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No fun if the homies can’t have none

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Hi! I’m Kenzie. I’m 19 years old now. This happened when I was 14. Was dating a guy way too old for me who was 21. We told all of his friends that I was 17. I am a tiny lil bean, but I definitely looked older. I’ve had big boobs then, even bigger now. Very curvy. Make up skills help me look older too. I know now that he never loved me like I loved him. He cheated so many times and I was dumb enough to stay every time. He loved to show me off. He had his own place. People were always coming over to party. He liked me to dress slutty and show off his whore. This started during a video game tournament they had as lame as that sounds. He had a big group of gamer friends of all types. There was a lot of trash talk about this one game in particular. His friend bet him $50 that he would beat my ex. My ex said $100, the guy said $200 and my ex said that he was so confident that if he lost, the friend could fuck me. The room got silent and I told him I wasn’t agreeing to that. He kissed me, sweet talked me and said “ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none”. I’ll never forget that. Of course he lost. His friend picked me up over his shoulder and carried me away to the room without my bf even acknowledging me leaving with his friend.

His friend was cool, handsome, in shape and only 19. I sat on the bed and he kissed me. He was soft and gentle with me. He asked if I was cool with this. I felt pretty comfortable with him. He pulled down his shorts for a blowjob. He got hard pretty quick. Said I suck a mean dick. He had me stop because he would’ve came. He pulled off my shorts, I watched his face when he seen my pussy. I won’t brag but my pussy and butthole are very pretty. He went down on me and with his one finger and tongue, I had a quick orgasm. I never got eaten out often. He asked if I wanted a condom, I trusted his pull out skills though. Didn’t take more than 2 minutes before he said he was about to cum. I dropped to my knees and swallowed every drop.

I was putting my shorts back on when the door opened and it was another one of his friends. He said my bf lost to him so he came to collect his winnings. The thing about this specific friend is that he’s the oldest friend at 31. He’s not attractive, very overweight and kind of an asshole. He got his dick out and pulled my head in. It was a good size but not attractive to me in the slightest. He took my shirt and bra off to play with my tits. I was relieved when he told me to stop sucking. Once my shorts were back off, he got face level with my pussy. He spread it, touched it and asked if I was really 17. I was hoping the truth would make him change his mind. When I told him, he spit on my pussy and said how he’s never fucked a 15 yo pussy before. By the time he finished his sentence, he had already penetrated me raw. I asked if he had condoms, he said hell no and put it deeper. He was rough with me, flipped me over and hit it from the back. He came all over my ass and pussy. He rubbed it with his hands and then had me lick his hand. I got in the shower as fast as I could. My ex came in the bathroom as I was getting out. Apparently he won and had me suck his dick.

We dated for 6 more months. There were plenty of other instances where his friends had sex with me. Some times were better than others. I liked having sex with that one friend who was nice to me. During the end, he arranged for me to stay at a friends overnight where the friend and his brother spit roasted me for the first time and I had anal for the first time. Turned out that I really liked anal. Especially if my pussy was touched at the same time. Once I was single, I went through a big slut phase. Slept with a handful of guys in a short amount of time. All of them loved when I surprised them with “fuck me in the butt” during sex. Condom or not, anal helped me not worry as much about getting pregnant too. The weekend before my 16th, my friend turned 19 and had this big party at her dads who was never home. He had some big house near the lake. It was a crazy party with so many people filling the house and out in the back. I was still acting out because of the recent break up. Got drunk pretty quick and was fine until my ex showed up with some girl. I got upset and went outside. Off to the side, there was a gazebo where they were 4 guys smoking pot. I wanted a few hits to calm down. When I went over, two of them were my exs friends, one of them being the nice one I had sex with a few times. I didn’t mean to vent but that’s what it turned into. Knowing I was upset, the nice one put my head on his shoulder and was running his fingers through my hair. The other guy I knew moved over to me and rubbed my back. I thanked the 4 of them for listening and gave the nice one a kiss on the neck. He lifted my chin and made out with me. His other friend pulled me over to him and did the same, then back to the other. The nice one asked if we should go find an empty room somewhere. That was the best idea I heard all night. We got up to go inside, I told the other two that they could join us too if they wanted. At that point, no fucks were given. We checked 3 rooms, all were locked or occupied. The 4th room had 2 guys smoking out of a bong on the floor. I politely asked if they were using the bed and when they said no, I took my shirt off, sat on the bed and waited for dicks to suck.

My exes two friends knew the drill, the two that followed took a little longer, the guys on the floor had no clue what the hell was going on. I had sucked the 4 cocks twice each before the two other guys stood around me. I happily sucked the both of them too. Now that’s what I call a party. 6 beautiful dicks around me, one of the guys in the gazebo were packin. He was my favorite to play with. Got to use two hands and stuff my whole mouth full. Somebody asked if I was giving up some pussy too. Of course I was. I got on the bed, lifted my legs in the air and the guys did the rest. Hands were all over me pulling my pants off. I was grabbing and sucking any dick I could reach while the rest touched my body. I looked up and there were phones out taking pictures. I sucked the soul out of the dick in my mouth and spread my pussy like a drunk slut. The first dick in me was the nice guy I liked. They were really good about taking turns. I think it helped them not cum as fast, not really sure. All I knew is I didn’t have the same dick in either hold for more than a minute at a time, no one wearing condoms. I think the fifth or sixth dick in me was that big fat one. I usually don’t cum from just penetration but he really hit the right spots. I felt bad for the two dicks I was holding because I gripped extra tight when I came. I screamed on the cock in my mouth and almost passed out from how intense it was. I went limp for a few, mindlessly taking dicks in my mouth, hands and pussy. The nice guy was in my pussy while I played with that big dick next to me. Even with a dick in my mouth, I couldn’t keep my eyes off it. I switched things up by jumping on the big dick. It took a minute but when it was in me, I rode that dick with everything I had. I got worn out quickly. Took the dick out of my mouth long enough to ask who was going to fuck me in the butt. Since the nice one was already standing there he spit on his dick and went in for my ass. I yelled that I didn’t mean right now, I was already pretty full. The guy in my mouth was one from the gazebo. That fucker said that if I didn’t want it in my ass, all I had to do was say so. He had a grip on my head pushing his dick deep so instead of saying no, it was gagging, spitting and moans. He told the nice guy I didn’t say no so he should go ahead and put it in. The nice guy wouldn’t do that to me, right? With no warning at all, I felt my only free hole being penetrated.

I waited for the pain to come over me. Kind of like stubbing a toe. It never happened. All I felt was this intense pleasure I never had. He asked me if I could handle the rest and I gave him the go ahead. He pulled me back and both dicks filled me very nicely. I took it like a champ the whole time. The door opened, I didn’t bother to look back. I heard some say what’s up then heard my exes voice screaming “ARE YOU SERIOUS? WHAT THE FUCK? YOU SLUT BITCH” Now, imagine this for a second: You walk in to see your ex with a few friends and few strangers. My petite body surrounded by naked men. One masterbating touching my tits. One fucking my mouth. Two being jacked off. One close friend in my ass (that my ex never got). And one giant dick with no condom inside my young, fertile pussy. I pretended not to notice him “Your dicks are all so nice. Omg. Fuck my holes. I’m so full omg.” He screamed at me again. I looked him in the eye and made a loud pop sound with my mouth on a dick. “What’s wrong? Ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none. Right boys? Someone else take a turn on my ass.” Me ex watched long enough for another dick to be put in my butt and walked out. It was hilarious. Felt so good to throw it in his face. By the time everyone got to try my ass, the big dick wanted a shot. I didn’t turn him down. As long as my pussy was left alone. I got spit roasted with this big dick in me. He made me cum again so fast. It was even more intense than the last. We went back to the guys fucking my 3 holes. Someone said they were getting close to cumming. A few others agreed. At that time I was reverse cowgirl with a dick in my ass and the nice guy in my pussy. He asked to cum in my pussy. I told him no, not even my ex was allowed. He offered to buy me a Plan B If I let him. Two other guys agreed to split it with him if they could too. The big dick and two others said they didn’t care where. He was begging and I gave in. He looked so hot filling my pussy. He said over and over, “Omg I’m cumming in your pussy. I’m finally cumming in your pussy.” He enjoyed it so much, I could tell. The guy in my ass started cumming and my pussy had a dick back in it instantly. This guy was ready because he gave me a hard 10 second fucking and filled me. I had to move because my legs were numb. I got on top of the one who wanted my pussy and laid on his chest for them to do what they wanted. I felt a tap on my head and it was the big dick. He used my mouth while the other two got off in me. I asked big cock where he wanted to cum, anywhere he wanted as long as I was fucked hard. I ended up on my belly with him on top destroying my insides. The room was cleared by then. He took his time with me until he dropped his massive load. When I stood up it got everywhere. I exchanged numbers with him because I needed more in the future. I didn’t even clean up. I headed to her dads room which was off limits so I knew no one would bother me.

I was woken up in the morning by her father. He said there were kids everywhere and he needed to grab something and head out. He wasn’t mad I was in his bed until I got out of it and seen all the dried cum. He flipped and I promised I didn’t have sex in his bed. He gave me a towel and told me to use his shower. I was still drunk but managed to get in without breaking anything. It honestly felt so nice with the hot water all over my body. I hear the door close and the dad gets in the shower with me. I wasn’t phased by it because of still being drunk. We rubbed by each other reaching for shampoo or soap. His old dick was short and thick. I don’t remember who came on to who but we were making out with his dick between my soapy thighs. I said he should fuck me. He laughed and said he couldn’t because I was half his age and guessed 19. I lifted my leg up in his arm showing him my hole and rubbing his dick on it for him. He asked again how old I was. I waited until he had his dick parting my lips before I told him I was 15. He didn’t believe me he said and gave me that thick dick. I got close to orgasm and he said he was about to cum. I stopped him and said I needed to cum too, I had a long night. I bent over and rubbed my clit and said to put it in my butt hard. I’ll cum quick. Him too apparently. He was cumming and I told him to keep going til I had my sweat release. Funny enough, he became my sugar daddy for a while. He would buy me nice things if I had sex with him or his friends. He had me dress like a stripper for his friends birthday party. The birthday boy had a tinge in my ass when sugar daddy told him I just turned 16. I must definitely look older. He’s a whole entirely different story.

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    At 14 I thought I knew it all. I hooked up with a older guy 23. He took me to his place. I was surprised to see he had 2 friends there.
    Well we smoked some weed. Soon he was making out with me and before I could even think about it he and his friends stop me and he took my virginity. After he came in me his friends took turns with me.
    I spent all weekend there having sex

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      Omg snap me ! Karlie_rae16

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    Wow. You sound so hot. In a guy, and maybe we can message on instagram? Just DM me by my username