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I wanna fuck my daughter

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My daughter is 14 and she’s alrdy hyper sexual and its hot she has a bald small cunt and a cups and she’s adorable when we took a bath together because she wanted to she gave me a hand job and dry hummed me till she came

She didn’t know any better but now I addicted she recently made me checker her and seeing her laid kn the bed spreading her legs with her wet young cunt she told me that I own her and If I want I can touch her

I want to stuff my cook in her little pussy so bad before somebody else does but I’m afraid to lose my little girl

Seeing her in her little cotton panties and a shirt makes me so hard and she always gives me her panties to wash and I can tell put to jerk off while sniffing her panties knowing she grinding on the arm of the couch and came

She insists that she serves my friends naked and she does and I get so angry watching her suck and grind on my friends taking a load of cum all over her cute little face

But I will take her little cunt and I’ll make sure whenever 18 I put baby’s in her

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  • Reply Khanzada ID:66oz52um99

    My 13 years daughter want to sleep with me

  • Reply April ID:1corze0mytlp

    I was 13 when I gave my virginity to my dad. We ruined the sheets and mattress, I couldn’t walk the next day

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    got to this age and still nothing

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  • Reply Sam ID:1dvndl9g13ot

    Better written this way:

    My daughter is 14 and she’s already hyper sexually, and its hot knowing she has a bald small cunt and A size tits and she’s adorable, when we take a bath together she wanted to give me a hand job and dry hummed me till she came

    She didn’t know any better but now I’m addicted. she recently made me checker her and seeing her laid down naked on the bed spreading her legs with her wet young cunt, she told me that I own her and If I want I can touch her.

    I want to stuff my cook in her little pussy so bad before somebody else does but I’m afraid to lose my little girl.

    Seeing her in her little cotton panties and a shirt makes me so hard and she always gives me her panties to wash, I like to jerk off while sniffing her panties, knowing she grinds on the arm of the couch until she cums.

    She insists that she serves my friends naked, she does and I get so angry watching her suck and grind on my friends taking a load of cum all over her cute little face.

    But I will take her little cunt and I’ll make sure whenever she’s 18 I’ll put some baby’s in her

    • Me ID:fzq1f50ql

      I want her

  • Reply Sam ID:1dvndl9g13ot

    This is horribly written, part of words, oh my goodness, I couldn’t get hard enough to cum while reading it….

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    You have to fuck her arse really hard and bone dry asap…

    • Sam ID:1dvndl9g13ot

      What’s ( arse )

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      Your Dad sounds great, but wouldn’t you have enjoyed a good assraping too? My dad was a real perv – I loved him. He had stashes of porn he would show me when I was really young. He was often pissed from the pub and would sexually assault me and my little sister. He loved boys and girls and masturbated over both of us when we were naked in the bath. I still miss the dirty old lecher!

    • Sam ID:1dvndl9g13ot

      I don’t think any man would ever have sex with his own daughter, I think a lot of men comment on all stories are fake and they have no daughters or any children of any kind. If any man ever had sex with your biological Daughter you need to be in prison for life and bubba will have his way with you.

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     In 1880, the ages of consent were set at 10 or 12 in most states, with the exception of Delaware where it was 7.  Parents and society should approve. Everything from nude children depicted in art (including photography, there so many wonderful artists out there) to child pornography (which should be legal), relationships on whatever levels all the way to falling in love, marrying and producing children whenever the little girls are capable of having successful pregnancies. Many little girls would love to be wives and mothers and society should support that. I know girls as young as 8 can develop beautiful tiny breasts. If they want to, they can share their sweet milk with adults too. All sexualities should be practiced and honored and all children should grow-up knowing that their bodies are beautiful and that sexual love is a wonderful and amazing thing, so that they can grow into healthy individuals that will pass-on healthy sexual attitudes to their children. Children are so curious and should be lovingly taught. Nudity should be encouraged, even in public at beaches and camps, etc. and public love-making should be practiced as there are places where that is done. Incest should be practiced as parents and other relatives can be wonderful teachers and mentors to their children and their kids should take part in love-making sessions. I love adult women, but my strongest preferences go to little preteen girls. I dream and daydream about having a preteen wife and having children with her. There are societies that allow for sex and love between adults and children. People should be welcoming it.

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    Read my writings. starting with my comments in a Beautiful Article in the Preteen Category entitled “I love pedos” written by a Wonderful Little Girl. This Preteen/Underage Teen Section is the best I have found EVER. I have made some great comments on Rape and Incest “Fantasies” too. Actually, I think YOU SHOULD BE FUCKING YOUR DAUGHTER’S FERTILE UNDERAGE PUSSY RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! I’m sure she would want and need and LOVE to have Daddy’s Baby growing inside her and her breasts filled with milk. She should feed you with some of her DELICIOUS BREAST MILK. You will not lose your Little Girl at all. Your relationship will just be on a MUCH HIGHER AND WAY MORE INTIMATE LEVEL. DON;T WAIT ANYMORE!!!!!!!! SHE WILL WANT YOU TO BREED HER AND I KNOW YOU DESPERATELY WANT TO AND NEED TO BREED HER. You should have started teaching her about every way sexual love (including fucking her tender young asshole) can be expressed way earlier, say 7 or 8 years-old or earlier or whenever her tiny pussy could have taken some of your cock, but it’s not too late. Get to it man and claim her as yours now. All of her holes and should be filled with your cock and sperm daily and she has eggs that need to be fertilized and implanted in her precious young womb. I read of undergage teen and preteen girls that want to be pregnant and already are pregnant and have babies they and whoever got them pregnant take care of. Get to it.

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    To little slut
    I’m 23 now

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenaoij

    Girls like this are not a freak of nature but a part of nature it self. It is completely natural to have sex at a young age because we are a very sexual beings. It is part of our existence and is hard wired into us. There is no such thing as a slut or a whore, it is just the natural instinct of being a human coming out. Almost every girl craves cum because of it’s chemical makeup they so desire and the wantingness of being bread.
    The problem with society is the lack of proper sexual training of younger children. Sexual training should be taught as young as possible in order for them to make proper decisions about sex and their bodies. see sex education is not just about sex alone. It concerns many other aspects of their lives that concern their bodies as well as their minds. Not only that but when taught at a young age their orgasms are very strong and wind up have a very fulfilling sex life for the remainder of their lives.
    SO i say fuck our government and get off your ass and teach them the art of sensual sex at a young age and watch them prosper in life and happiness.

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      I’m 13year old female. When I was young I use to hear my parents fucking. One time I even walked in on them. My mom has a bag full of sex toys and I have used every single one apart from the Dicks. I use to want to fuck my mom because she has always been very open like walking into my room naked. Showering with the door open. But now, my dad looks hot. Last night I was brushing my teeth, bent over and he looked at my huge ass. I know he and my mom don’t fuck anymore and my dad is only 39. He is often drunk and I can often convince him to do things. After he looked at my ass I walked out to the kitchen where he was and his cock was bulging. I have two other sisters and my mom is here how should I fuck him?

  • Reply Julie ID:7ylren2k0b

    That was hot need more
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    • Me ID:fzq1f50ql

      I’d not duck me

  • Reply can ID:3zxisyc3k0k

    Put babies before 18

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    I’ve seen Something Weird…..

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    If you all are doing that to your on daughter you need your ass fuck up

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      We gotta do it to any girl no matter if it’s daughter wife or mother and so on…

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  • Reply bigtits13 ID:87yabb0k

    my daddy started fucking me at 8 years old. i can’t wait until he puts a baby in me

    • vive-la-baise ID:3i7n800lk0d

      mayby i am wrong but at that age its way too early and from my point of view you got raped.

    • Big duck daddy ID:vufk7d9j

      I wanna fuck her hot little ass

    • Slicvic ID:3nrlbe41

      Paedophiles say “have them before 8 or it’s to late” So at 8 your past it for paedophiles, but I like 8 to 10 year olds.

    • Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

      A lot of things like that are jokes, and intended as jokes. Like the best thing about twenty eight year olds is there’s 20 of them. “Grass on the field, play ball! Old enough to bleed…”

      None of these jokes are to be taken seriously.

    • Lauren ID:5u1d7cf20d

      I know that feeling. I’m pregnant with my 2nd with my dad

    • Milley ID:n0ukvfuaz

      Did you like it

    • Lauren ID:bo2qeou41

      It will be the most intense fuck you’ll ever have. Just knowing my dads cum created me,and now that same cum created a new life in me(twice now) sends me to cum over and over just thinking about my dad and me breeding .

    • Lauren ID:bo2qeou41

      To Millet. Fuck yes I love fucking my dad.

    • Lauren ID:bo2qeou41

      It will be the most intense fucking you’ll ever have when your dad makes you pregnant. I should know. My dad made me pregnant 2days after I turned 13. That was 11 years ago, I’m pregnant again with my dads baby. Incest is such a smoking 🔥 HOT TABOO .

    • Lauren ID:bo2qeotzl

      It’s going to be the most intense thing you’ll ever do with your dad. My dad made me pregnant 2 days after turning 13, and became a mom before 14. I’m 23 now and had our second a few months ago. It’s great being dad/daughter and lovers too. I wouldn’t change anything for the world

    • LittleSlut ID:2ziv7bz6ib

      How old are you now?

    • Jason ID:jtl28vbgzyt

      I’m Jason from Maryland. I’m very interested in getting to know you personally. I want to start a incest relationship with you if we have kids

    • Daddy ID:be3hfr14fy4

      If not let me know I’ll do it

  • Reply Daniel ID:5vahnlepd4

    You don’t have to wait so long. I started having sex with my daughter and (grand)daughter when they were 10

    • Milley ID:n0ukvfuaz

      Did they like it?

    • can ID:3zxisyc3k0k

      10 Is also old already 5 years or younger is the best

  • Reply Make life easier ID:tnxri5d3

    You should have fucked her long before, but with lots of love, affection and gently. With very less pain. Every dad should love their daughters with their heart and soul. It is said that, “daughter’s virginity belongs to her dad”. I want to be born as millions of girl child in my next birth with hyper sexuality and present our virginity to our dads. We will be the mothers of our dads children

    • M. Lovdahl ID:fx7itcqrc

      Got any daughter’s i can take their virginity

  • Reply anonymously ID:bpcjnotv3

    What is your daughters bra and panty sizes and dose she shave her nether region?

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    • Make life easier ID:tnxri5d3

      Lilli, you are very good girl. Keep loving your dad with your body, heart and soul in your whole life. If you marry other guy, don’t forget your dad. Continue sex with your dad even after marriage and be pregnant with both of them (your dad and husband). Your husband will also fuck his biological daughter. You can also fuck your son, then all of you can fuck together. It is said that, the family that fuck together, stays together

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    • M. Lovdahl ID:vuf1mp42

      Need a taboo man to breed you and the same with our daughter’s. You can still get fucked by your Daddy and play with his granddaughters

    • M. Lovdahl ID:vuf1mp42

      Why wait til 10. And start them sooner

    • Daniel ID:19ug9os7d9k

      What age would you recommend?

    • Lauren ID:5u1d7cf20d

      Lillian, I 100%agree . I started at 11 and was pregnant 2 days after my 13th birthday.

    • Horny bro ID:1rer5i4z

      Yes full her little cunt with insestious cum

  • Reply AP ID:1db7syrbfoxx

    Hypersexuality is not uncommon in teens, boys and girls, that have been raped.
    Are you sure someone hasn’t already used her?

    • Glen ID:5z1ks70m4

      Look good enough to eat

    • Ken ID:1i2kovirk0c

      You are right about Hypersexuality with young girls. Our daughters are 11 and 12
      They are very sexual active.
      Especially our 11 year old. She has been split roasted and pulled a train with 5 guys.

      Only downside is my wife says only birth control is rhythm method, or condoms, or the girls can let the guys pull out if they trust the guy to do so. I have a feeling my wife secretly wants them pregnant. Mainly because my wife was pregnant at 15

    • AP ID:1dahlcf744

      At 11 – 12 a girls cycle may still be irregular. Using the rhythm method is iffy at best. Also Ken, your girls don’t really sound like the sort that are going to want anything but to feel a cock swell and pulse cum deep in their pussy or ass. Plus the risk adds a rush when getting fucked.
      Your 11 yo probably has kink interests you can only imagine and I bet she’s going to get you to help her with them and new ones soon.
      Let us know what happens and enjoy the ride!

    • Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

      I just have to differentiate between “Hypersexuality” and Repetition Compulsion in rape victims. Clinically, rape isn’t sex, but especially immature minds have weird ways of not coping with that trauma. Recurring nitemares are not uncommon, but Repetition Compulsion is acting out the flashbacks, or taking risks that can result in being re-assaulted, in an attempt to process it. Fill in the gaps (Memory is also really weird when you’re being raped, because you don’t want to be there, you disassociate, and focus on a lot of unrelated details as a defense mechanism. So, some things may not make it to long term memory, because they’re too painful to even focus on.)

      Hypersexuality is something else. It’s a sexuality, or the extreme end of a spectrum opposite Asexuality. So, for example, you can be bisexual, and demisexual, or a straight nymphomaniac, or whatever. However, the behavior of a victim trying to relive her rape through high risk behavior, and rough sex is hard to distinguish from a Nymphomaniac into Kink, unless you’ve talked to (Let’s just say “Her” for simplicity), know what questions to ask, and how to take the answers.

    • Ken ID:1i2kovirk0c

      Little update my 11 year old wanted to see if she could have sex every hour on the hour
      She did it it took 10 boys and myself. The boys used condoms. The 4 times I came in her , even though it wasn’t a safe day. We both know the risk but the excitement was the greatest. Plus she told me she wants to get pregnant before her sister but it’s our secret