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Paula gets a surprise in the mail

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Paula opens a package just for her and gets a large surprise..

It’s been a few weeks since I had talked to my young niece Paula. I had mailed her a surprise Package of fun toys to keep her thinking about sex. She had started to open it with her sister Megan around. That was almost a disaster if Megan would have seen what was inside. Paula Quickly took the box to her room before removing the stuff. I had sent her a large dildo which was about my size. Then a sexy nightgown to be worn for our next get together. Finally, two stainless balls on a cord that she should slip inside her cunt and wear about then call me. Kath would be out of town for a week so if she could get out of school it would be a good time for us.
When Paula became alone, she called me. I asked her how she like her gift? She giggled and started to come as the balls moved inside her every time she did. She told me that Megan had almost seen what was in the box. And that her sister was every curious as to what was in it and from whom. Paula told me that she could get Megan to drive her up. But both her mom and Megan would wonder why they are going when their aunt Kath is not about. So, I told her that I would drive down and get us a motel close to her area. All she had to do then was to come up with a good excuse to be gone over night for a few days. She really missed me and was looking forward to getting that huge cock of mine inside her. Paula continued talking really dirty, the movement of the balls inside her vibrated as they hit together causing her to become very aroused. She told me that she loved me and would let me know what she could do.
A few Days later she called, Megan had found Paula’s dildo and the sex balls in her dresser draw. Megan wanted to know how she had gotten these items, and from who. Megan threaten that she would go to their mother if Paula did not come clean. Megan decided to take the sex toys away and threaten to show their mother if Paula would not come clean. So, she was crying all the while she was telling me this me on the phone. She was wishing she could just run away now. I finally got her settled down and promised that things would work out somehow.
A few Days later Paula called me again, this time She had caught Megan naked in her bed fucking herself my dildo. So now they both have something on the other and must each keep silent so that their mom doesn’t find out. She still had to be careful about getting away and was not sure if she could yet. But she did ask if I could somehow get another box of those toys to her, Megan won’t give them up. So maybe I just travel to Donna’s and make a large party out of it…

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