started moaning as his head went back. “Oh fuck!”, he said. He pulled his head from my mouth. “Awww shit!”, he said and shot his load on my face and chest. I just stood there getting his cum shot on me. He saw my look of disdain as he laid back and was laughing hysterically. I stood there with my arms folded giving him a dirty look.

“You are an asshole!”, I said

“Amy! It was a joke. It was fun. Come on!”, he said

“Now I gotta shower again!”, I said.

I didn’t let it go to waste. I ate most of what was on my body. I didn’t clean his dick off pretending to be mad at him.

“Come on! I am sorry!”, he said as I was showering. I opened the curtain and spit water on him. He laughed.

Another perfect beginning to a perfect day.

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