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Proving I’m not a racist bitch!

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I know how privilege I’m being white and I think it’s till white women should shut up, give it up to black men.

Alright, I was helping my black friends raise fund during the black lives awareness fund raiser 2020. We were going to different shops and asking for donation. Some just handed the money and some had to be convinced. After all were like 12 grown ass people entering with sign boards. They had to listen to us. And they knew what they have been doing to black people. Oppressing them at every stage.

Out of 12 only 2 were white including me, and the other was Alex, by BF. And among them there was only 1 more woman. We all were in our 3rd year of college. After collecting the donations, we joined the rest of our group near the main street where the rally was organized. I did my best to make sure that there voices were heard. And people knew that the system needs to change.

After a tiring night of shutting down shops and fighting the white, male, fascist cops, we headed back to our college dorms. It was like 1pm and we were just having fun, drinking a little and walking back. Playing games like guess whose car it is, and if had anything that looked like a racist person car we just broke their windshield or mirrors. It was fun. Suddenly I saw a car of similar model as mine. And we were judging it as it had American flag on it. Of course we concluded it was racist person car, but it got Maya (The only other woman in the group, black one) say something to me.

“Jill, you too have the same model don’t you? Does that mean you too are racist?” She just pushed me away from the group and they all started laughing.

“Hey, hang on a minute, you know I’m not a racist. And I can prove it to you.” I said with pride.

“Then prove it Jill, show us you are not a racist.” Maya said.

“Ok how? what do you want me to do? break the windshield or dent the car?” I was getting ready.

“No No, Kevin can do that.. Why don’t you climb on the hood of the car and pee on it.” She suggested coming close to my face.

I didn’t even gave it a second thought. I just dropped my jeans shorts and climbed the hood of the car. I slide my panties to the side and started to pee on the hood, all the while looking into Maya’s eyes with a smile. I’m not a racist.
There were still some people of the streets. Mostly black, returning to their homes.
“you go girl” They were cheering. “White ass bitch” someone shouted. It was ok I deserve it.

I completed and climbed down with swag in my walk. I was about to pick my shorts up when Maya, kicked them aside and said. “That proves nothing. Your people have been fucking my people for so long, pissing on their car is nothing. They fucked us, we should be able to fuck you.”

“Go on then, fuck me. I’m nothing compared to the oppression you people had to go through. I will obey you.” I just pulled my panties down and bent over the hood of the car on which I just peed. I wiggled my ass and spread my butt cheeks. “Come on boys, do what you dotta do” I said with a smile. I’m not a racist to say no to a black dick.

My white BF was looking at me like what are you doing, but too afraid to stop me. He knew how must I was invested in this cause of justice. I will do anything to make things right.

Maya’s brother started the party and inserted his 10″ dick inside my pussy. I couldn’t help but moan as he rammed his dick deep inside me. He pressed my face against the hood, so it was now covered in my own piss. It’s ok. That nothing what white people did to blacks. Maya came and removed my top and bra, to make it more exciting for the boys. They took turns fucking me. One climbed the hood and sat and spread his legs so that I could suck his dick. They continued taking turns fucking my pussy, mouth and my ass (Yeah, I was virgin in the ass before that night, but I didn’t wanted to be rude, by telling them that. I guess in their culture it is common, so I should respect there wishes). Not gonna lie it hurt as hell. But I deserve it.

People started to stop while walking past me. It was a party, all surrounded the car. Some stranger just pulled his dicks out and jerked off on my face. Chatting racial slurr, like white trash, hippy cunt. I knew it was not about me they were just angry about white women in general who are really trashy towards black men. I’m on their side. Not afraid to take dicks inside me. My White BF just left me there. He is not wise enough to understand that it is for the greater cause.

Anyway the crowd increased and I guess now anyone was fucking me. Like literally anyone walking past me. Because I lost count after 25.

My pussy, ass and by butt checks were red due to the rampage. (Yes, they were slapping my butt, I mean anyone just passing by, even the women)

I was taking dicks for like an hour, up my pussy and ass. Now I was on my knees, naked, sucking random dicks as they surrounded me from 3 side. Back was the Racist car.
They covered my face with cum and more dicks just appeared in my hands and mouth. Well, it would be rude to say no black dicks so I continued, with my eyes closed. (As cum was dripping into it, not because I was racist and did not want to look at black dicks on my face.)

Suddenly I felt something warm on my face. Ok, I knew what it was. Some one was pissing on my face. With two dicks in my hands and warm stream of piss on my face, I was trying to breathe through this. It was a long stream. I just had to let go of one dick and wipe the cum off my face to see this. And it was a sweet surprise. It was Maya, with one leg on the hood, pissing on my face. She was happy. I’m sure she now would agree I’m not a racist.
“Open your mouth bitch” She instructed. I did. “Swallow it” She said. I did with a smile.

This allowed other guys to let go as well, they just lined up and pissed on my face. I just sat there with my legs spread wide on my knees, mouth open swallowing as much piss I could.
Maya said “The more black piss is inside you, the less racist you are”
I agreed and swallowed a lot.

Maya lifted me when she felt it was done and pushed my forward to walk ahead of them. I tried to find my clothes, but I guess someone took it. So They just asked me to walk naked in front of them as the dorm was just a block away. I was covered in piss, so wearing clothes would ruin them anyways.

We continued playing more games before reaching the dorm. Like, them made me jump like a frog, or blow a sleeping black homeless guy on the streets. It was fun watching him so happy.

I felt great that night, being a part of the group, being a part of the cause. I was helping the black lives matter.

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  • Reply Michael. ID:14s73x7g499

    I’m a black guy and i think this is stupid as fuck.

  • Reply Lol ID:1ard99afi9

    Sheer stupidity. Probably full of sti. Good luck to you. You will need it. And get some self esteem while u at it. Think you might get that in black shit

    • Ken ID:4o717tkqm

      Really I agree! If you have to prove you’re not a racist bitch then you are a racist bitch

  • Reply pikkuchor ID:pwu4hgyxik

    Fucking hell. You might not a racist, but are stupid as hell. Students these are really dumb as fuck.

    • RickThePrick ID:3057qovoic

      100000% came to jerk off now I’m yelling aids is still a real thing you stupid bitch!!!!!!!