Tinder-date Turns Out To Be Crazy Mom (With Crazier Daughter)

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My wife had left us – me and my daughter – a little over a year ago. It took me a little while to accept the new situation and to adjust to it. I focused most on my daughter to make sure that her life would go on as normal as possible. Shortly after her 16th birthday she told me that it was okay if I looked for someone else again.

I went on Tinder. I had been out of the “game” quite a while, and to be honest I kinda wanted to fuck. I hadn’t done anything sexual in the past year, but being 43 is way too young to never start again, even though I considered it right after my wife left. But yeah, the male urges started to present themselves again, and I was ready to follow them now.

As I swiped away I met some interesting women. I went on a few dates, but nothing ever really clicked. They were all a little boring. I felt a little hopeless because it seemed as though many of the women I met were boring. They just wanted someone to sit on the couch with, and I also had plans besides doing that if you know what I mean.

But then I met Cindy. Cindy was 35 years old, pretty hot and she immediately started with some innuendo that showed me she was not one of the boring ones. We clicked in this area. My interest was high and I wanted to meet her as soon as possible. I was surprised she was open to that, and I set a meeting for the next Saturday at her place.

As I drove there I got very excited. She had told me that her daughter, who she said was about the same age as mine, would be with a friend. We had all night for just the both of us. When I arrived we had some dinner and a couple of drinks. But I couldn’t really think of anything other than fucking Cindy. I had not masturbated for a week, so my balls were aching and ready to be emptied.

As we were talking, the conversation shifted towards sexual topics. She asked what I liked, and she told me liked to dominate. I had never really experienced that to a high degree, but I was interested in it. She told me she would like to try, and I agreed. Right after that, we went upstairs to her bedroom.

There I really noticed she was dominant. Her wall held some sort of contraption that could tie me up while standing against the wall. She looked at the thing, then back at me, and back at the thing again and said, “I think you know what to do.” As I stood against the wall, she tied me up. I couldn’t move anymore. Then she put a blindfold on me and unzipped my pants. “Let the fun begin”, she said.

She started jerking me off and kissing me. It was quite a hot experience. I really liked being out of control. As she was busy, I thought I heard a door open and close, but I was too much into the experience that I gave it no further thought. Cindy continued to jerk me off, kiss my neck and unbutton my shirt. Her mouth went further down over the exposed part of my body. It caused my dick to grow really hard. I expected her mouth around my cock any time now.

Then I felt it. Her lips wrapped around my cock and her hand wrapped around the base of it. She started to gently suck it. I felt her tongue lick the tip of my cock and that was enough to almost make me cum. I had to get used to this feeling again. She continued to slowly jerk me off while her mouth slid over my cock. Back and forth, back and forth. It was heavenly.

I then heard Cindy take off her jeans, position herself in front of me, and slowly guiding my cock towards her pussy. Right before it was about to slip in, she paused. Then she took my entire cock at once. I let out a hard moan. I was so horny. This was the first time in over a year I was inside a woman. It felt amazing. She would vary the pace from slower to faster and then back to slower. She was edging my dick. Before of I would cum, the pace would drop, and after a while it would go back up again. She drove me insane.

The she stopped fucking me and I felt my cock slide in her mouth again. And then it happened.

Cindy whispered in my ear, “tell me this. If my mouth is here talking to you, who’s mouth is currently around your throbbing cock?” I was taken aback. What was going on here? As I gathered my thoughts I remembered I heard the door. I figured someone came in, but there was nobody else in the home. At least, that’s what she had told me.

“I’ll tell you exactly what’s going on”, said Cindy. “Right now, your cock is being expertly sucked by my slutty teen daughter. She took your dick in her mouth, then she let you fuck her tight, teen pussy, and now she’s back to sucking again.” I was incredibly confused. Did Cindy just tell me a teen was sucking my cock? How could she be so good at it? And why hadn’t I noticed anything.

Cindy continued, “right now all kinds of things might be going through your head, but I need you to focus. You are going to cum inside this teen, no matter what you do. You are tied up, and she has never failed to extract the cum from any man’s balls. But you have a choice. Pussy or throat?”

I went completely crazy. I felt like I couldn’t cum inside a teen. She was about my daughter’s age! But Cindy said it was a lost game anyway. All this happened while the daughter simply kept sucking my dick at a slow pace, as if she were waiting to unleash her powers. I had to choose. I went for throat because I couldn’t risk getting a teen pregnant.

As soon as I said throat, Cindy’s daughter went to work. I felt no hands anymore. Only mouth and throat. Cindy told me what was going on. “You are now fucking her teen throat. She has her hands on her back and is taking your entire cock inside her. If you ask me really nicely, I can take her head in my hands and push her throat up and down your cock. Would you like that?”

I said yes before thinking. Then Cindy grabbed her own daughter’s head and used it to make me cum. My dick went all the way in her throat, and then back out at mind-boggling speed. I was about to cum. Cindy knew it too. “Come on! Shoot your load inside my teen daughter’s throat!”

Then it happened. I started shooting a massive load of cum inside her teen throat. As soon as Cindy noticed, she pushed her daughter’s head to the base of my cock and waited. I could hear her choke a little, but the cum just kept coming. I think I came for about a minute. I couldn’t think anymore. I was just filling up this teen’s belly with my cum.

After I was done, she slid her daughter’s head over my cock a couple of times and then let her go. I heard the door open and close again. Cindy took off the blindfold and untied me. “You dirty man”, she said with a smirk. Cindy told me, “Text me again. You know what I can offer you.” Then she left, and I quickly left her house.

As I sat in my car I tried to piece together what just happened. This was insane. This was immoral.

However, I wasn’t sure if I would never go back again…

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    I bet that fictitious guy was back in less than 2 days

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    Hot and wicked

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7ital44

    Seems you need to start enjoying life a little and fuck them both. Your loss as I would of hammered both lol!

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    id love to hear more!!
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    Recently had tinder hook up and she was a tramp stole from my wallet, so i grabbed her tied to chair and text few guys all proper limitless too and they arrived and I let in and deciding what to do suddenly door opened and her daughter walked in and we all smiled and her mom pleaded please no ,,, so asked daughter how old she was and she said was 14 and so then us guys all sniffed up 5 or 6 lines each and then as some started smoking 1 offered daughter a cigarette and she looked at her mom and we said she can’t do anything so daughter light up and took drag and then we said here try this and had daughter snort gigantic line and then 1 us started playing with her tits and kissed her she really liked it so then after we all had done another 4 or 5 lines each qe stripped daughter and us and held down as 3 us same time forced cock in her ass violently fucking and

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  • Reply JJ ID:h0xtyahmh0m

    What happened between you and Cindy? and your daughter and her daughter too for that matter

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz49j

    I would certainly go back

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:1cnwhe7rcc2i

    I would be texting her within five minutes