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The Anal Rape of my Buddy and His Sister Part I

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My buddy and I have been anally raping his young sister for a while now, but one day he joins her as a anal rape toy.

So this got a lot longer than i expected (but loved stroking my dick as i wrote it) so ill split it into parts. ill release part II no matter what, but will only do a part III+ if this is enjoyed.

If you’re reading for grammar, move along there will be mistakes. If you’re reading to masturbate to some sick anal rape story till you cum hard, this may be for you. Email me if you’d like to chat or share stories – love hearing about your own anal rape/perverted stories.

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My friend (Jose) and i met in middle school. i was white, 5’9″ think with a swimmers build., brown hair and green eyes. 7.5″ uncut and thick white cock. he was latino, this with a toned body from years of field sports. black hair, brown eyes, 5″8 and a beautiful 8″ uncut latin dick. by the time we hit highschool, i did alright for myself, but the women loved him! he was fucking a new highschool teen girl every week! like i said, we’ve know each other a long time, and what cemented us as friends was that we both had the same, irresistible fetish: anal sex. raw, painful, fuck her ass full of cum as she screams, sobs, and begs for you to stop anal. violent and degrading anal and anal rape was it for us. turning teen asshole into our personal fuckhole to brutalize, break, rape, and fuck full of cum whenever and however we wanted was the dream.

as i said, at 17, we were good looking guys, but he was just perfect! while he was straight, i was bi, and often turned my thoughts of brutal anal rape to his tight, smooth and virgin boy pussy. as i force fucked this crying highschool sophomore girl up the ass in my room, i would imagine it was Jose’s tight asshole that was gripping my dick as i painfully forced him to stretch his tight hole around my raping dick, him moaning and crying, begging for me to take it out of his torn hole.

As of the girl taking my dick up her once virgin ass against her will, we met in math, and she started tutoring me. she was nerdy, shy and desperate for an older boys attention. perfect girl to groom as my personal anytime anal fucktoy. she had a killer body that she hid under conservative cloths; perky C-cup tits, slim waist, and an ass made for taking dick. we hung out at school, and after school she would come over to my house (my dad was gone, and my mom a druggy and drunk. she was gone, often weeks at a time. lucky, my grandparents trust paid for our bills, cloths and needs, leaving her to suck and fuck for drugs). within four days, t had her sucking my cock, as i fingered her asshole, then id throatfuck her whether she wanted it or not. on day 7, i had her on the floor on all fours, her panties shoved in her mouth to muffle her screams and struggles as i brutally rammed all 7.5″ in to the hilt and out till my tip just barely stayed in her raw ass. as i rammed fully back in, i loved hearing her grunt and let out another sob of unbearable pain! at the same time, i looked down to see her tight pink virgin 15yo teen asshole struggling to flex around my thick dick as i fucked the shit out of her ring for the first time.

“thats it bitch, take my dick up your tight asshole! fuck you little underage highschool teen bitches have the tightest assholes, perfect little fucksleaves to use and abuse! you better get use to taking my dick up your asshole bitch, because you belong to me now and im gonna use your tight teen ass as my free use cum dumpster! ahhh fuuuck yeah your tight ass feels so good, im gonna love raping your shithole daily, whenever i want however i want and in any way i want! cant wait to see my buddys dick plowing in and out of your teen asshole as well!”

as i got close, i grabbed her by her black pony tail and pulled her head up to finalize her humiliation and submission. in front of her, stood a camera on a tripod, recording her first [of many] brutal anal rape. leaning in, i whispered in her ear as a started really fucking her ass as painfully as i could,

“thats a good little bitch, take your daddys cock up that tight once virgin ass! you feel my dick tearing up your hole, gaping it open till it wont close ever again. here you thought you were helping me, and that i cared for you. no bitch, i only wanted to use your body and tight hole to fuck and cum in while you suffered. let this be a lesson to you, you are only here so men can use you and your holes in any way they want to till they fill you up with cum! you’re a fucktoy, a cum dumpster, a sex doll that’s only good for milking cum from men’s balls and dick with your holes.”

she said nothing in response to my vile rant, she only looked into the camera, her face streaked with tears and mascara. i had her hair wrapped around my fist in one hand, and my other moving, violating every inch of her body as i rammed my dick in and out of her brutalized ass as hard and deep as i could, a grunt and whimper escaped with every trust and her perky 15yo tits bounce with every impale. she just kept staring at the camera.

i closed my eyes and pictured Jose on all fours instead of this bitch. his straight, smooth once virgin brown hole stretched tight around my dick, sucking on my shaft with every thrust in and out. id force him to look back at me, tears filled his eyes and with each painful trust into him, he whimpered and sobbed for me to stop. id flip him on his back, hold his ankles far apart, and return my dick to its rightful hole. as my dick continued its painful rape of his boy pussy, the stimulation to his prostate caused his body to betray him. as he is in unbearable pain, his 8″ uncut brown latin dick is in shear pleasure, hard as a rock and leaking precum with every one of my trust. i grab his smooth balls, then make my way to his shaft, then stroke. he looks at me, and begs for me to stop, that he was close to cumming, but didnt want to cum as he was being raped like a girl. i just smiled down to him, and continued stroking as i rammed into his ass, pleasuring his prostate against his will. in less than a minute, he was sobbing as i was bringing his rock hard dick to orgasm, all while raping the shit out of his straight, once virgin ass! with a final moan, Jose gave in to his body, and released a flood of cum onto his chest. as his dick pulsed huge waves of cum out, his asshole involuntarily contracted and massaged my dick, casing him huge amounts of pain mixed in with the pleasure of his continued orgasm. it was too much for me, a rammed into his bare hole one final time, then groaned like an animal as i filled his straight, freshly raped ass with load after load of man cum. Jose just cried, as he felt my dick pulsing hot cum into him, stripping away his manhood as he felt each hot wet load coat his guts. he was broken, humiliated by the idea that he was just fucked like a woman, and came, from the fucking, then was filled with hot cum as a reward for the pleasure his asshole provided against his will.

i was brought back to reality, and while the tight asshole i was currently raping wasn’t Jose’s, it was no less pleasurable!

“squeeze your asshole bitch! squeeze that tight fuckhole around my dick as i fuck you in the ass! squeeze my dick with your ruined hole, i wanna hear you in pain as i pump your rearranged guts full of my cum!”

she did as she was told and squeezed her rectal muscles around her owners cock as it raped her ass. she timed her squeezes with his trusts in, sending waves of pain into her already raw ass, but also sending him waves of pleasure.

“thats it bitch! thats it! ahh yes squeeze my dick with our asshole!! ahh milk my dick!! ahhhh im gonna im gonna cum up your assss ahhh here it cumsss!”

he pulled her by the hair, to make sure she was sharing at the camera as he rammed up her one more time, burring his dick as deep as he could in her colon, and let loose several loads of cum, coating her insides. her face showed it all, she felt his hot cum filling her guts, burning her battered rectal tracked for the first, but definitely not the last times. he was leaning on her back, squeezing her tits and he panted and caught his breath. he then pulled her by the hair, bring her mouth to his and forcing his touang in her mouth. the he pulled her face away,

“fuck that felts good to fill that tight ass! turn around, and lets see that gaping hole push out my cum, i want it on camera my buddys will love it!”

like a abused dog, she lowered her head, and did as her master commanded. she slowly turned her 15yo ass to the camera, he straddled her and spread her buttcheeks revealing the damage her ass just took. her hairless asshole was beet red, gaping and leaking cum, sweat and assjuice. surprisingly, she didn’t tare or bleed, but her hole was never gonna be the same, especially as time went on ans he and his friends grew more violent in her ass rapes.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

    Part 2 is up!

  • Reply No one’s bitch ID:7zv2vr3t0b

    Damm this shit is good

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg20d

    Didn’t catch any grammar errors, but your spelling could use work. But, otherwise a nice story

    • [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

      haha thanks! tnh, im often typing with only one hand, as the other is occupied 😉

      currently writing part 2. its taking wayy longer to get to the title scene (which started out as a short story i shared on another post). most likely will post part 2 and 3 at the same time as to keep true to the title, unless ya’ll dont mind and want part 2 as soon as its done.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

    Glad ya’ll enjoyed (hopefully to completion) part I!
    Currently writing Part II!

  • Reply Anonymous ID:1ah770lfzrb

    I can’t wait for part 2

  • Reply Want More ID:99wekc4z

    Loved it. Keep the the story going

  • Reply Lucien ID:fzq5qdkb8

    Never got into the rape scene but am well experienced in pushing the limits of the ‘pleasure pain paradox. I might not have that visually appealing long dong but its thicker than average. Just right for some creative ass stretching. Two ways I like taking them …. the accidental entry: hand on back of neck to hold her down then start stretch her hole. The 2nd … tie her wrists to her ankles and just start the fun. In either case, having a mirror in front so I can see her eyes bulge, those silent cries and tears of ‘joy’ makes it all the more pleasurable! Just enough lube (coconut oil) for my uncut cock (foreskin pulled forward so it facilitates entry as I slide in) to make it easier on me. Penetrate just deep enough for my head to pass that tighten sphincter, wait a bit for her to relax, pull out and the deep thrust so that my balls slap her cunt. I am not into that frenzied thrusting like a dog does. Teasing, torturing her sphincter by continually pushing that engorged cock head in and out is what I love. The intensity of sensation on my cock is such that I rarely last more than 3 minutes. Do this mostly with mature (older than 18) women but have at request from parents taken a few 11 and 13 yo girls and several 9 to 12 yo boys for a ride.

    Want to try taking me? [email protected] It will be a ride worth watching/experiencing!

  • Reply Vir Khanna ID:1ftrorsk0a

    You promised the rape of your buddy and his sister, but there was neither. It’s not the grammar, my man, it’s the broken promise.

    • [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

      you are right my friend 🙁 , but dont worry all will be fulfilled in part II