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My Pet Pig

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A young girl gets a potbelly pig for her 13th birthday. He soon was at her as he sow.

My pet Pig:
Well Jan, what would you like for your birthday? My Mom wanted to know. My parents were rather easy and I usually got what I ask for. I thought potbelly pigs were cute and I did some ready up on how to care for them. I ask for a pig, yes a baby pig.

I would be 13, yes a teen on my birthday and I could hardly wait. My birthday came and yes I received a 3 month old male potbelly pig, He was so cute and I had him a bed in my bedroom. He became my friend and would play with me, follow me around and play with a rubber ball, nosing it around. He had a potty tray that he used when he needed to go to the bathroom. He was very clean and a lot of fun. I bought a stuffed pig for him to play with.

As he grew older, I sensed he loved to play more with me. He would nudge my ankles playfully. I also noticed he would nudge the stuffed pig and would playfully get on it and hump it. That was really funny. I began noticing that his balls were getting larger and sometimes he would run his skinny cork screw penis out. I had never seen anything like that. I became very interested in his maturity and looked up some videos on the internet showing pigs habits. I read about their breeding habits and breeding rituals. I learned that the male pig would nudge the female testing to see if she was ready for breeding and when sexually aroused the boar (male) would foam at the mouth. The female pig, if ready to breed, will become still, and make clicking sounds with her mouth.

Now I am a young girl with hormones kicking in and making me more curious about sex and how things happen, the pig was a perfect subject to learn about. One evening while getting ready for bed, my pig started nudging my ankles and I noticed a little foam in his mouth. I was thinking how cute he wants to do something, he just needs a pig girlfriend. He was becoming very persistent and I was pushing him away from me. Now my mind was wandering some and I was thinking of how much I would like to have sex but it was not in my near future,,,,,,,boys can make a girl pregnant and I sure did not want that.

I thought how cute it would be for me to play like I was a girl pig (sow) and see what he would do, just play around and have some fun. I got down on my all fours and my pig started nudging my sides, then moved to my pussy and started sniffing and then licked it a couple of times. That feels so good. I began making clicking noises. I let my guard down, he mounted me and I felt his long skinny cock searching my piggy hole to put his cork screw cock into. I was dripping with my juices mixed with piggy lubricant juice and he was lubricating all over my rear end. He soon found his target and pushed deep into my hot wet sweet pussy and hit my cervix and I started shaking all over with my first orgasm of my young life. Wow that was nice I thought as i anxiously waited for the next thing. Yes I now felt his rod pulsating as he started filling me with his piggy sperm,,,oh my, I was so nervous and feeling good as well. I now loved the thought of having baby pigs although I knew it was not possible. I stayed there with my pig on my back for several minutes while he pumped his balls dry and into me. I had another orgasm which was very intense and as I was being bred, it was a new experience for me. He withdrew his penis and dismounted and licked some juice from me as it was flowing out of my overfilled love canal. My new lover walked over to his bed and lay down for a rest.

I was now really expelling pig sperm as I went into the shower to clean up. I put my hand down between my legs and caught some sperm and tasted it. Somehow it seemed to make me like my experience even better. I was thinking, now I know what sex is all about and I like it, even if I am now his sow. I knew I would be doing this much more often in the future which I did until he grew too big for me and I donated him to a farmer who raised pigs.

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  • Reply Stan ID:7124jdmt0c

    Wonderful Story- Always great to hear form the ladies.
    I grew up on a farm and always would love to have a Girlfriend that would come over to fulfill her fantasies.
    Any Gals sill interested at any age?? [email protected]

  • Reply Uncle Buck ID:1dp3ax0qwkgf

    @Bitch who knows, have you experienced sex with a pig?

  • Reply Drew ID:4gm51dm99

    Great story – I really enjoy watching gals get fucked by a boar or large dog. Nothing like a gal tied to a big dog with the knot tight in her pussy. Jan have you tried a dog yet? Drew4k9@gmail

    • JAN ID:2t454fxzl

      No but am thinking that I would like to try one. Our neighbor has a nice large male dog with big balls. I am leary of how they get hooked up.

  • Reply Manhoo ID:2o4alcfvzl

    I ❤️ this story & your young 2 mmmmmmm

  • Reply SupremeBoar ID:1e4bpe3hud1t

    Amazing story,Jan.
    I’d love to hear more.

  • Reply Durumxx ID:1dn2a90ej3nl

    Such a hot and beautiful story! I’d love to read more!

    Kik and Snap @ durumxx


  • Reply Emma.H to Daddy ID:jtp3mrdfqb4

    Great story, one thing I have never tried is pig cock but would if I ever get the opportunity, love Emma from Australia.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:sgxjn2hm

    Have you got yourself another pig?

  • Reply russ field ID:tbm9h

    you lucky girl when can i fuck you like a pig bb

    • JAN ID:2t454fxzl

      Any time you are in Arkansas, look me up. I will be in the pig pen LOL

    • Uncle Buck ID:1dp3ax0qwkgf

      Jan, how can I look you up?

  • Reply Older guy for fun ID:1cz7b7dqa3n5

    Jan, that was very hot!! I love it when girls experiment with animals!! Add me on SC if you want to play with an older guy that has no limits. Daddyisback6996

  • Reply Peter from Australia ID:1cn96ee27z4f

    [email protected] I have seen videos on the Internet and that, but I have never seen it in real life. I would love to watch a girl fuck a pig. I would like to know if it actually goes inside her cervix deep into her womb.

    • Bitch who knows ID:4bn00en3fia

      If its done right then yes, it gets into the cervix.
      There’s 3 stages to pig fuck. In The first phase the pig flushes out the pussy with huge amounts of precum as his tip seeks out the cervix opening. There are reasons for that.
      Once he drills through the cervix opening his corkscrew shaped cock will extend fully and straighten. In this phase he pours out tons of sperm cum. As much as 300 to 400ml. Once done his cock will secrete a fibrous substance that forms a spongy gel like plug the size and shape of a golf ball at the opening of the cervix. This prevents his cum from leaking out. If the next pig gets into her pussy immediately after the first then his precum will dissolve the plug and he will then deposit a further 300 to 400ml of lovely pig cum into the cervix and will seal it up. A woman will look 3 months pregnant afterwards but it will get absorbed into her body within the next day or so.
      With vids you see on net they don’t do it right all the time but there are some where the girls push out the fibrous ball afterwards