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My unique relationship with my mother

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I’ve always had a very unique relationship with my mother.

She’s white, about 5’4 and has a fat ass, and a slim waist. Her tits are big too, DD with perfect nipples that are always hard. She has brown eyes and thick, full lips with perfect teeth.

I’m now 18 years old, 6’2 and about 185 lbs with an average build. This story will explain how everything started.

My mother had me young. She was just 16 when I was born. I was her only child and we were extremely close as she was a single mother. Now, I always knew my mom was a whore because as far back as I can remember she would have guys over constantly, but would never even date them. I was always a good kid and I just stayed home all the time with her. We were close in every way and showered together every single night (except when she had guys over to shower with). We would always walk around naked in front of each other with no shame. We even slept naked in bed with each other all the time.

When I was 11 I started to get curious as to why we had different parts but I never asked anything. But around this age I started to become more aware of the guys she had over and how she acted around them. She would kiss them in front of me and they’d grab on her butt a lot. I’ve even seen her kissing on guy’s necks while rubbing their crotch but I didn’t understand what was going on at the time. I just knew shortly after she did this they’d usually go to her room and I’d hear slapping noises and what sounded like crying or whining. At 12 years old I eventually got curious one night.

She had a man over, he was young (looked about 19 maybe) and she was 28 at the time. He was white and tall, probably about 6 foot. We were sitting on the couch all under a blanket when I noticed some shuffling going on. I was confused about what was happening but I heard him breathing harder and harder and kind of squirming around. I looked down to see something moving up and down under the blanket but I didn’t understand what was happening. I looked back up to see my mother looking at me with a sly look on her face. I heard my mother whisper in his ear “let’s go to my room” and she grabbed him by the hand and they walked in to her room. I started getting curious and quietly walked in that direction after a couple minutes, hoping to discover what that noise coming out of her room all the time was. The door was closed so I pressed my ear to the door quietly. I heard the sound of box springs moving around and heavy breathing. I got curious and slowly opened the door a tiny crack. The lights were on in her room and I saw my mom on top of the man. The bed was positioned away from the door so I saw the foot end of the bed. I opened the door to the sight of my mother on top of the man in her booty shorts with no shirt on with her ass facing me. They were kissing and he had his hands all over her round ass. I got more curious and opened the door a bit more to see better.

I still remember the entire event clearly. I watched as he put pushed his hands in to her shorts and yanked them down, exposing my mothers ass to me. I kept watching and started getting a strange feeling for the first time that I now know is horniness. He kept grabbing her ass and spreading it, revealing her asshole and pussy to me. Although I’d seen her pussy plenty of times I had never seen it spread open like this. My mother started moving downward on his body slowly. She pulled his shirt off and then yanked his pants down. I couldn’t see what was happening, I still just had a view of her bare ass while she was on her knees between his legs on the bed. And then I started hearing this wet sound. My mom repositioned herself some. She now has her ass arched high up in the air and I could see her head bobbing up and down. I heard loud slurps and gags while watching her head bounce, still not aware of what was happening with her round ass blocking my view. I heard him moaning loudly and saw his legs quivering slightly. I then saw him raise his hand up and grab a handful of my mothers hair as he started pushing her up and down harder and faster. I heard more sloppy gags and moaning.

I watched wide-eyed at what was happening because I didn’t understand any of it. I had never seen porn or knew what sex was or anything.

Suddenly he pulled her back up to him, still maintaining a fist full of her hair. She straddled him and I saw her hovering above his dick. She grabbed it and slowly sat on it, taking the whole length in to her pussy. The mans dick looked about 6 inches long and it all went inside her. I remember being shocked as I had a full view of his cock slide in to her pussy hole. She moaned loudly and he moved his hands to her ass again as she started bouncing on it. He slapped her ass over and over again until it was bright red. She moaned and cried out loudly with every single slap. He spread her ass open with his hands and I have a clear view of her asshole and the sight of her pussy being rammed with this random guy’s dick. She kept bouncing on it and I watched her ass clap in waves as she rode him wildly. 12 year old me just sat there and watched through the door in awe, thankfully not being seen. I then heard him start to breathe heavy and yell “I’m about to cum, don’t stop!”. My mom picked up the pace and started riding him harder, with each stroke being accompanied by a loud clap as her cheeks bounced on him. He started shaking and moaning very loud and I honestly got scared because I had no idea what was happening. He grabbed two big handfuls of her ass before practically screaming and pumping in to her. She threw her head back and moaned loudly, I quickly shut the door as quiet as I could and got back on the couch. About 5 minutes later he walked out and headed to the door. My mom came and sat down next to me and cuddled up to me while still naked and kept watching the movie like nothing happened.

I really was curious now. I wanted to know what had happened and it was eating me up for days. I got a weird, hot feeling that I didn’t understand and my penis got hard and I had no idea why. I had so many questions I wanted to ask. 3 days after I saw that happening I was sitting next to her on the couch and had to ask, so I looked at her and said I needed to talk to her. She held my hands and asked me what I wanted to know, and I just said I had accidentally walked into the room the other night and saw stuff going on and didn’t understand it and just wanted to know if he had hurt her (I didn’t want to admit I had watched the whole thing for about 20 minutes at her door). She looked at me with a smile and said that she knew I’d ask eventually but that it was really hard to explain. She then said “I have a friend coming over tonight and you can sit in the closet and peak out if you want to see more of it so you can understand better”. She smiled and almost looked excited. She told me that adults do things like that when they “have a crush on each other” and it makes them feel really good. I was nervous but excited to learn more so I took her up on the offer.

An hour later, she got off the phone and told me her friend was coming and that I should get in the closet if I wanted to see. I quickly got up and got in to the closet and sat down, peering through the slightly opened door to see what would happen. About 15 minutes went by and then I heard her bedroom door open. She walked in with a black man who looked about 27-28 like her. He was tall and had tattoos and was well built. I sat there peering through and hoped he didn’t see me. They layed in bed and immediately my mother started kissing him. She quickly reached into his shorts and exclaimed “it’s bigger than I thought!” And she pulled it out and started rubbing it up and down. His dick was probably at least 9 inches and the size of my forearm at the time. It was only the third penis I’d ever seen besides my own, the other man who my mom had over that I saw, and now this one. I immediately knew it was well above average though. My 12 year old dick was only 4.5 inches. She started jerking his dick while kissing him. He grabbed her by the hair and pushed her down on it. She started sucking it just as sloppily as she did with the first man. Her mouth stretched wider than I thought it ever could as she bobbed up and down on his cock. She then looked up and made eye contact with me directly without missing a beat. She held eye contact for probably 3 minutes straight while I had a perfect view this time of her big lips around it while she took him down her throat. I just stared back with wide eyes, taking in everything that was happening. He then pulled her off his cock by the hair and said “get on all fours.” In a demanding tone. She climbed up on her knees while still making eye contact with me and put her ass high in the air. Her tits dangled and bounced below her as she got in position.

She was facing directly at me as he moved in behind her, but luckily his focus was on my mother’s round ass bent over in front of him and not at the closet. His cock dangled below him as he moved behind her. He pushed his cock in and started fucking her slow. My mom gasped and her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she tried to adjust to his large size filling her. Then he grabbed two handfuls of my moms ass and started pounding her. Her ass cheeks clapped loudly with every thrust and it was so loud it startled me. She screamed and looked like she was tearing up. From my point of view I saw my mother looking directly at me and just above her head was her ass arched up high, bouncing while he fucked her. He slapped it hard and she cried out with every slap. He slowed down and told her to shake her ass on his dick. She started shaking it and fucking him back while looking directly at me with her mouth gaped open in a loud moan. I saw the man reach for something and he pulled out his phone. He started recording a video of him pounding my mother from the back. He then grabbed her by the hair and pulled it back hard. He started talking dirty to her and the things I specifically remember him saying to her was “you like this black cock don’t you?” My mother moaned out a loud “yes!” But he slapped her ass hard and said “answer me” and while making eye contact with me, my mother said “I love your big black cock”. He started fucking her as hard as he could and all I could hear was


As her ass bounced on him. He still had the camera held up while fucking her. He then said he was about to cum (which I didn’t know what it meant at the time) and he pulled his dick out and I watched as white liquid squirted out and landed all on my mothers hair, back, and ass. She looked directly at me the whole time with a big smile and bit her lip. She got up and turned around and sucked his dick, still on camera, to clean him up. He got up and gave her ass one last slap that made her giggle before he got dressed and left.

I had sat in the closet and watched my mother fuck him for about 40 minutes and I was burning up inside. I had a hot feeling and a raging erection that I still didn’t completely understand yet as I had no person experiences.

My mother walked over to the closet and opened the door. She smiled at me and hugged me and asked how I was. I told her I was good but I just felt a little weird but I felt like I learned a lot. She laughed and told me that was good and then turned around to show me all the cum that was still on her ass and back and in her hair. She asked me to grab her a washcloth so I did and she had me wipe it off of her. I asked her what it was and why it came out of him and she just said she was tired and she would talk to me tomorrow about it. I layed in bed with her all night completely naked just burning up still. I was so horny and just didn’t know what to do about it. I tossed and turned and kept lifting the covers up to see my moms round ass as I thought about what had happened just an hour earlier. I eventually curled up to her and spooned her with my dick pressed up between her ass cheeks.

The next day we sat down on the couch, naked as we always were when people weren’t around, and she told me she knew I was ready to learn about everything. All day long I had watched her walk around naked and I watched her ass jiggle with every step and I watched her tits bounce everytime she bent down or moved her arms at all. I was horny all day just thinking about the previous nights of watching her fuck these men. She started by telling me that people have sex because it feels really good and she asked me if I had already learned anything about it or if I had “played” with myself. I told her no and all I knew was watching her those two times. She said that sex is normal and everyone does it all the time just because it feels good. She told me that I never had to be ashamed of it and that she would show me how it works. She grabbed my hand and put it on her breasts and told me to squeeze them. I started grabbed on them and immediately that hot feeling returned. She asked if I liked how they felt and looked and I told her yes. My penis started to get hard again and she looked down and smiled. She told me that was normal and that all men do that when they see a woman they like. She reached down and grabbed it in her hand and I immediately felt weak with lust. She told me that girls start out by rubbing it up and down and she started jerking me off. I grabbed on her boobs harder as waves of euphoria went through my body. She stopped for a moment and said “you can’t tell anyone we do this ok? This is just between us two and nobody else can know or we’ll have to stop.” I shook my head yes and she continued. She then told me she noticed me looking at her ass a lot and laughed. I blushed and shook my head yes and told her that I liked how it bounced and jiggled and I saw the other men grabbing it and I wanted to feel it too. She stood up and turned around and her ass was right in front of me while I sat on the couch. I started grabbing it and playing with it some. I spread it open to see her asshole and pussy too and my cock got even harder. She started playfully shaking it and then bent over right in front of my face. She told me that when boys like girls they lick their private parts. I started kissing on her ass cheeks and licking them. She giggled and told me that I needed to lick her in the middle so I spread her cheeks open and started licking her holes hungrily. Her asshole and pussy tasted so good and were warm to lick. I felt so dirty having my face deep in between my mothers ass cheeks.

She started moaning loudly and pressed her ass against my face. I just licked away at both of her holes happily. She then stood back up and looked back down at my dick which was rock hard now. She smiled and got on her knees between my legs. She looked at me and started rubbing my dick again. She told me she loved my cock and I was being such a good boy by licking her holes and she told me I was really good at it. I remember blushing but smiling back and feeling absolutely amazing with her hand on me. She then told me to sit back and relax and that she was going to make sure I felt better than ever. I layed back and watched her immediately take my entire dick down her throat. She swallowed all 4 and a half inches with no problem at all and didn’t even gag. She started bobbing her head up and down like she did with the other men and I threw my head back in a loud moan as my legs shook with the feeling of my mothers expert mouth working on my little 12 year old cock. She would pull my entire cock in her mouth while playing with my little, full balls that had never cum before. She would take me down her throat and then swirl her tongue around my dick in circles while moving up and down. I grabbed the edge of the couch as hard as I could as I felt dizzy with pleasure. I shook and moaned loudly as I was feeling something better than anything I’d ever imagined before. I threw my head back and closed my eyes and thought about the previous night. After a couple minutes she stopped and looked at me to ask if I was ok. I told her it felt amazing. She asked me why I closed my eyes and I told her I was thinking about the night before when that man had sex with her. She bit her lip and told me that he sent her the video and that I could watch it and then we could do that same thing that she did with him. My eyes widened at the thought of me fucking my mother and seeing what it felt like inside her. She got up and walked in to the kitchen to grab her phone, she walked back over to me and handed the video and told me to press play and enjoy it while she stayed busy.

She immediately started slurping on my cock again and sucked me wildly, even more than she did with the other men. I pressed play on the video to see a first person view of the man fucking my mom from the back. I turned the volume up to hear the clapping sound that I loved so much. I watched him slap her ass repeatedly, sending jiggles down her ass and thighs as he rammed her with his huge cock. I was in complete heaven as i felt my mom giving me sloppy head and play with my balls while also watching a video of her getting her cheeks clapped from a first person POV. I watched as he grabbed her hair and pulled it hard. I heard the same lines again, “you like this black cock don’t you?” “Yes” SLAP “answer me” “YES I love this big black cock” and I suddenly got close to orgasm while thinking about the view I had of my mothers face while she said that. All I could hear at this point was a mixture of the wet, sloppy noises my mother was making on my cock and the sound of her ass clapping on the video.


And it became too much for me. I heard the man in the video say “I’m about to cum” and I now knew what he meant. I started shaking violently as my balls were about to release all the cum they’ve ever produced into my mothers mouth. As soon as I saw the man pull out and cum all over my mothers fat ass I had a body shaking orgasm and squirted inside my moms mouth. She didn’t even slow down. She kept sucking away, sending me into a blinding orgasm of ecstasy. I shook and writhed and screamed as she held my hips down and kept bobbing her head while playing roughly with my balls. After about a minute she stopped as I layed there sweaty and feeling like I was about to pass out. She stood up and said she never had that much cum in her mouth before and she was honored to be the first person to drain my balls. I was still shaken up and breathing heavily trying to return to a normal state of mind, but my cock was as hard as ever and literally twitching. My mom looked down at me with a smile on her face and asked me if I was ready to feel sex yet. I snapped back in to focus and told her yes! Of course! She asked me how I wanted to do it. I told her I wanted to do what the black man did to her.

She smiled and nodded and then led me into her room. She climbed on the bed and put her ass high in the air, shaking it slightly. Instinct immediately took over as I jumped on the bed and slid into her pussy. It was warm and soaking wet and squeezed my cock tightly. I just sat there for a moment, balls deep in her pussy just lost in her tight, hot hole. I then grabbed her by the hips and started thrusting in to her as hard as I could. Her ass bounced against my hips and I was hypnotized. I grabbed her ass as best as I could with both of my little hands and spread it open to reveal her asshole and to get a better view of my cock sliding in and out of her. I thrusted again and again, going faster and faster. She moaned loudly and kept saying “good boy, keep humping momma, that’s a good boy!” Which sent my head in a spin. I let out animalistic growls and moans as I fucked her as hard as I could.

I grabbed her hip hard to thrust better. I used my other hand to slap her fat ass and pull her hair like I saw the black man doing. I kept thrusting until I felt the orgasm was coming again. I told her that the white stuff was going to come out again soon. She put her chest to the bed and reached back with both hands, spreading her ass wide open to me. I thrusted in to her hard before crying out and cumming balls deep in my mothers pussy.

I fell back in exhaustion and felt better than I ever had before. She curled up next to me and told me she loved me and that we are going to do that every day from now on. I cuddled up next to her smiling in warmth and happiness.

Over the last 6 years we fucked on a daily basis, and she had other guys over 2-3 times a week still. I stayed in the closet every single time to watch. I have plenty more stories of things that we’ve done or I’ve seen her do with other men. If anyone wants more stories just let me know and I’ll share more.

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  • Reply Unknown ID:h81heou40

    I have been craving my mom for years. Closest I come is to smell and taste her underwear and secretly watch her fuck my stepfather, wishing it was my cock sliding into her. Your story sounds like heaven man. And really well written too.

  • Reply WildCrazyFun ID:7ylren9d9j

    Hottest I have read in a very long time. Please keep us informed when you post more stories and pictures and videos would be a true bonus!

  • Reply Jai ID:c0kubi8l

    absolutely would like to hear more

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    Dude I blew the biggest load omg thanks I love this story definitely coming back to cum to this later

    • Alex ID:42p6pzb0c

      This reminded me so much of my friends mother. I still remember walking into the basement and see her riding some guys face. It was my first ever erection and ever since that incident she was being a tease for about a solid month. She would bend over in front of me when her son was looking and flash her tiny thong. This one time she was in the most awkward position pretending to be looking for something and her ass was basically spread wide open. The most craziest part was during a sleepover I suddenly opened my eyes and she was hovered over my face about to sit on it. My heart sank into my gut but then her piece of sht son started moving around and she ran out the room. That was the last time She ever done anything sexy she became a Karen after that.

  • Reply Elysium ID:fzqs3i6i9

    nice story man

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    That was one of the greatest stories on this site
    Make more please

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    I thoroughly enjoyed it. It had some grammer errors. No big deal. You could add sequels.