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Here, let me help you

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Robert was 11 when he hurt himself playing outside. Being a good neighbour I brought him inside to tend to his wound, and I helped myself to his cock.

I was sitting out on my patio one summer afternoon, enjoying reading my latest crime book and sipping a glass of cold lemonade, occasionally watching a group of neighbourhood children running around and playing on the vacant land behind my house.

The land was overgrown with weeds, bushes and old rotten trees, they seemed to be having fun until I heard one of them scream and cry out, I got up from my seat and raced over to see what wrong, one of the boys had cut himself on a sharp broken branch, “Oh dear. Come with me, sweetie, let’s take a look at that for you.” I said, taking his hand and helping him back to my house.

I sat him down on my couch and grabbed my first aid kit, I kneeled on the floor in front of him, he was sobbing from the pain of his leg, “There-there. Don’t worry, darling, we’ll sort it out. What’s your name?” I asked him, starting a conversation to help take his mind off it.

“Robert.” He replied, sniffling.

“That’s a lovely name, Robert. My name is Joanne.” I said.

He was wearing a red t-shirt and a pair of light blue scruffy jeans, I could see a small red blotch on his jeans near his thigh, it was a blood stain, “How old are you, Robert?” I asked.


“You’re being very brave. We’re going to have to take these jeans off, love, is that alright?” I asked.

He nodded and unbuttoned them, then pulled down the zip, I helped him shimmy the jeans down his legs, he was wearing white briefs underneath, I couldn’t help notice that he had a very nice bulge underneath them, I saw the cut on his leg, it wasn’t a deep cut but it was about 2 inches long and it was bleeding, so I took a sterilising wipe and cleaned it up, he flinched when it stunk his cut, he threw his arm across his face to cover his eyes, he didn’t want to look at the cut.

After cleaning the wound I applied a plaster to it, “There we go. All done.” I said, he moved his hand away from his face and looked at his leg, “Thank you.” He said, very sweetly.

“You’re very welcome, darling.” I said, I was rubbing his bare legs, they were small and thin, as I rubbed my hands up and down his thighs, I saw his cock move underneath his briefs, it started to swell up, his facial expression changed to one of embarrassment when he noticed what was happening.

We shared a look in to each other’s eyes, I wouldn’t normally act in this manner around a young boy, it had been a while since I’d seen a cock and I felt myself getting turned on by the thought of it being just inches away from my hands, I could not resist my urges.

I rubbed my hands up his inner thighs and I rubbed the front of his briefs, feeling the shape of his cock and balls beneath them, he gasped and then his legs sprung apart a little more, I felt his cock hardening while I rubbed until his tight briefs could no longer stretch and contain it, I pulled the front of his briefs forward and down, revealing his erection.

It was 5 inches long, not very thick, but still looked delicious, he groaned and gasped some more when I held it in my hand and rubbed up and down his shaft, pulling his foreskin up and down, “Oh Robert.” I whispered, seductively, then I leaned down and slid his cock in to my mouth.

“Oooh.” He moaned, as I sucked and slurped on his hard, fresh virgin cock.

A few minutes later I felt my pussy was soaked, I removed my mouth from his cock and smiled at him, “I’m taking you to bed.” I said, I stood and lifted him up in to my arms and I carried him in to my bedroom and laid him down on my bed and closed the door.

He watched me quickly undress, then I climbed on to the bed and crawled on top of him, lifting off his t-shirt and then kissing his small skinny naked body all over, my breasts were quite firm so I pushed my nipple to his mouth and he suckled on it like a little baby breastfeeding while I reached down and tugged on his cock.

He looked sad when I took my breasts away from his mouth as I sat up to straddle him, but he soon relaxed and grinned when I slid his cock up my dripping wet hole and slowly began to ride him.

“Ooh-ugh.” He groaned.

“You feel that. Nice and wet and warm, huh. Does it feel good?” I asked.

He nodded with his eyes closed, “Yeah.” He uttered, licking his lips.

I enjoyed the feeling of his young cock sliding in and out of my pussy, for a moment I had forgotten he was only a small boy and I was riding him extremely hard, “Argh.” He moaned, I was hurting his tiny legs, so I slowed down and continued but not so rough, “Sorry, darling. You’re just so good at this.” I said.

He kept trying to sit up, propping himself up with his elbows, so I allowed him to sit up and I rolled off of him and on to my back, he smiled and he climbed over me and rested his little body on top of mine and he pushed his cock back inside my pussy and began to fuck me like a little trooper.

I had a brief fit of giggles seeing his tiny little ass bouncing up and down between my legs, I reached down and grabbed it and gave his bum cheeks a squeeze, “You have such a cute little ass, Robert.” I said.

Being such a young boy and this being his first time, he didn’t last very long at all, I felt his cock swell against my inner walls, he groaned out loud and then I felt him fire off his seed in to me, “Ooh – Oh, Robert – Oh, wow.” I said, it wasn’t the strongest ejaculation I’d ever felt but it felt good.

We rested briefly until his friends knocked on my front door and were calling out his name to see where he was, we got dressed quickly, and I spanked his little ass playfully as he ran in to the front room to get his jeans and briefs off the floor, as he rushed for the front door I asked him for a kiss, which he sweetly gave to me.

Then he left the house, I heard his friends asking him where he’d been, what he’d been doing, and asking why he had his t-shirt on backwards.

Little Robert returned to my house a few days later and very politely asked, “Can we play in your bedroom again?”, and from that day we’ve been having regular visits and pretty good sex, he’s getting better and bigger every day.

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