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I fucked the dog and my brother

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My name is Alexandra I’m 14 I’m 5’5 and this is a true story.
I fuck my brother a lot because my parents are never home. He’s 4 years older than me and the first time I fucked him was when I was 12, he came into the shower with me and just started fucking me. He fucks me almost every day and I really enjoy it. But about 3 months ago he brought the dog into my room and told me to get on my hands and knees, I was already naked. Then he put Blue our dog on top of me. I was really scared and tried to get away but my brother calmed me down and told me to stay still. He then guided blue’s cock into my pussy, I could feel it stretching me out and it was amazing. Then his cock started to grow inside me and he came in my pussy. We were stuck for a while after that. After we got unstuck my brother finger fucked me until I came 2 times. My brother has me fuck the dog a lot now and it’s the best thing ever. Ask questions in the comments I have more stories about me and my brother and this isn’t long enough so I’ll tell one more

One time my brother brought two of his friends over to fuck me, Jacob and Ashton. I had no idea that they were coming over and they just stormed into my room and as Jacob made me suck his cock my brother stuck his dick into my pussy. They both pumped in and out roughly and Jacob came in my mouth and my brother pulled out and came all over my back then I felt something at the entrance to my asshole, it was a gigantic dick. I had never taken anything in my ass so I screamed as Ashton pushed his dick into my ass forcefully and fucked my brains out. They all took turns fucking my mouth, cunt and ass. I probably came at least 4 times. I loved every moment of it

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    I was 14 when my bro was 11 and one night he started playing with my cock. He was smaller than me but I always noticed what a nice bubble ass he had and nice slender hairless body. His cock was nice too. So I started to play with him, and then we 69’ed. I had a lot of spit and worked his ass over slow and careful. His cock was smaller so I was able to take it without any problem, I lubed it up really good by sucking his cock. Little bro, blew a little in my mouth, and I dumped a huge load into his ass. He said the hot cum felt good. We went at it until I left for college. Then it was only when I came home that we went out for “quality time”.

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    My brother’s cock is massive. I accidentally saw it when he was 16 and wearing a bathrobe after a shower. m j2 years younger than him and were very close. We had a tv show on and he was sitting back in the arm chair. Nobody else was home. I had no boyfriend and I was a virgin, but I heard that having sex with a brother or dad helps you get ready for a boyfriend so I asked if he meant for me to see it. He said not at all and seemed embarassed but I promised I was ok with it. I told him that I would be ok with him helping me practice sex. He said ok. We didn’t really know what we were doing, but he did start by rubbing the tip of that huge cock up and down my pussy area and it felt great. I was sopping wet. He came from doing that. a few times. After a few more times, we’re really fucking.

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