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My daughter and the son of the tailor matted nicely

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I went to the regular tailor shop with my daughter.. The tailor not there. His son was there. Leaving her I left urgently. He seduced and matted her.

In my previous story I had written about my sweet sex experience in the tailor shop. When I went there to stitch my blouse, the tailor Abbas and his nephew Saleem s****** me and mated with me. Having enjoyed superb sex pleasure, I repeatedly went there.
In the very next month after the sweet experience, I got pregnant. Even then I went there for 4 more months. After 10 months I begot a girl child and named her as Asha. After that also, I went there to enjoy the pleasure for a long 10 years. I start the game when I was 33. Now I am in my 43.
You might ask me a question. With whose resemblance is my daughter?. Yes she is the exact xerox copy of Saleem. Like Salim also she is chubby and tall. Now she is 9 years old. But she had her puberty even when she was in her 8.
Abbas is having a son. He is in his 12. and his name is Malik. Last year Abbas celebrated the penis marriage of his son and I also went there. All the Muslims celebrate this function for their sons when they have their adolescence. The fore skin covering the entire penis is cut and taken away up to the bottom of the bud of the penis. There after the penis is called a bald penis. The bald penis or mostly more horny.
Lost month I took with me my daughter to stitch some dresses. On The Way, I informed Abbas about our visit. But he told me that he was away from the shop and could return after an hour.
He told me that is son Malik was there and asked me to wait until he came.
As soon as we entered into the shop, I was called from the Ladies club, that an accident had happened and I should be there. So I had to leave or so there.
The remaining part of the story is narrated by Asha herself.
Hai! I am Asha. As soon as my mom had left, Malik came and sat with me. Took my hand in his hands and said that I was very beautiful and liked my beauty very much. Then he asked me weather I was ready play with him video games till his father came. I said that I was not interested in playing video games, but I liked very much reading children books.
He took some six story books from the cupboard and gave me. The first three story books where for children but in a different language. The first one was a sex book with colourful nude photos. I could not understand that. So I called Malik and ask him to explain about it. Seeing that book he told me,” oh my God is it here? I have been searching this from the morning.” I asked him whether he new about that. He gladly said that he knew about them very well and he could explain those pictures very nicely.
In the first pic, a lady was showing her bare boobs with a smile. He touched it and told that they were called as boobs and girls only will have that. Saying so, he simply removed ed my shirt and kneaded my guava like boobs. Then pinched the nipples and suck them nicely. It was a pressure full one for me and I enjoyed it closing my eyes.
In the second picture another lady was showing her pussy openly and was keeping her Index finger on her lips. At once, he removed my lowyer garments and made me nude. Then he started caressing my clitoris for some 3 minutes and then (jointly) inserted his two fingers inside my pussy hole and rotate at them on either side like a steering wheel. I became more horny. Because of that my p**** becam wet and your viscous liquid started oozing out. He touched the liquid with his index finger and kept inside my mouth. It was with a sour taste.
In the third picture, a man was holding his elected penis in his hand and showing it. He immediately removed his half trouser and showed his penis and asked me to touch. Eagerly I held it in my hand and slowly moved the fore skin of it. Because of the form touch and my action hit started growing up to 6 inches and nodded the head up and down. I asked him what was the use of it. He simply said that I could understand by seeing the next picture.
In the fourth picture A man was inserting his penis inside the pussy of a lady. I wanted seeing that and asked Malik weather his stout penis could enter into my little pussy. Saying ,” I will clear your doubt now,” he came near me and entered his penis inside my pussy hole. Entered just an inch inside my pussy and struggled to move more. Something was stopping the penis to move more.
He sadly said that he didn’t know why that was happening so. Set that the previous previous week also, mated with his niece and then her friend also. I asked him with great wonder whether he already had a fucking experience. With a great sigh he accepted.
He said,” That is a different story and I will tell you now. Last week when my niece and I were alone, she sucked my penis and made it to enlarge. Then she asked me to suck her p**** and knead her boobs, sucking the nipples. I did all what she said. Then she became horny and f*** me to her bedroom. There she get my penis well inside her pussy and started to mate with me. Info different postures she fucked me for about 2 hours. Then she asked her friend to come and continued the play. Without any obstacle my penis went inside those two pussies like a finger freely entering into the butter.
” Ok I’ll call her and clear my doubt”. Saying so he called her and kept the phone in the speaker mode. She said that when a girl is for the first time in her life, a thin membrane would stop the penis not to go fully inside. If the penis strikes the pussy heavily, the membrane would give way and after that the penis could move fully inside. She advised him strongly not to spell or leak the white milk under any circumstance inside my pussy.
Having heard that I asked him to push is penis strongly. A heavy blow the membrane and tore it. Because of that I felt a very heavy pain and blood started oozing out from my pussy. I bit strongly and scolded him severely. Consoled me moving is hands on my head and kissing on my eyes and cheeks. He pressed my head on his chest and asked me to pardon him.
Slowly the pain disappeared under asked him to continue. With a great self pity, he fucked me slowly. But that was not enough for me. I forced him to fuck speedly. He also did that. We both enjoyed the matting with extreme pleasure. When we both touched the peak, we hacked each other and kept calm for a long time.
Then like all other mating couples doing, we also fucked in three more styles. Nearly one and half hour. Quickly we both had our dresses and sat quite calmly like innocent children.
Both of our parents game. Abbas uncle had the measurements for my dresses. Then my mom and I started to go home.
Hi readers, this is Aruna your story writer. Please write and send your comments and suggestions to my mail ID.
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Let us meet again. Until then bye bye.

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