Teen Babysitter and a Curious Boy pt. 2

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The continuation of a true story about a 17 babysitter and a curious boy.

Most of the parents I tend to work for love me as a babysitter, granted they were always family or close family friends but I always got high reviews.

Reese’s parents seemed to love me way too much, there was something about them that just made them scary. Well they looked like Greek gods and could wipe their ass with money but it wasn’t that.

They called my cell phone to ask me if I was available to babysit this weekend, all weekend. My pussy got wet and my face got hot, got all choked up not knowing how to answer. I wanted to say yes but I over thought it all, I didn’t want to sound too eager.

“-um oh yeah I think I’m available this weekend?” I managed to force out. My heart beat fast as my mind replayed the events that occurred last time I babysat that.. boy.

I heard a giggle on the other side of the phone, the soft angelic voice of Madison, the mom. “Oh wonderful! I can’t wait to tell Reese, he talked nothing but good things about you… anyways! Could you be here around let’s say-“ she paused for a moment and asked her husband when they were leaving. “Around 6pm, if that works for you sweetie, again thank you so much can’t wait to see you again”

“I’ll be there! I’ll see you then”

On Friday my nerves were all over the place. I almost thought I should call and act sick so I could t go, but then I realized that’s the exact opposite thing I want to be doing. I mentally cursed myself for wanting to go over for that reason. I know what to expect out of Reese. Even so. I couldn’t help but take my time in the shower and look pretty. It was pathetic.

I headed over to the house and showed up just before 6, I parked next to their Range Rover which was running and packed up. I walked up to the house and knocked on the door. I held my sleep over bag in my left hand and brushed my hair behind my ear. I looked at my reflection in the glass on the door, my breasts looked huge in this shirt and I just wore leggings. It was pretty hot and I couldn’t wait to be inside.

The dad opened the door, never quite got his name until now. He looked me up and down and stuck out his hand, “Bea, nice to see you again. I didn’t quite introduce myself, my apologies I’m Vincent. His straight white teeth flashed at me. I shook his hand as he led me inside.

Maddison came around the corner from the kitchen with wine in her hand. “Oh honey you’re just so beautiful, your curves.” She shook her head in approval and smiled, “we were just about to head out, the car is on and cool enough now I’m sure. Reese is upstairs in the shower, I think he may have a tiny crush on you.” She winked and looked at my chest before grabbing her husbands arm and the head out the door.

“Again make yourself at home, a credit card is on the counter if you need it.” Vincent, called over his shoulder before the door closed behind them.

I relaxed, the whole vibe was just sexual tension, I know it had to of just been me thinking about it that way. God I’m just so dirty minded. I mentally slapped my wrists and headed to the guest room to put down my things. I was excited to see Reese, I know it’s wrong but it makes it that much more exciting.

I walked up the stairs to the guest room and placed my bag on the bed, I went to the bathroom and put my toiletries bag on the counter. I decided maybe I should make some food or something for Reese and I. I haven’t eaten in a bit and I am the babysitter.

I walked down the hallway and passed Reese’s bedroom, the door was slightly open and I stopped to peek in. His connecting bathroom door was open and steam was pouring out. I looked around the room through the crack for him. Suddenly he walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. It was low, and just insane on how mature his body was. It was almost too impossible to believe he is 12. His body wasn’t scrawny like you would think, it was toned, his genes from his parents for sure. He had a slight vline dipping under their towel. Water dropped off his curly black hair. He’s tall, had to be close to 5’8.

I snapped out of it when he pulled off his towel and threw it on the ground. His fat cock hung off him perfectly. He was like a model. My pussy was getting wet as I stood there, I knew I should’ve looked away but I couldn’t. He shook out his hair and walked across the room to grab clothes. She stopped abruptly and started to chuckled. He grabbed something out of his sock drawer and then I couldn’t see him through the door anymore. I thought about trying to peel my head in but I couldn’t risk it.

I waited a minute before I started to back away from the door, it swung open and Reese and his naked glory was in the doorway. What is in the milk now a days?

“Oh don’t stop now, I’m sure you were just about soaked.” He piped his pink plump lips. His perfect teeth showing as he smirked a bit. My heart was racing, he held a brown leather belt in his hand, he was right. I was now soaked.

“You’re a cocky little shit aren’t you?” I tried to push it off, maybe head downstairs so I started to back up a bit as I chuckled dryly to myself.

Reese tilted his head, his eyes dark under his straight brows. It was taunting. He stepped walked around me, as I froze, he slightly pushed his body into my back and I jumped. He nudged me and I walked into his room. He grabbed my wrists and tighter the belt around them. I was cuffed in front of my body.

He pushed me onto my knees. I had to prop myself up on my toes to reach his cock. His eyes were practically black as he spoke. “Suck. It.” He licked his lips and I did the same.. my mouth watered as I wrapped my small hands around his large dick. I looked up at him and kissed the tip lightly, he twitched in my hands I stuck out my tongue licking him from ball to tip before bringing him in my mouth. He sucking in a breath as I went to town, I got so entranced in his cock, saliva was all over and soon he was a moaning mess. It only fueled me. Of course I know how to suck dick and fuck but never would I have thought it’d be involved in my babysitting gigs.

His tip was hitting the back on my throat. I shoved him fully in and held him there, my tongue resting on his balls and my top lip on the base of his dick. His cock twitched inside me and he held the back of my head, gripping my hair, I chocked, tears slipped down my face as I gaggles on him. He thrusted in and out a few times fucking my face deep. It was an extreme turn on to be take advantage of by a boy I couldn’t help it.

He pulled out of me, his cock soaking in my spit and so big and hard. I gasped for breath, and looked up at him through my wet lashes. He chuckled and bit his lip. He smacked his cock on my lips and gripped my neck. His whole hand wrapped under my jaw and he lifted me up. I tried to help him so I didn’t get choked to death. My feet touched the floor just as he shoved me onto the bed. He grabbed my leggings and ripped them off. My panties coming along with them.

He tugged off my top and took the belt off my hands and laid it on the bed next to me. I backed up on the bed and he climbed on, he laid down his face buried between my legs in seconds. His tongue in and out of my wet pussy then massaging my clit and making me move my hips against his pretty little face.

He smiled and pulled away. He flipped me around, forced my head I tot he bed, his strong arms pushing me down, he then grasped my hip and tugged them up. My knees propping up my ass. I spread my legs staying in the face down ass up position as he spit on his cock.

“Just to warn you, you won’t be able to get this out of your head.” He winked at me, I bit my lip preparing. He rubbed his cock against my pussy, then with a thrust of his hips his thick cock slipped in, not far, my tight pussy held just the tip of his cock, he grabbed ahold of my hips and squeezed hard, his large hands almost wrapped fully around my waist as he tugged my body back and thrusted his body into me. His cock fully stretching my tight little pussy. I screamed and gripped the bed as he rolled his hips against my ass. His cock swirling inside, I moaned.

“Mm I bet I’m already fucking you better than any of your other bodies. Your pussy is so tight Bea” he groaned. I moved my ass, fucking his cock, he growled and began thrusting into me hard. His hips ramming into my ass. His thick cock entering my fast and hard.

“Oh fuck Reese!” I cried out. He grunted as he humped me, he grabbed the belt and wrapped it around my neck and pulled. My back arched as I balanced on my legs as he fucked me hard. He pulled until I was practically looking at his upside down. I held the belt to steady myself as he fucked me.

I felt my eyes roll in the back of my head, “you like that don’t you? Feeling helpless by a boy you’re babysitting hmm?” I moaned in response, I choked as I did. He let go and I slammed back down onto the bed. He pulled out of me and left me wiggling my ass in the air, my pussy left without the pleasure. I needed it back.

“Mmm” I groaned “please Reese.” I reached my hand about to rub my own pussy to relieve myself but he gripped my ass and licked my little asshole. I gasped and he shoved his tongue in and began to eat my ass. I moved against his face and wiggled as I moaned. It was just so hot.

“lay on your back babe.”he rasped out. His voice sounds so much deeper, much like his father. He jerked his cock and then lifted my legs over his shoulders, I locked my legs over them and he pushed himself back into me. I moaned so loud, my hands in his hair then on his ass then to my ass. His balls slapping against my asshole. It was pure bliss.

“Mmmmm fuck me Reese, I’m going to cum!” I whine, I squeeze my eyes shut as my stomach tightens. I know Reese feels my orgasm coming. He grips on my neck and pushed into me deeper. My knees pressing down my breasts, my feet high in the air. He squeezed as I lost my breath.

“Look.at. me.” He grunted In between thrusts. My eyes opened, my mouth open gasping for air. He leaned down as he slammed into me at a steady pace, he licked my lips and bit down on my bottom lip sucking before letting it go.

I held his wrist as he tighter his grip on my airway, soft squeaks came out as he fucked me. He groaned loudly, his cock rock hard and twitching. I made eyes contact as I stopped breathing, my hips rubbed fast against him as my pussy tightened and I came hard. My legs shaking like crazy, my calves tightening around his head. He let go of my neck and I gasped and shook. I laughed moaned as I felt my legs go wild and my pussy feel like the orgasm is never ending.

Reese’s mouth was open wide, his dark eyes brows furrowed and his eyes glued onto my face watching entire orgasm just before he slammed his hips one more time. It was the hardest deepest one. I gasped as he moaned pressing his hips in me, keeping himself deep inside me. The hot cum filled me up, his body collapsing onto me, his cock stayed hard inside as cum started to leak out of my tiny pussy.

“Holy fuck.” I breathed. Reese chuckled rolling his hips on me before slowing pulling out. We watched as his hot white seed oozed out and onto his bed. I wiped my vagina, gathering a good about of cum onto my fingers and I sucked it all clean.

Reese smiled shaking his head, “you are by far the best fuck of my life, please be my babysitter forever.” He laughed.

I grinned, “you make it so hard to say no.” I lay on his bed and he wipes me down with his towel. Leaving a kiss on my sensitive little clit.

We had fun the rest of the weekend, these events continued to occur, and get more interesting as I returned. Thank you for loving my experience so much I hope you like this one. Sorry for any errors, I don’t like reading badly written stories and I try to give you the best details. All of these events are true and consensual.

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    Hmu if u wanna horny ever…my snapname.. im_steve26

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    if u wanna horny ever…my snapname im_steve26

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