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Grandpa’s Love Bar _ 2

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Grandpa pulled down his pj bottoms and climbed into bed with me snuggling up to my young naked body. Grandpa had told me I had to start sleeping naked if I wanted his love bar to stay strong. He told me people who loved each other always slept naked like my Mommy and Daddy. His whiskers tickled my neck as he kissed me and his big calloused hand roamed over my little body. I giggled as he licked and kissed down my back to the top of my bum. I knew what he was gonna do and couldn’t wait for his tongue to lick in between my bum cheeks.
Grandpa kissed and did little bites all over my bum cheeks and then he grabbed them and spread them wide apart with his strong hands. His tongue licked up my crack and over my tight little bum hole making me shiver. He licked around and around my tight hole trying to press his tongue inside but it was to tight for him, so he just kept licking at it. I liked that it felt really good and made my bum and pussy tingle.
Grandpa moved up beside me and I opened my legs for him to place his love bar between my thighs right up against my little pussy lips. then I closed my legs and Grandpa started to move his love bar back and forth between my thighs. Grandpa was moaning with pleasure and my kitty felt very good as his bar pushed back and forth on top of it.
I asked Grandpa again if I could see the love bar and he said it was about time he showed it to me, I got real excited as he pulled out from between my thighs and sat up. He grabbed the covers and pulled them down but it was still to dark to see so he reached over and turned on my little reading light. As the light came on I saw his love bar for the first time and I was amazed by it. It looked huge and was sticking straight out from a hairy patch between his legs right where my pussy was on me. I crawled toward it to get a better look and reached out my hand to touch it. It was covered in big thick blue veins and it jerked when my fingers touched it making me laugh.
Shhhhhhhhhh Grandpa said we don’t want to wake up your Mom and Dad. I stroked it with my little hand watching the way the skin slid up and down the hardness underneath. A little drop of clear stuff dribbled out of the little slit in the end and run over my fingers. I ask Grandpa what that was and he said love juice and I should taste it if I loved him. I wasn’t sure about tasting it but I did love him so i stuck out my tongue and licked some off my finger. He laughed and said “No silly lick it off of my love bar like mommy does to daddy”. I looked at him, then his dripping love bar, took a breath and leaned forward to lick the tip clean, tasting the slippery stuff on my tongue. It wasn’t to bad so I licked it again getting the rest of it.
Grandpa asked if I liked it and I said yes, I would have said yes even if I didnt like it because I didn’t want Grandpa to be disappointed in me. He told me if I kept licking the tip I would get lots more and he started to stroke his love bar with his big hand as I licked over and around the swollen head. Grandpa was groaning and moaning and I knew he liked what I was doing. Grandpa said to open my mouth and suck some of it inside if I really wanted a good taste, so I opened my mouth as far as I could and Grandpa pushed the swollen head of his love bar in my mouth. I couldn’t do much because it was so big but Grandpa groaned I was gonna get a big swallow and then something squirted out of Grandpas love bar and filled my mouth. I could here Grandpa telling me to swallow, swallow and I tried to swallow it all but some came out my nose and it just kept filling my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed until it was just leaking a little out of his love bar.
Grandpa pulled it out of my mouth and asked how I had like swallowing Grandpa’s love? I told him it was an awful lot of love to swallow but I had really liked it. Grandpa said I could swallow it every night from now on just like Mommy did to Daddy. I smiled at this because my Mom really loved my daddy.

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  • Reply Lucy ID:41fwlepzk

    My grandpa hurts me with his love bar sometimes, but I’m a good girl and I don’t want him to think I don’t love him. It hurts when it slid into my kitty. I didn’t know anything could go up there. But grandpa said it’s where his love bar is supposed to sleep.

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    What a good little granddaughter.. I wish you were mine to teach and play with. Add me on snap chat if you want to play. Daddyisback11

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      I would love to

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    My grandpa came to live with us two weeks ago and I am going to get some love juice he has been grinding on my 13 y o cunt when I sit on his lap and now I see the fun ahead

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      Katie, you look after your grandpa like a good little girl. Call me if you need more love juice, I have plenty

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      Lucky Gramps

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    What a good little girl looking after your grandpa like that . I think all little girls should look after their grandpa like that .

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      Would you be my grandpa