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Amy Tale/s – SB-07 (Bitch is Back)

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Bethany got carried away, and every now and then, she would kiss her daughter’s pussy.

Me, Courtney, and Paige were asleep naked in my bed. Aunt Bethany (who apparently has a key to Ken’s apartment) had pulled the covers back (mostly on me), and I woke up. Bethany was standing beside the bed looking classy in her 3” heels and nice dress, and she was jeweled up and her blonde hair was perfect. Bethany is only a few years older than me. Bethany barks, you are sleeping with my daughter, and you are doing it with other girls?

I rub my eyes and sit up and look to see what Bethany sees, and Paige is asleep in between Courtney’s legs, and she is laying on her pussy (she really did sleep on Courtney’s pussy as a pillow). I walk naked to the bathroom and pee and brush my teeth, and I hear Bethany fussing trying to wake Paige up, but Paige is ignoring her. I come back and head toward the bed and Bethany grabs my wrist and starts fussing at me saying, how could you molest my child and expose her to all this? I jerk my wrist back and say, don’t grab me, you don’t own me, I did not molest your child, she molested me. I continued, at least Paige has hair on her pussy and wasn’t a virgin, you molested 11-year-old boys that didn’t even know better, and you are judging me?

Paige rolled into Courtney’s thigh and kissed it and said, mama, I fucked a big nigger dick like you, and it felt good. I laughed, and Bethany was enraged and started telling Paige to get up, she was taking her home. Paige said, pet, undress my mom. Courtney sat up and said, yes Princess Paige. I sat back against the headboard as Courtney attempted to undress Bethany. Courtney wasn’t being aggressive, and if Bethany moved, Courtney would just try and undo her dress again, but if she was inhibited, there was no force.

Paige told Courtney to push her mom down on the bed. Paige grabbed Bethany’s wrists and put her feet on Bethany’s shoulders holding her wrists, and Bethany’s knees were on the floor. Paige had Bethany in a hold that only allowed her to twist and kick, and Paige was not letting go. Paige made Courtney take her mom’s panties off and push her dress over her head and undo her bra. Bethany’s shoes came off from her kicking. Paige let go and lunged and grabbed the dress and pulled the dress and bra off as Bethany jerked away and stood back up.

Courtney had thrown Bethany’s panties to Paige, and Paige put Bethany’s clothes under a pillow and sat on them. Her mother wanted them back, and she was livid. Paige ordered Courtney to kiss Bethany and Courtney tried pacing around with Bethany, but no force. Paige wanted me to sit on Bethany’s clothes, and I did. Paige ran into the closet and returned with something behind her back. Paige ordered Courtney to grab her mom and kiss her, and as Courtney tried. Paige hand cuffed one of Bethany’s wrist. Paige wrestled to get Bethany’s hands behind her, and ask me to help, and between the three of us, we handcuffed Bethany. Paige pushed her mom on the bed and made Courtney sit straddling Bethany’s waist.

Paige laid down at her mother’s head, and she was moving Bethany’s head with her hand and saying, you like to be tied up, don’t you mother; but when you do it, you are really still in control, you can tell them to stop. Paige continued, now you are really tied up, and you do not have control, I do mother. Bethany’s screaming and barking had awakened Ken, Greg, and Clair, and all they really needed was popcorn as they watched. Bethany was kicking still (and kneeing Courtney in the back) and Paige asked me to sit on Bethany’s legs, and I did.

Paige left the room and came back with the bed restraints and quartered and tied her mom. Paige moved Courtney and sat on her mom’s waist. Paige rubbed her mom’s stomach with her finger and said, I am not going to fuck you mother, that is gross; but I do like to fuck, and you like to fuck, and you need to get over trying to make me stop wanting to fuck too. They argued until Bethany said, okay, I will stop trying to control you. Paige said, I also want a birth control implant, or you are going to have little nigger grandchildren running around. Paige blackmailed her mom by tying her up, and threatening to tell her husband, until Bethany gave Paige what she wanted.

Paige said, I do want to see you eat some nice pussy mother, and Paige positioned Courtney over her mom’s face and rubbed Courtney’s lovely hairy pussy and said, is that a pretty pussy mom, or is it just my opinion? Bethany said, it is a pretty pussy. Paige said, does it make you want to eat it? Bethany said, yes, I want to eat her pussy. Paige fingered Courtney’s hairy pussy down into her mother’s mouth and Bethany began eating it. Paige leaned over Courtney’s shoulder and rubbed Courtney’s breasts and watched her mom lick and mouth Courtney’s pussy. Paige began fingering Courtney, and between Bethany eating and Paige fingering, Courtney got off.

Paige turned Courtney around and Bethany and Courtney were in a 69, with Bethany still tied, and Courtney went down on Bethany’s manicured hairy pussy. I started kissing Bethany’s toes, and calves, and the inside of her thighs, and Paige pulled me down next to her mother and laid me, so my pussy was at her mom’s head. I was on my back and Paige 69’d on top of me and we started eating each other’s pussy. Bethany kissed and licked on Courtney’s pussy, but she mostly watched Paige eat my trim hairy pussy. The boys went gay, and Clair got behind Bethany’s head and licked Courtney’s asshole and pussy with Bethany.

Bethany orgasmed from Courtney eating her pussy, and me and Paige got each other off. Paige said to Bethany, if I untie you, are you going to play nice mother? Bethany said, yes, and we untied her. Bethany and Clair locked up on their sides, and with Bethany untied, she became a pussy eating monster. Bethany had no qualms about licking asshole either, and she had Clair moaning, and gave Clair a pussy somersault where she orgasmed for like a minute as Bethany licked and sucked the hell out of Clair’s clit.

Bethany got kinky next. She cowgirled Greg’s 9” cock and had Ken fuck her in the ass. Then Bethany made Greg eat Paige’s pussy as she straddled Greg’s mouth facing her mother. Bethany would kiss Greg causing him to alternate between Bethany’s mouth and Paige’s pussy. Bethany got carried away, and every now and then, she would kiss her daughter’s pussy. It was making my pussy tingle, and I sat and watched right next to them and Courtney was eating my pussy, and she would watch them too. I fingered myself because I was so turned on. I am pretty sure that Bethany was getting excited by Greg and Ken, as they fucked her pussy and asshole, and she was lost in lust, and she orgasmed hunching on Greg’s cock.

When Bethany had her orgasm, she grabbed around Paige’s ass, and drove her mouth, lips, and tongue into Paige’s pussy. Fuck, I got off, and grabbed Courtney by the head and shook out my excitement. I looked around and Clair was kissing Courtney’s ass and licking her pussy from behind. Paige jumped around my neck and kissed me, and said, I am not fucking my mom, but I will fuck you my Queen. I rolled with Paige in my arms and we kissed, and she was on the bottom. Paige turned toward her mom and said, don’t ever do that again; I don’t mind fucking your friends or fucking in the same bed with you, or watching you fuck, but I do not want to fuck you, it does not turn me on.

Most showered and dressed in lounge wear, and Paige just walked around naked. Bethany and Paige had a private talk, but they seemed good afterwards. Paige told me that they just discussed safe sex, and don’t become a whore, and her mom was sorry for getting carried away, and that she wasn’t trying to molest her own daughter, she was just having sex and got excited. Sex would be postponed for the next week because Paige got her period tonight. Apparently, it was in the air because Sunday me and Courtney got ours.

Bethany fucked some more with Ken, Greg, and Clair Sunday before leaving. At this time, I was not entirely sure where all this was going. Bethany got an appointment for Paige here early in the week for a birth control implant, and she came back and took her to some appointments. By the end of the week Paige was safe for sex without a condom because she was on her period when she got the implant. See Amy Tale/s – SB-08 (Mother Daughter), for what happens next.

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