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Someone I trusted

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A quick story of something that happened to me a while ago

When I was in 8th grade I met a boy who was 2 years older than me, But I didn’t mind because I’m the youngest in my family currently So I’m used to older people being around me and I thought he was cool cuz he would always hug me from behind and put his hands on my thighs when we were alone and he said it was our little secret when he did it which I found fun.

Fast forward 2 years I actually developed a bit physically I had a way larger bust and I started activity having thick thighs which I thought was cool, and my older friend got taller and was now in 12th grade and graduating while I was in 10th grade but something that would always stay the same is him hugging me from behind and holding on to my chest and he would always hold on to my thighs and squeeze them which tickled and she would always ask me to hang out outside of school and places like the park or even at his house which I was always busy with after school so I never actually could. Though one day he tells me he’s joining the robotics club I’m in and I’m happy because now we can hang out after school And it was great for the first couple times but I also noticed whenever no one was around or looking he would always get kind of touchy with me more than before and I didn’t say anything because he always did it when we first met so I got I kind of got used to it. But now he would put his hands under my shirt and feel a little my chest over my bra and a few times he even put his hands under my bra and it was really hard to focus on what I was doing when he did it So one day before robotics club I asked if I could speak with him before the club started and he met with me in the sound room so no one could hear us, I asked him why he was putting his hands up my shirt and how it made me a little uncomfortable when he did it But he wasn’t paying attention He walked over to the window and closed the blinds but before I could ask him what he was doing he grabbed me and forced me on the ground.

I asked him what he was doing and to let go with me but he said “I’ve waited long enough to do this” and he fully pulled up my shirt with my bra and started groping my tits after that he pulled down my pants and panties and pulled down his pants before I could even see what he was doing I felt his shaft go with me I screamed, it really hurt And when I when I begged him to stop he just looked at me and said “shouldn’t have tempted me with that slutty body of yours always swaying those hips around with your big tits jiggling, but who knew you’d be so tight” I kept zoning out I felt like I was going to black. Then he told me he was close And he pulled out and started jerking off in my face and within a few minutes he jizzed on my face, after that I am laying there crying while he opens my mouth and puts his dick in telling me he needs it to be clean and that my mouth should do so he proceeds to fuck my mouth slowly while telling me how nice and wet it was soon he cam again and told me to swallow it and I did because I couldn’t breathe and he told me to stick my tongue out to prove that I swallowed, So I stuck my tongue out while he slapped my tongue with his dick getting a lot of enjoyment from it.

He told me to put on my clothes and he jerked off while he watched me do it and before I left he made sure to grab me and grope my tits while also poking his dick in my leggings before letting me go I immediately went to the room grabbed my back and left and when I got home I just went on my bed and cried because he was my friend and what he did to me really hurt.

After that day I would always try to avoid him in the hallway or in general but whenever I saw him he would wink at me and if he caught me alone he would touch me a little and let me go before anyone can see and he even tried to do it again because I was wearing a skirt but he only got as far as pulling his dick out and rubbing it on my pussy before the gym teacher walked in and almost caught him And he tried to play it off as he was kissing my neck and we just got kicked out of the gym, But for the last month and a half he was there until he graduated he made sure that I would not forget what he did to him cuz he would send me pictures or short videos of what he did to me and he told me that he loved thinking about it or he wanted to do it again.

After he left he would continue to send me pictures of his dick or videos of times he groped me and videos or pictures of him raping me, He told me he showed all his friends how much of a slut I was and he even sent the videos to them and they started sending me them too and it eventually stopped when I got a new phone and changed my number but I cannot get the image of what he did to me out of my mind And I keep thinking about him even though it’s been 2 years since all of it went down but that’s why I have trust issues with guys I meet…


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  • Reply Vive-la-baise ID:60aa7938m

    I love fucking stupid girls, you know you liked it and next time he will shit in your mouth

  • Reply Bigun ID:60aa7938m

    You met a psychopath who will likely become a serial rapist. I think the police should have been called, but can understand why you didn’t. I am sorry this happened to you

  • Reply Sicofthesesicfucks ID:10o38ka4qr9

    You 2 are about some heartless fucking bastards. She was fucking raped and that is your comments. You should be raped see how you like it. Sick fucks.

  • Reply Dave ID:2px1n23dzzw

    You should have let him fuck you more you are his slut after all

    And you’d probably enjoy him breeding you

  • Reply Cal ID:43yktthrb

    In a sense I’m jealous he was brave enough to do. I’ve had the thought but never could do that.

  • Reply Jim ID:bifp5n7d9c

    He should of cum inside your pussy can’t make a baby without filling your pussy full of sperm.